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RDC Insider

Written by experts, the RDC Insider is your exclusive resource for informative articles, presentations and insights on the Remote Deposit Capture industry as no other publication can provide. Our experience is your advantage.


Latest News

  • Is Voice Biometrics Next Big Tech Innovation For Combating Payment Frauds?

    Payments fraud detection should be proactive, not reactive. Automated technologies like biometric voice response systems are a step in that direction. (, 07/09/2019)

  • Comprehensive Fraud Detection: Real Time and Cross Channel

    Omni-channel has become a go-to customer service strategy for financial institutions large and small. It should be the go-to strategy for check fraud detection, too. Two CU case studies illustrate how this pays off. (, 06/25/2019)

  • Agencies issue final amendments to Regulation CC regarding funds availability

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Reserve Board today jointly published amendments to Regulation CC that implement a statutory requirement to adjust for inflation the amount of funds depository institutions must make available to their customers. (Federal Reserve Board, 06/24/2019)

  • APIs, Integrated Receivables and Standardization

    APIs are transforming the way financial institutions interact with nonbank financial technology providers and their mutual customers. Integrated receivables are one example. But there is a crying need for standardization. (, 06/07/2019)

  • Survey Finds 1 in 4 Consumers Now Use Mobile Deposit

    New research finds 1 in 4 consumers now uses mobile RDC to make deposit to their accounts at financial institutions. (, 06/04/2019)

  • Integrated Receivables Become a Treasury Management Imperative

    Financial institutions need to be more strategic in the way they address business clients’ receivables management pain points, or risk customer defections. Think integrated receivables. (, 05/29/2019)

  • Who Says Checks are Passé?

    Check usage isn’t going the way of the dinosaur here in the U.S. And it’s experiencing a renaissance of sorts in some developing countries. (, 05/28/2019)

  • Mobile Deposit Gaining Steam with Consumers, SMBs

    Mobile device usage is climbing steadily, and carrying with it self-service banking activities like mobile RDC. While consumer activity dominates, new use cases, including mobile RDC for SMBs, are gaining. (, 05/09/2019)

  • mRDC Deposit Limits Rise as FI Experience Grows

    Experience breeds wisdom, and for many financial institutions, particularly larger FIs, experience offering mobile RDC is giving rise to the ability to set higher and even customized consumer deposit limits. (, 04/25/2019)

  • Cyber Crooks are having a Field Day with Payments Fraud

    Financial institutions and their customers are getting clobbered by payment frauds, as cyber-criminals launch new attacks like invoice and account takeover frauds. mRDC offers defensive tools. (, 04/24/2019)

  • RDC Risk Assessments Uncover Some Lurking Problems

    Sound risk management policies and procedures for RDC products are more than a good idea, they are a regulatory necessity for financial institutions. Here’s a look at ways some FIs are coming up short. (, 04/17/2019)

  • Real Life Scenarios Under New Reg CC

    Reg CC amendments that took hold last year established new warranties and indemnities related to RDC and electronic checks. Learn how these might play out under real-life scenarios. (, 04/03/2019)

  • Leveraging Mobile Deposit to Bring More Americans into Banking Fold

    Mobile deposit adoption could get a boost as leading consumer bank Chase leverages mobile RDC in play to bank millions of underserved Americans. Will smaller banks and credit unions follow suit? (, 03/26/2019)

  • B2C Disbursements by Checks Remain Popular

    Nearly half of all consumers receive check payments from businesses last year. This is yet another reason why banks and credit unions must continue promoting consumer mobile deposit. (, 03/20/2019)

  • Report: Flexibility is Key to Driving Small Business mRDC Adoption

    As many as one-quarter of small business are considering switching financial institutions. To fend off defections, FIs should consider taking a page from their retail banking playbooks. (, 03/06/2019)

  • Restrictive Endorsements: Poll Results & Industry Update

    Specific endorsement language and the verification process of such endorsements (if any) have been top of mind for many Financial Institutions. How Financial Institutions approach both continues to evolve. (, 02/28/2019)

  • Checks Beware: ACH Volumes Rise; Crypto-Coins Emerge as Potential New B2B Option

    While Checks are still popular for B2B transactions, ACH payments are gaining in popularity and use. Now, some banks look to crypto-currencies as the next frontier in B2B transactions. (, 02/27/2019)

  • Next Generation Mobile Deposit will be Faster, Safer & Smarter

    As we enter the next phase of the mobile RDC evolution, the need for in-app intelligence is growing. Think in terms of auto- and multi-check capture, flexible deposit limits and automated endorsement validation. (, 02/21/2019)

  • Addressing the ‘Disconnect’ between mRDC Value and Customer Security Perceptions

    Achieving broader consumer adoption of mobile RDC requires financial institutions to find a balance between fraud management and customer satisfaction. New and emerging tools can help. (, 02/14/2019)

  • Still Plenty of ‘Head Room’ for Mobile Deposit Growth

    While notable gains have been achieved in mRDC adoption, the lion’s share of consumer check deposits have yet to migrate to the mobile channel. (, 02/06/2019)

  • Polling Points to Strong FI Demand for RDC Solutions for SMBs

    New polling suggests financial institutions preparing for expanded RDC adoption by SMBs. (, 01/31/2019)

  • Networked Scanners: Ready for Prime Time?

    2019 may prove a break-out year for network scanner deployments that support remote capture applications for branch personnel and corporate clients. (, 01/29/2019)

  • Check Numbers Down as Values Rise

    Lower check volume but higher average dollar values points to continued preferences for check payments among businesses. (, 01/23/2019)

  • Prioritizing Fraud & Risk Management in 2019

    New and improved fraud and risk management tools are top priorities for RDC device manufacturers and solutions providers in 2019. (, 01/16/2019)

  • 2018: The Year that Was

    Last year proved to be a big year for small- and mid-sized business RDC. There was also a growing focus on better integration of RDC solutions with business needs, and fraud & risk management advances. But efforts to promote fully-electronic checks suffered a regulatory set back. (, 01/08/2019)

  • A Capital Idea: Kudos for One Bank’s Innovative Approach to Offering RDC

    Capital Bank, a $1.1 billion-asset institution in the shadow of the nation’s capital, has been recognized by Aite Group for its innovative approach to RDC product development. (, 12/18/2018)

  • Getting Real About Deposit Fraud & Risk Management

    Financial institutions, working with solution providers, are bolstering defenses against fraudulent checks and related risk scenarios with real-time tools. (, 11/27/2018)

  • Fed Focus on Faster Payments Ignores Advantages of ECIs

    The Fed appears to be getting real about faster payments while giving short shrift to schemes for faster check payments. (, 11/15/2018)

  • Consumer mRDC Adoption Slows; Clearer FI Focus, More Customer Education Needed

    Ten years on, mobile deposit user growth appears to be slowing. Fears about change, lack of education, and financial institution inertia are some of the reasons why. Still, additional growth can be achieved. (, 11/08/2018)

  • Electronic Payments Fraud Growing at Double-Digit Rates as Check Fraud Rates Decline

    Frauds involving noncash payments are outstripping transaction value growth by a factor of 3. The increases are being driven largely by card fraud. Check fraud losses are down, though, according to a new Fed report. (, 10/24/2018)

  • User Experience, Higher Limits, Drive Consumer Migration to mRDC

    A new report finds the bar is being raised for consumer mobile deposit experiences, with more focus on easy-to-use apps and higher, more flexible deposit limits. (, 10/18/2018)

  • Building a Case for Digital Check Cashing

    Financial institutions are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can offer RDC customers accelerated availability for a fee while squeezing risk from the deposit process. (, 10/11/2018)

  • Small Business RDC: It’s Not Just a Mobile Thing

    How does a financial institution discern if a small business is a good fit for mobile or scanner-based RDC solutions? There are several considerations, pricing sensitivity, check volumes and frequency of deposits among them. (, 10/03/2018)

  • Small Businesses Need RDC Solutions, Not Just Check Scanning

    Remote deposit capture for small businesses needs to be positioned as more than just a faster, cheaper way to deposit check payments. Just like large corporations, small businesses want RDC solutions that include features like remittance document scanning and integration with accounting software. (, 09/27/2018)

  • Taking RDC to the Next Level: Full-Page Scanning Can Lead the Way

    Opportunities exist for financial institutions that leverage remote deposit capture as more than just another deposit channel. RDC with full-page scanning to support integration with AR automation routines can augment corporate cash management service lines. (, 09/23/2018)

  • New and Emerging Technologies Help FIs Better Comply with AML, Related Regulations

    The path to more effective compliance with anti-money laundering and related regulatory regimes is lined with new and improved technologies, like machine learning and robotic process automation. (, 08/16/2018)

  • Artificial Intelligence Makes for Smarter RDC

    Artificial intelligence and other machine learning tools can go a long way toward helping financial institutions mitigate risks associated with RDC. Recent advances in restrictive endorsements recognition demonstrate. (, 08/08/2018)

  • Market for Integrated Receivables Heats Up

    The market for integrated receivables is heating up, as more financial institutions and their corporate customers seek to further automate payment acceptance and move toward straight-through processing environments. (, 07/26/2018)

  • The Coming of Age of Integrated Receivables Solutions

    As companies receive more and different types of payments (ACHs, cards, checks, etc.) demand is mounting for integration of front- and back-end receivables management systems and processes, prompting more financial institutions to offer integrated receivables solutions. (, 07/19/2018)

  • Addressing Duplicate Deposit Risk with New & Improved Technologies

    New and enhanced solutions leverage AI, APIs, to improve detection of restrictive endorsements and potential duplicate deposits. (, 07/12/2018)

  • M&A Watch: Finastra Acquires Malauzai

    Malauzai, a software house that has made a name for itself with innovative approaches to leveraging RDC technologies, has been acquired by Finastra, which specializes in payments, RDC and risk management tools for community banks and credit unions. (, 06/20/2018)

  • Case for Fully-Electronic Checks Strong, But Will Fed Buy Into It?

    There’s plenty of opposition to a Federal Reserve proposal that would effectively put the kibosh on electronically-created checks. But is it enough to overcome opposition to these new checks for the 21st Century? (, 06/19/2018)

  • Assessing the Full Market Potential of Corporate RDC

    There’s plenty of fuel in the remote deposit capture engine: enough to drive significant opportunities in the corporate RDC market for many years to come. (, 05/31/2018)

  • How One Small Business Saves Over $20,000 a Year with RDC

    The business case for remote deposit capture extends beyond more efficient check handling. The savings to a small business that moves costly credit card payments to checks and uses RDC to deposit those items can be an enormous selling point, as this example illustrates. (, 05/22/2018)

  • Mobile Deposit for SMBs: A Multi-Billion Dollar Yearly Opportunity

    Mobile remote deposit capture for small and mid-sized businesses represents a $1.5 billion dollar a year revenue opportunity for banks and credit unions, and could yield an additional $1.25 billion in operational cost savings. (, 05/17/2018)

  • Mobile RDC Tops 2 Billion Transactions; $5 Billion in FI Cost Savings

    Total mobile remote deposit capture transactions have doubled in 18 months, to 2 billion. Associated financial institution cost savings total $5 billion. (, 05/11/2018)

  • Machine Learning Adds Firepower to FI Fraud & Risk Management Routines

    Machine learning tools, like artificial intelligence, have the power to change the rules of engagement in fraud and risk management. But changes will come over time, not overnight. (, 05/03/2018)

  • New Survey on Industry Readiness for New Reg CC Shows Many FIs Exploring Options to Prepare for Upcoming Reg CC Changes

    There is growing interest in the role restrictive endorsements can play in RDC Risk Management, but technology, policies and procedures will need to be updated. (, 04/19/2018)

  • Upcoming Reg CC Changes to Impact RDC Services, Returns

    Amendments to Federal Reserve Regulation CC, including several related to RDC, take hold in July. Changes provide new framework for dealing with duplicates, and also could usher in new operational challenges. (, 04/11/2018)

  • Check Payments: Longevity Through Continued Automation

    Checks, in the minds of many, are synonymous with paper. But checks have been on an automation tear for the last half century. Today, the only paper left is what payers and payees handle, and even that can be eliminated. (, 04/04/2018)

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Past News

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