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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • New Webinar July 16th: Secrets to Growing Small Business Deposits with RDC

      Discover the secrets behind the success of deploying RDC to the small business market and what kind of RDC solution you need in place to remain competitive with the “bank down the street”. Remote deposit can surely drive significant deposit growth, but it requires a strategic approach and insight into the secrets of success. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 07/15/2009)

    • From the Wall Street Journal: Not-So-Personal Banking

      The trip to the bank to deposit customer checks is a timeworn ritual for many small-business owners. But for some, it’s becoming a thing of the past. They’re depositing their checks over the Internet. (The Wall Street Journal, 07/13/2009)

    • RDM Corporation establishes relationship with ACH Payment Solutions

      APS will resell RDM's Image and Transaction Management System (ITMS(R)) and Simply Deposit(TM) software products and desktop scanner hardware through its own national distribution channel. (RDM Corporation, 07/13/2009)

    • Webinar: Providing Remote Deposit Capture Includes Mastering the Maze of Risk Mitigation and User Agreement Issues

      Industry experts Jim Brummer and Tom Houston will explain what it takes to present compliant agreements between a financial institution and its Remote Deposit Capture users. By joining in on a Wednesday July 22nd Webinar, learn the critical steps and what documents are required to properly manage the risk that is associated with offering RDC. (CFC Technology Corporation, 07/09/2009)

    • eGistics Announces Availability of Hosted ACH Solution

      eGistics, Inc. today announced the availability of a hosted solution for the centralized storage, management and retrieval of automated clearing house (ACH) data. (eGistics, 07/07/2009)

    • Image Payments- Commoditization Redux?

      The payments industry has seen the repetition of a pattern. It starts with innovation driven by software companies, followed by ambitious "hockey stick" adoption predictions, fits and starts a la Geoffrey Moore's "chasm" model, an initial trickle followed by a torrent towards outsourced processing and a brutal race to scale and commoditization. (StratEx Insights, 07/04/2009)

    • A2iA CheckReader™ and Summit.NET’s Web-Based Remote Deposit Module Eliminates Geographic Limitations and Improves Fund Availability

      A2iA (Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis) announced today that its comprehensive check-processing toolkit, A2iA CheckReader™, has been integrated into Summit.NET’s Next Generation Web-Based Remote Deposit Module. (A2iA, 07/02/2009)

    • Bank of America and First Data Form Next-Generation Payment Solutions Company

      Bank of America will contribute approximately 240,000 merchant relationships and First Data will contribute approximately 140,000 merchant relationships to the new company. Following a transition period, First Data will provide the merchant processing and related services. The combined entity will process over one billion transactions per month. (Bank of America, 06/30/2009)

    • Momentum Payment Systems Announces Check 21 Capability Update to Clear Charge POS Software

      Clear Charge can process credit, debit, checks, EBT and gift and loyalty cards. Clear Charge is PCI and PED compliant because it does not store cardholder data on the machine through utilization of host data capture. (Momentum Payment Systems, 06/29/2009)


      Union State Bank is deploying Metavante’s Direct Teller solution, a distributed capture product that allows bankers to image-capture and balance check deposits at the teller station. Requiring no software interface development, the Direct Teller solution fully integrates with Metavante’s Teller Insight, the bank’s existing branch teller system. (Metavante Corporation, 06/29/2009)


      NetCapture Small Business/Consumer is NetDeposit’s newest RDC solution. This new offering is designed to enable small businesses and consumers who receive a small number of checks to quickly and easily make their deposits remotely through a web-based RDC solution. (NetDeposit, 06/22/2009)

    • AllTrust Networks Granted Electronic Depositing Patent

      The invention covers a process by which a 3rd-party paper check is imaged by the acceptor along with consumer identification and electronically sends the data to a depository bank after which the funds are transferred to the acceptor’s local bank. (AllTrust Networks, 06/19/2009)

    • Digital Check Extends International Remote Deposit Capabilities to Brazil

      “As a traditionally heavy check user and the largest country in South America, we look forward to supporting check imaging and check truncation in Brazil as it is proving to be an important emerging market for Digital Check,” said Alex Trombetta, managing director for international markets for Digital Check. (Digital Check, 06/17/2009)

    • Panini Launches I:Deal™ Check Scanner Worldwide

      The Panini I:Deal is designed specifically for low volume check capture environments, offering a perfect match for many emerging global markets. (Panini, 06/15/2009)

    • A Designed-for-ISOs Remote Capture Product Begins to Win Business

      Wausau Financial Systems Inc., which late last year introduced a version of its remote deposit capture product specifically designed for independent sales organizations, has signed one ISO and will have three more on board by the end of the month. (, 06/10/2009)

    • Jack Henry & Associates' ProfitStars(R) Division Teams With Pitney Bowes to Offer Innovative Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Solution

      Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and data processing services for financial institutions, today announced a joint program between its ProfitStars division and Pitney Bowes Inc. that will facilitate the sale, installation, and support of ProfitStars' Remote Deposit Capture solution. (Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., 05/27/2009)

    • Goldleaf, Epson Extend Partnership to Offer Full Spectrum of Distributed Capture Solutions

      Goldleaf has certified Epson's TM-J9000/9100 check scanner with integrated inkjet printer, check imaging and ID scanner, as well as Epson's CaptureOne(tm) check scanner. Goldleaf also supports Epson's newly introduced line of scanners for consumer and small business markets. (Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc., 05/27/2009)

    • Panini Announces Remote Deposit Capture Web Seminar Featuring Copper River Group President & CEO Dan Fisher

      Dan Fisher will present Understanding the FFIEC RDC Guidance. In addition, Michael Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, Panini, will present Distributed Capture Goes Global. (Panini, 05/26/2009)

    • Wausau Financial Systems Certifies CTS' LS100 Check Scanner

      CTS North America’s LS100 check scanner is specifically designed for today’s teller and remote deposit capture check processing and image capture applications with the smallest footprint in its class. (CTS North America, 05/19/2009)

    • Heartland Payment Systems™ Selects Panini I:Deal™ for Express FundsSM Solution

      Heartland Express Funds is an innovative program designed to accelerate cash flow for business users by digitizing the check deposit process. With this unique deposit and recovery solution, business owners gain the ability to deposit checks anytime and from anywhere — using the Panini I:Deal. (Panini, 05/19/2009)

    • J&B Software Integrates the MTS Multidoc Scanner

      This RDC scanner integration will now provide J&B clients with the ability to utilize a single desktop scanner to capture images of both full page documents and check items as well as capture the MICR information via the built-in MICR reader. (J&B Software, 05/15/2009)

    • The Federal Reserve Banks Select Viewpointe for Their Check Image Archive

      Viewpointe worked closely with the Reserve Banks to develop a plan that would benefit the Reserve Banks and offer a transparent transition to their customers. Moving the storage of images in the FedImage(R) archive to Viewpointe will be seamless to customers and will take place over the next 18 months. (Viewpointe, 05/14/2009)

    • Montgomery County Selects Panini Vision X™ for Back Office Payment Processing

      Montgomery County, Ohio, Treasurer’s Office has added back office payment processing to their automated property tax collection solution which already allows cashiers to capture property tax check images for nearly 160,000 properties upon receipt. (Panini, 05/12/2009)

    • RP Solutions Adds Remittance Processing Veterans

      RP Solutions, Inc., today announced that three industry veterans have joined the company. Robert Frank and Thomas Johnson are new to the company's sales team and Bob Allen has joined the company's software development group. (RP Solutions, 05/07/2009)

    • BankServ Introduces DepositNow Mobile(R)

      DepositNow Mobile is a complete wireless payment processing solution that includes hardware, software, wireless service, transaction processing and support. DepositNow Mobile enables businesses in a variety of markets to efficiently accept and process paper check or credit card payments anywhere. (BankServ, 05/06/2009)

    • BankServ acquires assets of Commerciant

      Commerciant is a provider of mobile, handheld payment processing hardware and processing technology located in Houston, Texas. The acquisition includes key patents in the mobile payments industry. (BankServ, 05/04/2009)

    • RDM Corporation reports second quarter results

      Overall results for the quarter were suppressed by disappointing scanner sales caused by the economic downturn. RDM plans to be prudent in managing costs during this time of uncertainty, but the priority is to position the Company to capitalize on the long-term remote deposit capture opportunity, which remains compelling. (RDM Corporation, 05/01/2009)

    • RDM Announces TSYS Class B Certification for the RDM SYNERGY II All-In-One Payment Terminal

      RDM SYNERGY II is now certified to process Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions in the E-Commerce, Direct Marketing w/Level II, Retail, Restaurant, EBT and Debit industries with TSYS Acquiring Solutions. (RDM Corporation, 04/30/2009)

    • NEACH Offers Comprehensive View of RDC Services Offered by Member New England Banks and Credit Unions

      The NEACH RDC Member Survey was conducted in October and November 2008 with 207 New England financial institutions responding from all six New England states. The study contains 25 pages of data, including more than 20 figures. It is available for $495 through the store. (NEACH, 04/29/2009)

    • RP Solutions becomes A reseller of Opex mail openers and scanners

      RP Solutions, Inc., today announced that they have become a reseller of OPEX Corporation's AS and DS series scanners, mail openers and extractors. (RP Solutions, 04/28/2009)

    • NCR unleashes remote check deposit by using mobile phone cameras

      NCR announced an agreement with Mitek Systems, Inc., to integrate Mitek’s ImageNet Mobile Deposit software into NCR’s APTRA Passport family of remote deposit capture solutions. Mitek and NCR will demonstrate the product offering at the BAI Summit in Nashville, Tenn., April 27 and 28, 2009. (NCR Corporation, 04/28/2009)

    • Point, Click, Truncate: Eyeing Mobile Capture

      Last year, check-imaging analytics firm Mitek Systems turned heads when it announced plans to market mobile-based remote deposit capture (RDC) software. But when no rollouts materialized, doubts crept in about whether consumer RDC through a cell-phone camera would ever gain traction. (US Banker, 04/28/2009)

    • Remote Deposit Capture and Featured in USA Today Smart Banking Report

      On April 24th, the USA Today included a supplement on “Smart Banking” to over 2 million readers, primarily in the southeast in print, and online nationwide. The report covers many topics including online security, savings strategies, cool new online financial tools, and of course – Remote Deposit Capture. (, 04/24/2009)

    • RDC Can Help Modernize Healthcare

      Payments “electronification” is a sure-fire way to trim expenses and improve service. Clearly, there’s a huge opportunity to electronify payment acceptance at medical offices. Because most of these offices already accept checks, but not necessarily credit and debit cards, RDC is a great first step. (, 04/24/2009)

    • TASQ Technology Offers Complete Remote Deposit Capture Solution

      TASQ Technology has created a turn-key RDC solution that bundles key RDC elements including hardware, software and customer support. A subsidiary of First Data, TASQ is one of the largest providers of point-of sale equipment and services in North America. (Tasq Technology, 04/23/2009)

    • RDM announces industry's first low cost check scanner that includes an integrated receipt printer & magnetic stripe reader

      With options such as magstripe and a new integrated receipt printer, both remote deposit capture and retail POS solutions will be able to benefit from the small footprint which saves valuable real estate on the merchant countertop, and saves the merchant money by reducing the need for an extra receipt printer. (RDM Corporation, 04/21/2009)

    • Small Business Remote Deposit Capture - Will ISOs claim the market as they have done with credit cards?

      Remote deposit capture has taken financial institutions by storm. In just over three years since its debut, well over half of all US banks have adopted solutions. This extraordinary adoption earns RDC the distinction of being the most rapidly adopted technology in the history of the US financial services industry. (Celent, 04/20/2009)

    • J&B Software to Showcase Mobile Deposit and eCapture at Remote Deposit Capture Summit

      J&B’s ImageNet Mobile DepositTM powered by Mitek allows checks to be deposited from a mobile phone equipped with a camera. J&B’s eCapture is a web-based solution that captures document images at remote or branch locations using a variety of different capture devices that are integrated into the J&B core payment processing software. (, 04/15/2009)

    • Union Bank Integrates Remote Deposit with Accounting Software for Increased Customer Operating Efficiency

      Now, users can launch remote deposit A/R directly from their specialty software, scan their checks, apply the checks to outstanding invoices and close them out in one efficient process. This next generation solution also offers a feature that recognizes customer accounts and automatically matches checks to the correct customer and invoice. (Business Wire, 04/14/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Wednesday, April 8, 2009

      NACHA Payments 2009 closed at NOON upon completion of today’s 31 sessions. The conference provided the attendees with a choice of 155 classroom experiences to increase their knowledge of Electronic Payments, Rules, Solutions and Case Studies. By all accounts, Payments 2009 was a very successful conference. (, 04/08/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Tuesday, April 7, 2009

      Following the Monday evening offsite festivities hosted by Fiserv, the participation in the exhibit hall and in the sessions was good. Today, conference attendees had a choice of 60 sessions across 7 tracks along with extended time to visit with over 80 vendors in the exhibit hall, including the closing reception time. (, 04/07/2009)

    • Bluepoint Solutions Launches Next-Generation Consumer Capture Solution for Financial Institutions

      Bluepoint’s solution provides bank and credit union account holders the ability to conveniently deposit checks from any location – home or office – at any time. Users can easily make deposits with the use of a computer, a secure Internet connection and a scanner. (Bluepoint Solutions, 04/07/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Monday April 6, 2009

      On Monday, conference attendees had a choice of 48 sessions across 7 tracks. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet with over 80 vendors in the exhibit hall. This report will provide some of the conference highlights. (, 04/06/2009)


      The three products include the CaptureOne™ Single-Feed check scanner, the Perfection™ V30 flatbed check and document scanner and the WorkForce™ 500 All-in-One Scanner with print, copy, fax and photo capabilities. (Epson, 04/06/2009)


      Epson’s CaptureOne 90 DPM scanner, as well as its 30 and 60 DPM models, are expressly designed to minimize MICR misreads and non-conforming images—eliminating the manual intervention required to reprocess misread checks. (Epson, 04/06/2009)

    • The Branch Expansion/Remote Deposit Capture Paradox

      This paradox results in a conflict between the imperatives of customer intimacy, value optimization, and process efficiency and profitability. But is this really a paradox, or a strategy for bankers to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving landscape? (Bank Systems & Technology, 04/03/2009)

    • Fidelity National buying Metavante for $2.94B

      The two companies combined to generate $5.2 billion in revenue in 2008. Fidelity National said it expects to achieve cost synergies of about $260 million after the acquisition is completed. The deal, which is expected to close during the third quarter, should boost Fidelity National's earnings in 2010. (Associated Press, 04/01/2009)

    • Fifth Third Bank Signs Garda Cash Logistics to Deliver Remote Currency Manager Product

      The Remote Currency Manager (RCM) solution allows cash-intensive retail businesses the ability to use the Bank's industry-leading receivables end to end cash management solution. Deposit activity is transmitted from the smart safe to Fifth Third Bank for credit to the customer's account, providing daily use of funds. (Fifth Third Bank, 03/31/2009)

    • Unisys Introduces SmartSource™ Micro Series Scanner to Offer Cost-Efficient Remote Capture Solution for Small Businesses

      Unisys Corporation today introduced a multi-function remote deposit scanner that offers companies a low-cost, easy way to deposit checks from their offices directly into their bank accounts, and provides financial institutions with a cost-effective remote capture solution for small business customers. (Unisys, 03/26/2009)

    • Remote Cash Capture: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

      In a new report, Remote Cash Capture: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Celent looks into the quickly growing service, which is the deployment of secure, validating currency accepting and recycling equipment (aka smart safes) at merchant locations, coupled with information reporting and provisional credit mechanisms. (Celent, 03/25/2009)

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