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The Green Sheet

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Add to Tumblr's Guide to Restrictive Indorsements

Note : The PDF of the report will be emailed to your registered address within 2 business days of successfully purchasing this report.

As financial institutions formulate their approach to restrictive indorsements and the new Reg CC, questions and issues abound. This report discusses considerations, perspectives, implications, and issues for financial institutions and their customers regarding restrictive indorsements and the new Reg CC.

This 6-page report includes the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • Indorsement Purpose, Two Important Components  
  • Application, Recognition Options   
  • Legal Opinions Differ, Scanner-Printed & Virtual Indorsements
  • Industry Poll Results (140 responses)           
  • Indorsement Options & Repercussions        
  • Potential Approaches       
    • Require Indorsements for all items and customers    
    • Segmented Requirements
    • Hybrid Approach?
    • No Requirements / No Verification
  • Conclusion (And the winner is…)    
  • About the Author

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