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Research Reports's Guide to Restrictive Indorsements

The Fed’s amendment to Reg CC, which takes effect on July 1, 2018 requires that an FI receiving an RDC item indemnify any FI that subsequently receives the original (paper) check against losses because the item already had been paid and settled. The indemnity doesn’t apply if the paper check bears a restrictive endorsement.  This 6-page report discusses considerations, perspectives, implications, and issues for financial institutions and their customers regarding restrictive indorsements and the new Reg CC.

Price: $149.00, Members: FREE

RDC Solutions Report 2016

RDC is the most important innovation in payments since the introduction of MICR in the mid-20th century. And as the underlying and supporting technologies continue to evolve, so, too, do RDC solutions. The RDC Solutions Report looks into new and emerging RDC solutions (hardware and software) and explains how they can and should address evolving industry needs. Insights include current industry RDC Solution trends from in-depth interviews, the RDC Summit, research, analysis and reporting.

Price: $149.00, Members: FREE

State of the Industry 2016

Remote Deposit Capture has been a huge instrument of change for financial institutions and their customers. And offering RDC products, particularly mobile RDC, to commercial and retail customers has become a top priority at financial institutions of all sizes. The 2016 State of the Industry Report presents valuable insights and data that detail how RDC and supporting technologies are changing banking and cash management. 

Price: $99.00, Members: FREE


Future Reports


NEW REPORTS (Coming Soon) will be unveiling several new reports in the coming months! Visit us often to see the latest and greatest in RDC.