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Dealing with Duplicates - in depth session

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Recorded Live at the RDC Summit 2014

September 30, 2013

This webinar is sponsored by:  


Viewing Information: Continuing Education Credits:
1.5 CPE credits for CAPP/CAPA
1.8 AAP
1.8 NCP


With the explosive implementation of RDC, all financial institutions are interested in decreasing the number of duplicates while efficiently handling those duplicates that do occur. The handling of duplicates is dependent on the legal considerations including the warranty against duplicate presentment.  The challenge is how to do so in today’s image exchange environment. The Federal Reserve in its recent proposal on Regulation CC also recognized the potential need for regulatory support to resolve duplicates. Duplicates can originate from  numerous channels. Being able to prevent the duplicate item at the source or detect the duplicate prior to posting is key to minimizing customer impact and financial institution risk. 

Questions to be answered include:

  • What are the most common sources of duplicates?
  • What are the legal requirements for duplicates?
  • What is a holder in due course claim?
  • What are effective duplicate prevention and detection controls?
  • What did the Fed propose in its Reg CC RFC regarding duplicates and how likely it is to be implemented?
  • What are the latest industry approaches to dealing with duplicates, as documented in ECCHO’s recent suggestion paper?

Expert Panelists:

  • Ellen Heffner, NCP, Director, Product Management, ECCHO
  • Phyllis Meyerson, AAP, CCM, Executive Vice President, ECCHO


Viewing Information:

  • Exclusive for members. Become a member
  • Length: 1 hour 16 minutes



Webinar Slide Titles:


Additional Information and Resources:

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