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RDC Insider

Written by experts, the RDC Insider is your exclusive resource for informative articles, presentations and insights on the Remote Deposit Capture industry as no other publication can provide. Our experience is your advantage.


Latest News

  • Pariter Solutions – Bank of America and Wells Fargo join “together” in a bid to change the face of ACH processing

    On May 15, 2008, Bank of America and Wells Fargo announced their joint partnership in the processing of ACH transactions, PARITER SOLUTIONS. This announcement was a surprise in some ways, but in others it was not. According to NACHA, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are 2 of the top 3 banks for both originations and receives of ACH transactions. (, 06/25/2008)

  • Driving Remote Deposit Sales: It's All About Strategy

    Well, it’s 2008, a full three years after the passage of the legislation “Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act” (Check 21), so let’s take stock of what financial institutions have done with this incredible gift. (Goldleaf Technologies, Inc., 06/19/2008)

  • Remote Deposit Capture: Is Fraud Risk Remote?

    We've discussed the risks involved in remote deposit capture and that financial institution regulators expect banks that offer RDC to customers to examine, underwrite, and educate customers who use RDC, in order to minimize those risks. According a recent article in The American Banker, "community banks play it safe. Some say too safe." (Bank Lawyer's Blog, 06/10/2008)

  • All Signs Point to RDC

    Checks continue to be a mainstay for businesses in the US. Remote Deposit Cature presents unprecedented opportunities for these businesses and their banks, and a ever-more attractive opportunity for ISOs and merchant-level salespeople. (The Green Sheet, 06/09/2008)

  • Home Banking in the 21st Century

    It was bound to happen, vendors offering solutions that extend the banking enterprise right into the home. Is this a new concept? The answer is a simple one… no, but the implications are! (The Copper River Group, 04/25/2008)

  • Converging Perspectives on RDC: ICBA and AIIM

    We recently attended two conferences, the ICBA (Independent Community Bankers Association) Conference in Orlando, Florida and the AIIM Conference (The ECM –Electronic Content Management – Association) in Boston, Ma. These two very different conferences included discussions regarding many aspects of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). (, 04/25/2008)

  • 2007 Industry Research Report

    The goal of the 2007 Industry Research Report is to identify and report on key metrics, trends and issues impacting the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Industry. (, 12/03/2007)

  • RDC Converging Payments & Platforms - The Next Generation of Remote Deposit Capture Technologies

    Remote Deposit Capture is dramatically changing the payments landscape. Affordable and competent technologies combined with new regulations and legislation have given rise to unprecedented opportunities, risks, capabilities and competition. (, 08/23/2007)

  • Case Study: Addressing Check 21 and RDC Error and Fraud Threats

    In 2005, Southern Commercial Bank in St. Louis was looking into the future. They are an aggressive ten location community bank in the St. Louis and adjoining Jefferson County areas, with a major business lending portfolio and a strong retail presence. They planned to actively promote remote deposit capture. (BLM Technologies, 06/11/2007)

  • The Second Generation of Remote Deposit Capture

    Though many consumers have adopted online bill payment and have sharply reduced the amount of checks they write, businesses are still writing checks for most of their purchases. (RemitPro, Inc., 05/15/2007)

  • Back-Office Conversion (BOC) – The Newest E-Check Application

    With the increase of checks being truncated or converted to electronic transactions, financial institutions are faced with increased demand from their corporate customers on information on risk, costs, and processing efficiencies for all payment methods, particularly checks and ACH. (Alogent Corporation, 08/31/2006)

  • In Remote Deposit Capture, Image is Everything

    In this brave new world of Remote Deposit Capture, the entire process and results depends upon what happens at the point of capture, and Image is everything. (, 06/26/2006)

  • Remote Deposit Capture - Deployment, Fulfillment, Service & Support

    Despite the popularity of Remote Deposit Capture, the race to bring new and existing customers on-line has seen challenges for deployment, fulfillment, service and support. (, 06/20/2006)

  • On the Radar Screen: eGistics - A Clear Winner in our Image-Enabled / Image Archive World?

    As the Remote Deposit Capture industry grows and matures, as with almost any industry, there will be companies who can provide substantial additional value to the core industry. (, 02/21/2006)

  • Overcoming Deposit Risk In The C21 Marketplace

    Not long after President George W. Bush signed the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act – commonly called Check 21 – many voices around the banking industry raised a familiar and loud refrain: Beware of thieves who seek to exploit weaknesses of Check 21 and perpetrate fraud on the banking industry. (GTNews, 11/08/2005)

  • Remote Deposit Capture: Revolutionizing the Check

    If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. Remote Deposit Capture has been called “The most important development the (U.S.) banking industry has seen in years” by the Federal Reserve and others (GT News, 10/19/2005)

  • Remote Deposit Capture: The 6 Trillion Dollar Opportunity

    Treasury & Risk Magazine, in association with Wells Fargo, recently published the results of their Check 21 survey of over 300 Corporate Financial Executives. One thing is clear: we've only just begun to see the tip of the iceberg in terms of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) deployments. (, 09/20/2005)

  • Bill to Eliminate Hold Times on Check Deposits Fails

    In what may have been the first battle between the realities of the check clearing process in the USA and the hype often found in the press about Check 21, reality won. (, 08/22/2005)

  • Remote Deposit Capture: Unlocking additional value through document & process re-engineering

    Regardless of new legislation, technology or workflows, the entire check payments process begins with a piece of paper (the check) and (ideally) a control document. (, 07/29/2005)

  • Business Method Patents in Financial Services

    The proliferation of business method patents since the State Street Bank vs. Signature Financial Group ruling in 1998 threatens to stifle innovation and competition in the financial services industry. (, 07/28/2005)

  • Parascript – What happens behind the scenes counts.

    John Leekley, Partner, recently sat with Mike Fenton VP of Parascript’s Total Recognition Solutions to discuss Parascript’s role in the emerging industry of Remote Deposit Capture. (, 06/10/2005)

  • Bank of America & EDS: The science of First Mover Advantage

    John Leekley, Partner, sat with Ed Herman & Vinnie Calo of EDS, and Joe Lamar, Check Products Product Manager at Bank of America at the recent BAI Transpay Conference to discuss Remote Deposit Capture and their success and experiences in deploying this new service. (, 05/24/2005)

  • NetDeposit ‘s dynamic business model for an industry in flux

    At the BAI Transpay conference in 2004, most of the conference focused on the recent passage of the Check 21 legislation and how banks were preparing to comply with the legislation, clear checks as images and possibly develop new products and services enabled by Check 21. (, 05/16/2005)

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Past News

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