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Dealing with Duplicates - In-Depth Session

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Recorded at the 2013 RDC Summit
Attendee session rating: 4.3 out of 5.0
Speaker rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

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Viewing Information: Continuing Education Credits:
1.5 CPE credits for CAPP/CAPA
1.8 AAP
1.8 NCP


Since the implementation of Check 21, the industry has seen exceptions caused by duplicates: within the banking system first from Substitute Checks and later from image exchange and today from customers through Remote Deposit Capture. All financial institutions are interested in decreasing the number of duplicates today while more efficiently handling those duplicates that do occur. The handling of duplicates is in many ways related to the legal considerations including the warranty against duplicate presentment.  The challenge is how to do so in today’s image exchange environment. Duplicates can originate from various sources and through numerous channels and being able to prevent the duplicate item at the source or detect the duplicate prior to posting is key to minimizing customer impact and financial institution risk. 
This in-depth session is the final part of a 3-part series addressing this issue. Please visit the on-demand Webinar Archive to view the other webinars.
Questions to be answered include:
  • What are the most common sources of duplicates?
  • What are the legal requirements for duplicates?
  • What is a holder in due course claim?
  • What are effective duplicate prevention controls?
  • What are effective duplicate detection controls?
  • What are the latest industry standards and approaches to dealing with duplicates?

Expert Panelists:

  • Ellen Heffner, NCP, Director, Product Management, ECCHO
  • Phyllis Meyerson, AAP, CCM, Consultant, Company Financial Services


Viewing Information:

  • Cost: Member: Free, Non-Member: $199
  • Become a member to get a discount or free access to all paid webinars.
  • Length: 1 hour 29 minutes



  • ECCHO – Who We Are
  • Background
  • Legal Considerations
    • Rules and Warranties
    • Holder in Due Course
  • Operational Considerations
    • Importance of Prevention and Detection
    • Returning vs. Adjusting Duplicates
    • Intermediary Duplicates
    • Represented Item & Duplicates
  • Scenarios

Webinar Slide Titles:

  1. Title Slide
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Topical Agenda
  4. Who is ECCHO
  5. Duplicate
  6. There are No Duplicates!!
  7. Sources of Duplication
  8. Causes of Duplicates Today
  9. Duplicate Warranty
  10. Duplicate Warranty
  11. Duplicate Example
  12. BOFD Subject to Claim
  13. BOFDs Subject to Claim
  14. Claim Between BOFDs
  15. Claim Between BOFDs
  16. Claim Between BOFDs
  17. Different Indorsements
  18. Identification Examples
  19. Identification Examples
  20. Impacts
  21. Consumer RDC
  22. HIDC
  23. HIDC Scenario
  24. HIDC
  25. HIDC Scenario
  26. HIDC Scenario
  27. HIDC Alterative Scenarios
  28. HIDC Alterative 1 Scenario
  29. HIDC Alterative 2 Scenario
  30. Advantages to Alternatives
  31. Indorsement Implications
  32. Risk of Duplicates
  33. Risk Mitigation
  34. Prevention/Detection
  35. Duplicate Example
  36. Prevention/Detection Overview
  37. Prevention Considerations
  38. Prevention Tools
  39. Prevention Controls
  40. Detection
  41. Detection Tools
  42. Prevention/Detection
  43. Detection Implications
  44. We Have A Duplicate!
  45. Returns vs. Adjustments Options
  46. Returns vs. Adjustments Options
  47. Resolutions
  48. Resolutions
  49. Handling Duplicates
  50. Handling Duplicates
  51. Intermediary Process
  52. Intermediary Process
  53. Intermediary Duplicate Checking
  54. Intermediary Duplicate Checking
  55. Intermediary Duplicate Checking
  56. Electronic Records
  57. Represented Duplicates
  58. Represented Duplicates
  59. RDC IRD Deposit
  60. Duplicate Scenario
  61. Duplicate Scenario
  62. Duplicate Scenario
  63. Duplicate Scenario
  64. Duplicate Scenario
  65. Duplicate Scenario
  66. Duplicate Scenario
  67. Questions?
  68. Additional Takeaways
  69. About The Presenters

Additional Information and Resources:

  1. Join the industry discussion in the RDC Community Forums. Click Here to join the discussion.
  2. View additional sessions in the series:
    1. Webinar #1: Dealing with Duplicates: Legal Aspects, Warranties & Recourse
      1. Available on demand - Click Here
    2. Webinar #2 Dealing With Duplicates: Cause, Effect & Management
      1. Available on demand - Click Here
  3. View guides and insights on dealing with duplicates:
    1. Avoid Duplicates! A 4-page document covering the basics of Law, Reconverting Bank & Receiving Bank roles and responsibilities. Download the pdf by clicking here.
    2. A Guideline Document on Duplicate Image/IRD Prevention and Detection. Download the pdf by clicking here.
    3. Resolving Duplicates as Adjustments vs Returns. Download the pdf by clicking here.

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