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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • ACH Check Conversions Slow; RDC Gains

      The ACH continues to add transactions volume, driven primarily by electronic payment initiatives. Check conversion applications, however, are falling and at a faster pace than the overall decline in check writing, suggesting that RDC is displacing the ACH as a preferred platform for electronifying check payments. (, 04/27/2015)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems® Introduces Agent Capture Solution

      Agent Capture is a customizable solution that streamlines the customer payment process for insurance agents in the field using smartphones, tablets or in their office using scanners and multi-function devices. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 04/22/2015)

    • Ensenta Announces First True Omni-Channel Business Remote Deposit Capture Platform (bRDC)

      Ensenta Corporation announced the first true Omni-Channel Business Remote Deposit Capture Platform (bRDC) today at Payments 2015. This solution offers a consistent and seamless check deposit experience for businesses, employees and financial institutions across multiple devices. (Ensenta Corporation, 04/20/2015)

    • Mobile RDC is not Just for Consumers

      RDC adoption has been on a roll. Nearly all financial institutions in the country now use RDC for branch capture, nearly all deposit-taking ATMs are equipped with check image capture devices, and about half of all banks and credit unions now offer RDC to commercial customers. (, 04/20/2015)

    • 2nd Annual Mobile RDC Risk Industry Study

      Designed for Financial Institutions, participate in the Mobile RDC Survey and be able to benchmark your organization across several categories including customer selection, risk management, availability, systemic capabilities and more. Takes just 5 minutes! (, 04/17/2015)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems® Announces New Commercial Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Solution

      WAUSAU Financial Systems® will introduce its new Commercial Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution at the NACHA Annual Conference, April 20-21, 2015. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 04/17/2015)

    • Scanner Manufacturers Expand Lines to Meet Evolving Needs

      As remote deposit capture services continue to develop and adoption expands, hardware manufacturers look to enhance the value prop delivered to financial institutions and their customers. (, 04/02/2015)

    • Fed Reports Soaring Adoption of Mobile RDC, Other Mobile Banking Services

      Mobile banking is no longer a one-off product, as evidenced by a new report from the Federal Reserve Board. The report shows mobile remote deposit capture adoption is progressing at a rapid clip. (, 03/27/2015)

    • Remote Deposit Capture Summit to Be Held November 4-6, 2015 in Orlando, FL

      The RDC Summit has a proven track record with hundreds of executives from banks, credit unions, corporate treasury shops, consulting firms, government, and solutions providers. 90% of attendees recommend the event to colleagues, and 61% rated it as their favorite industry conference.Over 20 RDC Solutions Providers have signed up to exhibit. (, 03/26/2015)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems Recognized by Celent with XCelent Award for Integrated Receivables

      WAUSAU Financial Systems, a Deluxe Corporation company that provides best-in-class financial technology, services and solutions, announced it has won the XCelent Service Award in Celent’s 2015 Integrated Receivables ABCD Vendor View. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 03/19/2015)

    • Federal Reserve Not Troubled by Duplicate Deposits; Advances Online, Real-Time Roadmap

      The risk that someone who deposits a check using remote deposit capture might deposit the check again (deliberately or by accident) or cash the check at a local check cashing store is real, but it’s not a show stopper. That’s the word from the Federal Reserve. (, 03/19/2015)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Launches Select Mobile™ NowPay for Quick and Easy Mobile Payments by Check

      Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. has launched Select Mobile™ NowPay, a new cloud-based solution that allows Apple iPhone™ or Android-based smartphone users to make electronic payments by check. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 03/12/2015)

    • Bluepoint Solutions Partners with Wescom Resources Group to Provide Hosted Check Capture and Content Management Solutions to Credit Unions

      Bluepoint Solutions and Wescom Resources Group (WRG) announced a partnership to bring Bluepoint’s check capture and content management technology to WRG’s credit union clients. (Bluepoint Solutions, 03/10/2015)

    • Success with Digital Channels Driving Changes in Branch Strategies

      The cost of accepting consumer mobile deposits at JPMorgan Chase is 3-cents; each deposit accepted at a teller window costs the bank 65-cents. So, in a cost-cutting move Chase plans to shutter 5% of its branch locations and ramp up its digital footprint. Despite branch closings, analysts agree face-to-face engagement remains important. (, 03/04/2015)

    • Many Roads Lead to Success with Commercial mRDC

      “Commercial mobile RDC is not a one-size-fits-all type of product,” Harry Rose, Vice President at RDM Corporation, said in kicking off the latest webinar – Expanding your Corporate Footprint through Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. (, 03/03/2015)

    • How Much Longer Until the End of the Paper Check?

      Digital Check Corp. has released a report projecting the future of check payments in the United States. The document, titled The Disappearing Check – How Long Until the End?, addresses several major contributing factors to the decline in check usage, with predictions about how long the check will continue to exist in meaningful numbers. (Digital Check, 03/02/2015)

    • 2014 Year in Review and 2015 Outlook of the RDC Industry

      Join us as we take a look back at 2014 and predict what 2015 will bring. This special report highlights industry trends and the views of visionaries, experts and pioneers in the RDC space. From mobile RDC to lockbox, to risk, fraud and compliance, to millennials and corporate adoption – we’ve got it covered in this special report. (, 02/27/2015)

    • Revving the Mobile Banking Engine with Mobile Capture

      Mobile banking is on a tear, driven by apps like mobile check deposit and better integration with Apple smart devices. (, 02/26/2015)

    • Digital Check to Present Findings on Image Quality Costs at BAI Payments Connect Conference

      Digital Check Corp. will discuss the effects of problem images – which cost banks millions of dollars annually in the clearing and settlement process – at the BAI Payments Connect conference. The session takes place from 9:45-10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4. (Digital Check, 02/26/2015)

    • “Consumerization” Boosts Commercial Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

      While mobile remote deposit capture has been hugely popular with consumers, commercial applications have been limited. That’s starting to change with the “consumerization” of mobile deposit. Mitek aims to respond with a new commercial mobile RDC offering. (, 02/20/2015)

    • Mitek Delivers New Mobile Deposit® Solution Built for Business

      Mitek Systems today announced the availability of Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture™, the company’s new mobile deposit solution created specifically to meet the needs of business users, enabling them to capture important invoice documents and deposit checks from anywhere, with just a snap of the camera on a smartphone or tablet. (Mitek Systems, 02/18/2015)

    • Mobile Check Deposit Breaks Loose from Its Shackles

      This article published by the American Banker explores the need for banks to balance convenience and security when offering mobile deposit. The article also features the risk mitigation technology utilized by a TN bank. (American Banker, 02/12/2015)

    • Mobile RDC to be Part of $7 Billion Market by 2017

      Mitek CEO James DeBello predicts 50% of U.S. financial institutions will roll out mobile deposit offerings for business customers this year. He also expects additional consumer applications that leverage mobile imaging to make major inroads in what could be a $7 billion market by 2017. (, 02/04/2015)

    • How Much do Consumers Use Mobile Check Deposit?

      This article published by highlights how mobile imaging technology has evolved beyond mobile check deposit. Consumer demand for mobile-first technologies is especially prevalent in banking. (, 02/03/2015)

    • Burroughs Acquires Pendum

      This transaction combines the strengths of Burroughs and Pendum to create the nation’s largest independent multi-vendor provider of maintenance as well as check and cash transaction technology solutions focused on providing world-class service to support customers. (Burroughs Inc., 02/02/2015)

    • Mitek Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Financial Results

      Quarterly revenue up 21% year-over-year; achieved quarterly profitability. Mobile Deposit® grew to 3,304 financial institutions now signed, 2,744 live. MiSnap™ launched by additional top U.S. bank, increasing deployment to millions of users. Licensing of Mobile Photo Account Opening™ gains traction. (Mitek, 01/29/2015)

    • Money Laundering is More than a Cash Business

      One recent example involves a credit union with $4 million in assets, charged with money laundering activities that included billions of dollars in checks remotely deposited from countries in Central America and the Middle East – countries the federal government deems high-risk for money laundering. (, 01/12/2015)

    • Group Urges More Uniformity in mRDC Disclosures

      The Pew Charitable wants to see more uniformity in how mobile RDC is marketed to consumers and urged financial institutions and prepaid card companies that offer mobile check deposits to do a better job of disclosing terms and conditions of those services. (, 12/30/2014)

    • Get Smarter About Setting Deposit Limits for Remote Deposit Capture Customers

      Duplicate deposits need not be a problem, with the right tools and a rational approach to setting customer deposit limits. This was a key take away from “Mobile Deposit Risk Tools Tutorial,” a Technology Showcase presented by Mitek at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 12/19/2014)

    • The World is Watching; Many Hope to Emulate U.S. Successes with Remote Deposit Capture

      The check payment system in the United States has been totally re-engineered over the past 10 years, thanks in large part to the Check 21 Act. It’s an amazing accomplishment, and one that is being replicated in other countries. (, 12/17/2014)

    • Mitek MiSnap(TM) Available to More Than 20 Million Mobile Deposit(R) Users

      Mitek announced that more than 30 financial institutions including 3 of top 5 US banks are now live with Mitek MiSnap, auto capture, for Mobile Deposit. (Mitek, 12/16/2014)

    • Catching On-Us Check Fraud in Real Time

      If there was one salient message to come out of the RDC Summit 2014 it was that FIs and their technology providers are serious about controlling check fraud. During a series of Technology Showcases, several fraud solutions were described and demonstrated. Solutions like FraudOne a real-time verification tool from SOFTPRO N.A. – A Kofax Company. (, 12/15/2014)

    • Fully Electronic Checks: A Means to Better and Faster Payments

      The road to a better and faster payments system does not require us to recreate the wheel. Instead, we could optimize a proven and ubiquitous system used today. (, 12/12/2014)

    • Narrowing the Gap Between Interest and Use of Remote Deposit Capture in Small Business Markets

      Small businesses represent some of the greatest potential for financial institutions to grow their RDC businesses. Not all small businesses are the same, however. Neither are their RDC requirements. (, 12/10/2014)

    • Mitek Signs Agreement with NCR to Sell New Mobile Imaging Solutions

      Mitek has has expanded its relationship with NCR to include mobile imaging solutions for account opening featuring funding and trailing document submission. (Mitek, 12/10/2014)

    • A2iA & Contact Innovations Announce an Expanded Partnership with the Addition of a Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Offering, Supporting the Adoption of Image-Based Check Truncation in Canada

      A2iA announced it has expanded its 10-year partnership with Contact Innovations. Contact Innovations will now offer an end-to-end mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) solution that utilizes A2iA Mobility™ as its core image processing and data recognition engine, allowing for an offline mobile image truncation solution within the US and Canada. (A2iA, 12/09/2014)

    • Mitek and Cachet Financial Solutions Expand Partnership to Create a Great Mobile Account Opening Self-Service Experience

      Cachet Financial Solutions will now offer Mitek’s entire Mobile Photo Account Opening™ SaaS Suite as part of their mobile prepaid platform. (12/09/2014)

    • AAA Gives High Marks to Automated Remittance Processing

      When the AAA division serving North and South Carolina decided to bring member payment processing in house, after years of outsourcing, it was able to cut rather than grow staff assigned to payment processing. AAA Carolinas discussed the feat, along with its solution partner, Infoscore, during a Technology Showcase at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 12/08/2014)

    • Modified Data Sharing Wins Over Banks

      Data sharing is one way to combat duplicate deposits of checks. But it took banks and credit union time to warm up to the idea. (, 12/05/2014)

    • Navigating the Legal Grey Area That is Remote Deposit Capture

      There may not yet be a “body of case law” on remote deposit capture. But there are lessons that can be taken from legal disputes involving automated deposits, such as what constitutes reasonable commercial standards. (, 12/03/2014)

    • Risk Management Plans Should Be Realistic, Comprehensive & Heeded

      The saying “The best way to learn is from others’ mistakes” is perhaps nowhere more apt than in financial risk management, audit and compliance. With that in mind, Payments Space Advisors offered some revealing insights from problems uncovered in RDC compliance and audit reviews during a session at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 12/01/2014)

    • Multi-Layered Enterprise Risk Management is the New Normal

      A multi-layered, enterprise approach to risk management is more than just a good idea. It has become a prerequisite for regulatory compliance at financial institutions large and small. Last week, executives from Iberia Bank in LA and SouthPoint Bank in AL discussed the implications of this for their remote deposit capture product offerings. (, 11/25/2014)

    • Is it Mobile Imaging's Time to Shine?

      Mitek is not a household name, but most large issuers use its technology for mobile deposit. Mitek’s Chief Revenue officer, Michael Diamond is interviewed and discusses the mobile deposit landscape and what is next for Mitek. (, 11/25/2014)

    • Risk Management Solutions Advancing Remote Deposit Capture

      Knowledge is power, so long as it’s not static. That’s why KYC needs to be an upfront and ongoing process. Ditto for risk management. discussed these needs along with some products and technologies that can help FIs to better manage remote deposit capture risks. (, 11/21/2014)

    • More Data Sharing, Improved Integration, Needed to Better Manage Risk & Customer Service

      Most financial institutions developed RDC services for different market segments without much interaction across institutional silos. The result? Fragmented RDC systems that often can’t share critical information across the organization. VSoft Corporation addressed this dilemma during a Technology Showcase at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 11/19/2014)

    • Coming Soon to a Small Business Near You: Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

      For small businesses, the simplicity of mobile- and tablet-based RDC beats the cost and complexity of scanners, leading to an anticipated surge in adoption. (, 11/13/2014)

    • Same-Day Fraud Detection Takes Shape

      Cachet Financial Solutions is working to help financial institutions separate fraud detection from end-of-the-day core processing routines, bringing risk mitigation to the fore. (, 11/12/2014)

    • Cachet Launches Enhanced Select Business Solution

      Enhanced Select Business, a cloud-based software solution, enables banks and credit unions to offer their business customers the convenience of remote deposit capture, regardless of platform—P.C., Mac or mobile. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 11/11/2014)

    • BMO DepositEdge(TM) Launches in Canada, Giving Businesses the ability to Deposit Cheques on Their Terms

      The solution allows businesses to improve operational efficiencies by depositing cheques wherever and whenever it's most convenient - providing greater control over the entire cheque handling process while saving time and reducing costs. (BMO Financial Group, 11/10/2014)

    • Many Roads to Managing Remote Deposit Capture Risk

      Techniques for managing RDC risk are proliferating and becoming more integrated with enterprise-wide systems. That trend was discussed, along with other steps for improving RDC risks, at the RDC Summit 2014 during an in-depth session titled “RDC Risk Management in 2014.” (, 11/10/2014)

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