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RDC Risk Management & Compliance: Expert Update & Case Study

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Recorded at the 2012 RDC Summit
Attendee rating of 4.6 out of 5.0
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Viewing Information:


With the vast majority of all Financial Institutions employing and deploying many different types of Remote Deposit Capture, the effective risk management of this new and evolving payments delivery system must be a priority. The FFIEC issued their original guidance on RDC Risk Management at the beginning of 2009, and has since updated their examiner manuals twice, most recently on April 29, 2010. As Mobile and Consumer RDC go “mainstream” regulators are taking an ever-closer look at channel-specific RDC Risk Management. As RDC technologies continue to evolve and deployments become more prevalent, approaches to RDC Risk Management must also evolve.
Learn from Subject Matter Experts as well as gain valuable insights as to how a top-20 FI manages RDC risk & regulatory compliance.

Expert Panelists:

  • David Rathke, SVP Treasury Product Management, Frost Bank
  • Ed McLaughlin, Executive Director,
  • Steve Vaglio, SVP, Payments Advisory Services & Marketing, EastPay


Viewing Information:

  • Exclusive for members. Become a member
  • Length: 1 hour 6 minutes



  1. Views from an auditor
  2. Views from a banker
  3. FINCEN and SAR Reporting
  4. Discussion
  5. Additional Takeaways

Webinar Slide Titles:

  1. Promo
  2. Title
  3. Agenda
  4. About Frost
  5. About EastPay
  6. Views from an Auditor
  7. Views from an Auditor
  8. Views from an Auditor
  9. Views from an Auditor
  10. Views from a Banker
  11. Views from a Banker
  12. Views from a Banker
  13. SAR Reporting Activity with RDC
  14. Major Challenges for FI’s

Additional Information and Resources:

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