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Addressing RDC Operational Challenges

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Recorded at the 2012 RDC Summit
Attendee rating: 4.6 out of 5.0
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Remote Deposit Capture & Check Image Exchange are transformative technologies and processes that have had dramatic impacts upon the traditional world of check processing. These changes have given rise to many challenges the financial services industry is in the midst of addressing. From duplicate items to poor image quality, this session is designed to provide insights to the best practices in addressing these types of operational challenges.

Expert Panelists:

  • Phyllis Meyerson, AAP, CCM, Consultant, Company Financial Services


Viewing Information:

  • Cost: Member: Free, Non-Member: $199
  • Become a member to get a discount or free access to all paid webinars.
  • Length: 56 minutes



  • ECCHO – Who we are
    • Need for Image Rules
  • Image Exchange Rules
  • Checks in Revolution
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Industry Efforts
    • NCPC
    • Image Quality
    • Duplicates
      • Returns vs Adjustments
  • Scenarios

Webinar Slide Titles:

  1. Title
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Topical Agenda
  4. Who Is Eccho
  5. Need for Image Rules
  6. ECCHO Image Rules
  7. Key Provisions
  8. Key Provisions
  9. Chain of Warranties
  10. Return Hierarchy
  11. Rule 8 & 9
  12. What's New
  13. Customer Aggreements
  14. Checks in Revoution
  15. Checks in Revoution
  16. Current need
  17. Paper & Paperless RCCs
  18. Paperless Checks
  19. NCPC
  20. Check Transactions
  21. NCPC
  22. NCPC Exam Covers
  23. NCPC
  24. NCPC
  25. NCPC
  26. NCPC
  27. Regulation CC
  28. Obsolete Provisions
  29. RDC Availability
  30. Notices/Disclosures/Safe Harbor
  31. Expeditious Return
  32. Nonpayment/SDS
  33. Electronic Collection Item
  34. Electronic Collection Items
  35. Electronic Collection Items
  36. Electronic Collection Items
  37. Image Quality
  38. Duplicates
  39. Duplicates
  40. Duplicate Examples
  41. BOFD Subject to Claim
  42. Claim Between BOFD
  43. Claim Between BOFDs
  44. Identification of Duplicate
  45. Duplicate Examples
  46. Duplicate Examples
  47. Returns vs Adjustments
  48. Scenarios
  49. Duplicate Scenario
  50. Duplicate Scenario
  51. Duplicate Scenario
  52. Duplicate Scenario
  53. Duplicate Scenario
  54. Duplicate Scenario
  55. Duplicate Scenario
  56. Questions
  57. Additional takeaways
  58. About the presenter

Additional Information and Resources:

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