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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • DataTreasury Scores Victory before U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

      DataTreasury Corporation, a Texas-based check-processing company, today announced an important victory in an appeal heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the judicial body which oversees all U.S. patent cases. (DataTreasury Corporation, 02/12/2007)

    • Digital Check Launches New High-Volume Check Scanner

      Digital Check Corporation, a leading provider of electronic check scanners for the distributed check capture industry, announced its new TellerScan® TS4120 check scanner today at the BAI TransPay conference. (Digital Check Corporation, 02/12/2007)

    • Digital Check Announces Record 100%+ growth in 2006

      Digital Check Corporation, a leading provider of check scanners for the distributed check capture industry, announced record results in 2006 for revenues and shipments of its TellerScan® series of check scanners at the BAI TransPay conference. (Digital Check Corporation, 02/12/2007)

    • Kodak Delivers New Low-Volume Remote Deposit Capture Check Scanner

      The shift from paper checks to remote scanning and deposit technology is gaining a foothold in the small- and medium-sized business market. Businesses in this space see the value in getting a jumpstart on realizing their cash flow. (Eastman Kodak Company, 02/12/2007)

    • Independence Bank Achieves Record Growth Through VSoft’s Merchant Capture

      VSoft Corporation that Independence Bank of Rhode Island, a $50 million asset community bank currently serving customers across five states, achieved record growth by implementing VSoft’s Merchant Capture solution, which was private labeled and rebranded by Independence Bank as Cool DepositTM. (VSoft Corporation, 02/12/2007)

    • Community Financial Institution Check Image Exchange Goes Live with’s On-We Network announced today that United Banker’s Bank (UBB) has pioneered with to become the first Community Host on the On-We Network to begin check image exchange among their community financial institution customers. (, 02/12/2007)

    • BankServ Offers System for Online Bank Deposits Through Windows Vista

      BankServ, one of the nation's largest independent suppliers of remote deposit processing services, now offers its DepositNow!® system for online bank deposits through Windows Vista Business and PASS(TM) (Payments as a Secure Service(TM)) Commerce Center. (BankServ , 02/07/2007)

    • SVPCO Sets New Records For Total Number Of Items and Dollar Volume in January - Check Image Volume Posts Double-Digit Growth

      SVPCO-Electronic Clearing Services, the electronic check and check image exchange business of The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C., today said that check image volume posted double-digit increases in January 2007 for both monthly and daily items and dollar value. (The Clearing House, 02/07/2007)

    • RDM Corporation reports record first quarter results - Digital Imaging revenues triple over same period prior year

      RDM Corporation, a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing, today reported its financial results for the three month period ended December 31, 2006. (RDM Corporation, 02/06/2007)

    • BOC Could Open Merchant Market for Remote Deposit Capture

      A new point-of-sale payment option that converts checks to electronic debits, available starting next month, will open the retailer market for remote deposit capture, a leading payments executive says. (, 02/06/2007)

    • ACH and Check Image Convergence—A Bridge Too Far

      The demise of the bold plan by the big players in electronic check conversion and truncation to combine image capture of all checks at inception with ACH distribution to all financial-institution endpoints for payment provides the payments industry with some critical insights and learnings. (, 02/02/2007)

    • ProfitStars(TM) Signs 350th Remote Deposit Capture Client

      Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: JKHY), a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and data processing services for financial institutions, today announced that the Remote Deposit Capture Solution provided by its ProfitStars division has now been selected by 350 banks. (Jack Henry & Associates, Inc, 02/02/2007)

    • Guide to Remote Check Deposit

      Imagine a future where you simply scan checks on your desktop and the money is magically deposited right into your business bank account via your PC. And while we’re dreaming, why not have the system launch your accounting software at the same time and automatically enter the deposits and update your accounts receivable ledgers. (, 02/01/2007)

    • Crossing the Check Image Chasm

      There is a sea change in payment processing, and it possesses all the attributes of an intriguing riddle. It concerns Check 21, the legislation making it easier for banks to transfer check images electronically instead of physically transporting paper checks. (Bank Technology News, 02/01/2007)

    • Panini Ranked as Market Leader in Distributed Check Capture Market According to Celent

      Panini has been confirmed as the market share leader in distributed check capture based on independent, third-party research conducted by Celent, a leading research and consulting firm in the global financial services industry. (Panini North America, Inc., 01/30/2007)

    • Check-ACH Coalition Gives up on Ambitious Plan for Check Processing

      A sweepingly ambitious, nearly year-long effort to speed up end-to-end electronic processing of checks has been shut down by its organizers, the victim of multiple operational complications that proved in the end too hard to overcome. (, 01/30/2007)

    • Remote Deposit Capture: RDC's Results Go Way Beyond Expense Cuts

      When Atlanta's Piedmont Bank made the jump into image deposit capture more than a year ago, the small business bank expected to nab some additional activity from remote clients. (Bank Technology News, 01/29/2007)

    • DataTreasury Patents - Revalidated??

      Back in December, A Patent examiner rejected all the claims relating to one of DataTreasury's key patents. Many would argue this opinion could lead to eventual invalidation of DataTreasury's patents. (, 01/29/2007)

    • National City Bank Launches Remote Deposit Capture Solution Powered by NetDeposit

      National City Global Treasury Management today announced it has launched Corporate Remote Capture, an e-commerce solution with robust capabilities that provides the bank's business clients with a convenient, electronic way to manage check collections at their location and eliminate branch visits to make deposits. (National City Corporation, NetDeposit Press Releases, 01/24/2007)

    • Diebold Licenses DataTreasury's Financial Transaction Patents

      DataTreasury Corporation, a Texas-based check-processing company, has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Diebold, Incorporated, allowing the ATM manufacturer to use four of the company's financial transaction patents. (Diebold, Incorporated, 01/23/2007)

    • Checking Out Check Conversion in 2007

      I think it’s fair to say that despite the prognostications of several people (me included), Check 21 implementation was very deliberate (read “slow” here) in 2005 and 2006. As we look at the 2007 project lists at banks, almost every one has a focus on check conversion technology. (, 01/18/2007)

    • U.S. Bank Leverages Image Technology Investment with Financial Institution Image Cash Letter Service

      U.S. Bank has launched an image cash letter service for financial institutions nationwide through its correspondent banking group, allowing financial institutions to transmit image cash letters to U.S. Bank for processing. (U.S. Bank, 01/17/2007)

    • First Data, Microsoft and HP Deliver a Completely Automated Point of Sale Solution for Small Retailers

      First Data Corp., Microsoft Corp. and HP today announced they have brought together their industry-leading payment solutions, state-of-the-art store management software programs and retail-ready computer hardware in a small business point of sale solution with features that until recently were only available to large retailers. (First Data Corp., 01/15/2007)

    • U.S. Bank Adds Back Office Conversion (BOC) and Web-Based Capabilities to its Remote Deposit Capture Service Offering.

      U.S. Bank is prepared to meet the needs of retailers and other customers who wish to take advantage of check electronification opportunities for point-of-sale (POS) payments when NACHA's check conversion rules change for Back Office Conversion (BOC) on March 16, 2007. (U.S. Bank, 01/12/2007)

    • 2007 Will Be Year of Image Exchange as Banks Accelerate Check Electronification

      According to new research charting the adoption of Check 21 (The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act), 2007 will be another significant year in the ongoing "electronification" of paper checks. (TowerGroup , 01/10/2007)

    • BB&T Selects CONIX Systems’ Dupe Detective to Prevent Duplicate Payments

      CONIX Systems Inc., a leading international provider of payment processing solutions to the financial services industry, was selected by Winston-Salem, N.C.-based BB&T Corporation to provide its Dupe Detective solution, a system designed to protect both financial institutions and customer accounts from double postings of payments. (CONIX Systems, 01/09/2007)


      The National Clearing House’s (NCHA) reported year-end image exchange volumes totaling more than 670.1 million items valued at $626 billion. The organization’s leap in image exchange volumes continued throughout December with a 15 percent increase in item volumes over November 2006. (National Clearing House, 01/08/2007)

    • SVPCO Image Payments Network Exchanged 747 Million Images and $2 Trillion in 2006

      SVPCO-Electronic Clearing Services, the electronic check and check image exchange business of The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C., today reported that the number of check images exchanged in 2006 soared 15-fold compared to 2005, while the dollar value jumped 5-fold year-over-year. (The Clearing House, 01/08/2007)

    • Marketing remote deposit capture services

      As mentioned in our earlier post, there is relatively little advertising activity on the search engines for remote deposit capture services. (NetBanker, 01/05/2007)

    • Remote deposit capture is virtually invisible at Google

      Remote deposit capture is one of the most significant new technologies to hit online business banking since, well, online banking. According to Celent, 60 of the largest 100 banks, including 20 of the top 25, now offer it. In addition, hundreds of smaller community banks now offer it. (NetBanker, 01/05/2007)

    • CheckFree’s Carreker Deal Brings It Check 21 Technology, Expertise

      CheckFree Corp.’s agreement to buy Dallas-based banking-software vendor Carreker Corp., announced Tuesday, will help extend the bill-payment processor’s reach into the business of electronic check image exchange, including the fast-growing remote capture market. (, 01/02/2007)

    • A Suddenly Revived POP Posts Highest E-Check Growth Rate

      The formerly somnolent point-of-purchase (POP) electronic-check code continued on its newfound burst of energy in the third quarter, according to the latest automated clearing house volume report from NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association. (, 12/27/2006)


      Endpoint Exchange LLC, a Metavante company, today announced that 12 of the country’s top 25 banks (by asset size) have joined the company’s growing national check image exchange network in 2006. (Metavante, 12/27/2006)

    • Kodak Launches New Hosted Remote Deposit Capture Solution

      Eastman Kodak Company announced today a new check processing solution and strategic relationship with CFC Technology Corporation of Minneapolis, Minn., a leading provider of Check 21 services and solutions. The new, hosted platform managed by CFC Technology will utilize Kodak’s portfolio of Internet-based Check Imaging Solutions. (Eastman Kodak Company, 12/20/2006)

    • Image Clearing Jumps Ahead of Substitute Checks for the First Time

      Checks cleared by paying banks as electronic images outnumbered substitute checks for the first time in the short history of image exchange in October, according to numbers compiled by the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization, Dallas. (, 12/20/2006)

    • Mitek Receives First Patent for Signature Forgery Detection

      Mitek Systems, Inc. today announced that the company has been allowed its first patent for the invention of a 'System and Method for Check Fraud Detection Using Signature Validation', further reinforcing the company's innovative leadership in image-based forgery detection. (Mitek Systems, Inc., 12/14/2006)

    • Union Bank Expands Nationwide with New Suite of Cash Management Products

      Union Bank of California is launching a new and enhanced suite of cash management products to expand its coverage nationwide. The new product line, featuring new remote deposit capabilities and enhanced wholesale lockbox and cash vault networks, strengthens the bank's national presence and processing capabilities. (Union Bank of California, 12/11/2006)

    • Announces Remote Deposit Capture Webinar Roundtable Featuring Alogent, Metavante and NetDeposit, the industry’s leading authority on Remote Deposit Capture, will host an online webinar (webcast) roundtable featuring three of the industry’s leading solution providers on Wednesday, December 13th 2006. (, 12/07/2006)

    • SVPCO Image Payments Network Surpasses 100 Million Monthly Images

      SVPCO-Electronic Clearing Services, the electronic check and check image exchange business of The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C., today reported that 105 million check images were exchanged in November, exceeding projected volume of 100 million check images a month by the end of 2006. (The Clearing House, 12/07/2006)

    • DataTreasury Vows USPTO Rejection Won’t Affect Pending Cases

      A small technology company that has made a name for itself with its aggressive and successful litigation defending a pair of patents covering check imaging was dealt a setback late last week when the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected all of the claims set out in those patents. (, 12/05/2006)

    • DataTreasury: Chump or Contender? Only time (and lots of it) will tell.

      We've heard from many people in the RDC Industry about the DataTreasury Patents and related lawsuits, and in general, the reaction to this recent USPTO Examiner opinion has been, well, overly-euphoric. (, 12/05/2006)

    • eGistics, Inc. and SortLogic SYSTEMS Announce Virtual Exchange - A Bank & System-Agnostic Check 21 & Payments Platform for Banks & Corporations

      eGistics, Inc. and SortLogic SYSTEMS, today announced Virtual Exchange, a highly secure, system-agnostic platform that combines best-of-breed on-demand image and data management services with component-based connectivity software to deliver a very scalable architecture for next-generation, electronic payments automation. (eGistics, Inc., 12/01/2006)

    • WAUSAU Teams With ASD to Offer Revolutionary Image-Survivable Positive Pay Fraud Solution

      WAUSAU today announced that it has joined forces with Advanced Software Design Corporation (ASD), a leader in innovative fraud prevention solutions, to offer financial institutions an integrated, state-of-the-art Positive Pay solution, providing their corporate customers with image-survivable security features for an electronic image environment. (WAUSAU, 11/30/2006)

    • Michigan Bankers and Retailers Offer New System to Streamline Check Deposits and Processing

      "Remote Deposit," a new system to enable financial institutions and their commercial customers to reduce the time and cost of depositing and processing checks, was announced today by two of the state's leading business associations. (Michigan Retailers Association, 11/30/2006)

    • Remote Capture May Get a Boost From Intuit’s Digital Insight Deal

      Software maker Intuit Inc.’s pending acquisition of online-banking services provider Digital Insight Corp. is mostly a story about Intuit expanding its services and finding new markets for its popular QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Quicken financial-software programs. (, 11/30/2006)

    • OVA Enhances Electronic Check Service to Benefit Multi-Lane Retailers

      NOVA Information Systems (NOVA), a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB - News), today announced that it has enhanced its Electronic Check Service (ECS) product to meet the needs of multi-lane retailers by eliminating the investment in check imaging technology at the point of sale (POS). (NOVA Information Systems, 11/28/2006)

    • RDM Corporation's ITMS service reaches milestone of one million transactions per week

      RDM Corporation, a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing, announced today that it has reached a significant milestone by consistently processing over 1 million checks weekly from corporate customers in the United States through its industry leading Image & Transaction Management System. (RDM Corporation, 11/28/2006)

    • Lining up for Remote Deposit

      In the past, an employee of Standard Insurance in Hurst gathered up the 100 or so checks that customers sent in every day and headed off for lunch, plus an extra stop at the bank to deposit those checks. (Star-Telegram, 11/27/2006)

    • Report: Get Ready for a Sizzling Market for BOC Transactions

      A new electronic check-conversion application set to go live in March at retail and other check-accepting businesses could become one of the fastest-growing products ever introduced for the automated clearing house (ACH) network, generating 425 million transactions in 2007, predicts a new study from Boston-based market researcher Celent LLC. (, 11/26/2006)

    • JPMorgan Chase Opens New International Image Deposit Centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mumbai

      JPMorgan Chase, a full-service provider of cash management, trade finance, and treasury solutions, today announced the opening of three new International Image Deposit Centers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mumbai. (JPMorgan Chase & Co., 11/21/2006)

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