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Remote Deposit Capture: Riding the Wave – From Consumer to Small Business Adoption

Join and WAUSAU for an On-Demand Webinar.

Recorded: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Available On-Demand

This webinar is sponsored by:

Deluxe Treasury Management  


Viewing Information:


As RDC becomes a mature market in the U.S., most distributed capture methods (e.g., branch capture, image ATM, merchant capture) have plateaued. Mobile RDC (mRDC) is the exception. With more than half of mobile banking users enjoying the benefits of mRDC, it will accelerate the decline in branch foot traffic. So much so, Celent expects RDC to account for a third of retail bank deposits by year-end 2015 and half by 2016. Consumer adoption will approach 100 million registered users by 2016. 
Small business mRDC is the next wave of adoption. Demand is now growing among small business and commercial users who are turning to the advantages of mobile RDC as they experience the benefits as consumers. With this next wave of adoption, banks are finding that they need a tailored solution to meet their needs, not a vanilla consumer offering. 
At the same time, the fight for small businesses to embrace  desktop check scanning is still fierce. While many financial institutions have faced challenges in successfully  penetrating this market, new technologies and programs are becoming available to  grow adoption and scale. 
Join WAUSAU and Celent to hear how your financial institution can make the most of the wave of consumer mRDC and capitalize on the next wave of small business adoption.

Expert Panelists:

  • Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Celent
  • Jason Olson, Solution Manager, WAUSAU, a Deluxe company


Viewing Information:

  • Cost: Member: Free, Non-Member: $199
  • Become a member to get a discount or free access to all paid webinars.
  • Length: 1 hour



Webinar Slide Titles:


Additional Information and Resources:

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