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The 2017 mRDC Industry Study; Aggregate Report

Note : The PDF of the report will be emailed to your registered email address within 2 business days of successfully purchasing this report.
Mobile Remote Deposit Capture has evolved from a niche service offering, to a required and a “cornerstone” service for any financial institution offering mobile banking.  The 2017 mRDC (mobile Remote Deposit Capture) Industry Study conducted by was an independent study undertaken to gain insight into the demand, usage, pricing, markets, risk management and risk perceptions of mRDC by Financial Institutions across three key markets; Consumers, Small & Mid-Sized Businesses, and Corporates. 
In total, 195 Financial Institutions participated in the study. The insights provided in this report can be extremely valuable to financial institutions as the industry will see the majority of FIs adopt and offer Mobile Deposit services over the next few years. Key areas of focus of the report include key service features, pricing and risk management across Consumer, Small and Mid-Sized Business, and Corporate markets.

Product, Operations and Risk Managers, and others involved with RDC at Financial Institutions and Solution Providers can use this report to not only benchmark current and future offerings, but the data and insights can provide actionable next-steps to help improve customer service, risk management, operational efficiency and more. Each attribute / result is accompanied by observations and insights provided by John Leekley, Industry Subject Matter Expert and the author of this report.
The 40-page report contains over 50 charts, graphs and tables which detail insights on the following mRDC Industry attributes and markets:
  • Respondent Demographics
  • Market Details
    • Consumer
    • Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs)
    • Corporate / Treasury
  • Length of Offering
  • Current Markets Served
  • Future Target Markets
  • Policy Approaches to Limits
  • Deposit Limit Details
  • Funds Availability
  • Pricing Details
    • Pricing Approaches
    • Actual pricing
  • Risk Management Tools used
  • Losses
  • Losses by Segment
  • Reactions to losses
  • The Industry's Duplicate Loss Rate
  • Perceived Cost / Benefits
  • From All Respondants
  • From Respondants Offering mRDC at least 3 years
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