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Patent Trial Coverage Webinar #3: From the Courtroom: Day 2 Recap and Discussion

Join for an On-Demand Webinar.

Available now for instant playback and pdf download.


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The webinar-based teleconference will provide observations and details of the court proceedings of the trial on Day 2.

Our latest On-Demand Webinar includes discussion of the following;

  • Continuation and conclusion of Plaintiff’s arguments

  • Defense Fact-Based Witness Testimony

    • Witness expertise and qualifications

    • Wells Fargo innovation timeline and RDC / Mobile Deposit timeline

  • Defense Expert Witness Testimony

    • Objective: show USAA Patents are invalid

    • The requirement for claims to match specifications in patents

    • The need to have clear “anticipation” when filing for a continuation of a patent.

    • Detailing the logic of why the patents in question are invalid

  • Plaintiff’s cross-examination

    • Questioning the Defense Expert Witness Qualifications

  • Observations

    • Many “Objections” and the contentious courtroom.

    • The use of new technology in the courtroom

    • How the Jury serves as a “Check and Balance” against the Patent Office. The authority a jury has to invalidate a patent and the responsibility of a Jury to do so.

  • Overall Timeline for the rest of the Trial

We plan to make the next telecast available by Friday morning, January 10th 2020. Stay Tuned...

USAA vs. Wells Fargo RDC Patent Trial Coverage

USAA has taken Wells Fargo to court over alleged Patent Infringement concerning Wells’ Remote Deposit Capture services. This trial, set to begin the week of January 6, 2020, may impact many financial institutions in the RDC Industry as USAA has sent hundreds of letters putting FIs on notice they may be infringing upon USAA patents. The proceedings and outcome of this trial may be a harbinger of things to come, or may exonerate RDC patent concerns – at least for these specific patents. has partnered with David Walker of Tiller Endeavors (formerly the President & CEO of ECCHO) to conduct a series of webinar-based teleconference discussions which will help the industry understand the importance of these proceedings and outcomes, and provide observations and reports from David’s attendance -IN THE COURTROOM- during this trial.

Coverage of the trial will be primarily a discussion-based teleconference, provided over’s on-demand webinar platform.

About David Walker

David has more than 40 years in the banking industry, including electronic check exchange rules, industry advocacy, check certification program, ACH operations, wire operations, funds management trading operations, Federal Reserve and Due From balance management, customer balance and controlled disbursement reporting, ACH and wire product management, daylight overdraft management and IT systems for wire and balance reporting.

David participated in the Executive (Presidential) Signing Ceremony of the Check 21 Act in the Oval Office.  He was a member of the Faster Payments Task Force, Chaired the Legal Work Group of the Faster Payments Task Force, was a member of the Governance Framework Formation Team, is a Founding Member of the U.S. Faster Payments Council and was a Director on the U.S. Faster Payments Council Interim Board of Directors.

Expert Panelists:

  • David Walker, President, Tiller Endeavors
  • John Leekley, Founder & CEO ,


Viewing Information:

  • Cost: Member: Free, Non-Member: $199
  • Become a member to get a discount or free access to all paid webinars.
  • Length: 56 minutes



Webinar Slide Titles:


Additional Information and Resources:

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