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Welcome to the Solution Finder
  • Looking for a Payments Solution?
  • Interested in upgrading an existing Payments Solution?
  • Need a bank-neutral Payments Solution?
  • Looking for improved functionality?
  • Interested in consolidating banking relationships?
  • Need to integrate data into back-end systems?
  • Wish to perform due-diligence?

You have reached the right place!

One of the major challenges a bank, corporation or small business faces in implementing
or upgrading a payments solution is simply finding and selecting appropriate solution and
service providers.

The Solution Finder works with the Solution Providers that cover over 95% of the payments
industry. The Solution Finder is designed to help you save time and money by leveraging
the power of our Network and connecting you with Leading Industry Solutions Providers.

Leverage the power of our network for free - simply by completing the form below.
How does the Solution Finder Work?
Initial Contact, Brief Discussion
You will be contacted by a Solution Finder representative via a telephone call and/or e-mail within 2 business days. Please note: we cannot proceed until we have successfully contacted you - so please respond! We will need less than 30 minutes of your time to fully understand your specific requirements, system integrations, etc. – all so we can help find solution providers who can meet and exceed your requirements.
Solution Provider / Requirement Matching
Once we’ve discussed your specific requirements, the Solution Finder team works to identify Solution Providers who not only want your business, but can meet and exceed your specific requirements (and so you don’t waste time with Solution Providers who can’t).
Solution Provider Contact
Once qualified solution providers have been identified, you should be contacted by the selected solution providers (up to the number of providers you requested) via telephone and email within one week. These solution providers will already be aware of the specific requirements outlined in the initial submission and discussion with your Solution Finder Representative.
Please ensure you allow the solutions providers to make contact with you. This helps ensure the success of your information / solution search, and helps the success of the Solution Finder Network.
The Solution Finder was created to save you time & money in your Solution Provider search, and to help you connect with Solution Providers who can meet and exceed your objectives.
It’s that easy. The Solution Finder saves you time & money by efficiently connecting you with industry leading solution providers who can exceed your expectations and proactively want your business. One form – One website – A wealth of solutions, information and expertise. And best of all: it’s free. The Solution Finder at
Solution Finder Request Form
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