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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • RDM Releases New Simply Deposit Mobile® Platform

      RDM announced the new release of its Simply Deposit Mobile® (SDM) RDC solution for mobile devices. The new release adds remittance and general document image capture with data entry capabilities to its mobile platform. SDM is certified to run on Apple and Android devices, and can be branded according to a financial institution’s requirements. (RDM Corporation, 02/05/2014)

    • Chase Paymentech Certifies FTNI’s Payment Platform

      FTNI has completed certification of its ETran Integrated Receivables Platform on Chase Paymentech’s Orbital payment platform thereby extending the list of payment channel options available to all current and future customers. (FTNI, 02/04/2014)

    • RDM Corporation Reports Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Financial Results and Announces Quarterly Dividend Program

      Strong Payment Processing and Digital Imaging growth drive earnings at RDM Corporation who reported its financial results for the three-month period ended December 31, 2013 and announced that it has adopted a policy to pay non-cumulative quarterly dividends to holders of its common shares. (RDM Corporation , 01/30/2014)

    • Ensenta wins XCelent Awards for Remote Deposit Capture

      Ensenta has won two 2013 XCelent Awards for Remote Deposit Capture Technology and for Functionality, from Celent. (Ensenta Corporation, 01/27/2014)

    • Major Changes in Store for Reg CC

      When Regulation CC was first written, in the late 1980s, check clearing was a paper-intensive enterprise. Now that check clearing is practically paperless, and even check deposits are going paperless, the Federal Reserve says the time has come to update the regulation with new collection and return rules. (, 01/22/2014)

    • Montgomery County Employees FCU Chooses Bluepoint Solutions’ ImagePoint Teller

      Bluepoint Solutions announced Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union has selected its ImagePoint Teller, Hub, Foundation and Archive solutions for a check capture and processing solution that will integrate the credit union’s check capture and item processing procedures and create a central archive for improved efficiency. (Bluepoint Solutions , 01/16/2014)

    • Mobile Devices Capture the Lion’s Share of Consumer Remote Deposit Capture Users

      This article, written by Jim Daly and published by Digital Transactions, reports on Celent findings including the growth of consumer use of mobile RDC, an increase in losses and the importance of risk management beyond duplicates. (Digital Transactions, 01/15/2014)

    • Bluepoint Solutions Partners with FI-MOBILE to Provide Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

      Bluepoint Solutions announced a partnership with FI-MOBILE, a provider of mobile banking solutions, to offer a rapidly deployable and unified mobile deposit offering.The combined solution helps banks and credit unions deliver a single sign-on mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) function. (Bluepoint Solutions, 01/09/2014)

    • A First Read on Fed’s 2013 Payments Study: Cards Dominate, but Checks & ACH are a Safe Bet.

      While checks and ACH now account for only 33% of transaction volume, they still account for 94% of transaction value (over $74 Trillion) and are less vulnerable to frauds than cards. (, 12/20/2013)

    • Federal Reserve Payments Study Offers Expanded View of U.S. Noncash Payment Trends

      The 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study shows that card payments--credit and debit--now account for more than two-thirds of all noncash payments, while the number of checks paid continued to decline. (Financial Services Policy Committee, 12/19/2013)

    • Repackaging Remote Deposit Capture

      This article, published by BankNews, highlights the importance of recognizing the demands of different vertical markets when offering Remote Deposit Capture solutions to each. (BankNews, 12/19/2013)

    • The New, Digital World of Payments via RDC

      This article, published by BankNews, provides a framework for choosing payment and remittance processing technologies that not only streamline the payment but also provide a positive experience to the user. FIs can leverage their Remote Deposit Capture technologies and infrastructure to provide additional payment services. (BankNews, 12/19/2013)

    • Toward a Better Understanding of the FFIEC’s Risk Guidance on Remote Deposit Capture

      Risk management, like risk, can take many forms. That’s one reason why federal regulators have taken a broad brushed approach in their official guidance to financial institutions on RDC risk. Get insights from a recent webinar. (, 12/17/2013)

    • Cachet Partners with YellowPepper to Bring Mobile Deposit Technology to Latin American Marketplace

      Cachet Financial Solutions has announced a new partnership with YellowPepper Mobile Financial Network to provide mobile remote deposit capture services for its YEPEX Mobile Banking Network across Latin America. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 12/10/2013)

    • Remote Deposit Capture Creates New Product and Service Opportunities

      Checks trump other forms of payment in one important respect: information. Adding remote image presentment and mobile technologies to the mix makes real-time check validation and guarantee - possible. Best of all, consumers have shown a willingness to pay for faster access to their check deposits. (, 11/14/2013)

    • Addressing Fraud with Cross–Channel Solutions

      Small businesses are adopting mobile banking and deposit capture at a rapid clip. That’s great news for banks that have identified small business as a customer segment to pursue, and a headache for risk managers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. (, 11/12/2013)

    • An Enterprise Approach to Remote Deposit Capture Risk Management

      Regions Bank is in the final stages of implementing an automated risk management utility that harnesses information from across the enterprise to effectively “re-qualify” commercial customers for RDC products on a daily basis. It’s like KYC on steroid. (, 11/11/2013)

    • Checks are Here to Stay

      Reports of the death of checks have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, image check exchange and RDC practically guarantee that check payments will dominate the payments scene for generations to come. The paper may disappear, but the payment method won’t. (, 11/06/2013)

    • Next Generation Remote Deposit Capture to Support Streamlining Channels

      Financial institutions have been trying break down the silos that separate customer channels for decades. Now it’s becoming clear that the same strategy needs to be applied to remote deposit capture. (, 11/05/2013)

    • Don’t Fret – Consumers Will Pay for Convenience

      If you can’t be the first to market with a new electronic banking option, uniqueness can be a winning strategy. That’s the approach Regions Bank took. In addition to mobile deposit for DDA customers, the Birmingham, AL-based bank offers a mobile deposit service for consumers who don’t have DDAs at Regions. (, 11/04/2013)

    • Integrating with Broader Solutions Opens New Verticals for Remote Deposit Capture

      Financial institutions have long held that remote deposit capture offers value by converting paper checks to digital images that can be handled more cheaply and efficiently. But that’s a narrow view that isn’t apt to cut it in the future. (, 10/31/2013)

    • Mobile Cost Savings Examined

      This article written by Robert McGarvey and published by the Credit Union Times depicts the journey of four credit unions – each offering mRDC. Although it may be too early to appreciate all the cost savings of mRDC, these savings are gaining traction as mobile usage continues to increase, branch deposits decline, and CUs close branches. (Credit Union Times, 10/30/2013)

    • RDM Corporation introduces new EC9000i® check scanner series at BAI Retail Delivery conference

      The new EC9000i scanner series provides affordable functionality, compact design and efficient operation. It enables users to process any combination of checks and remittances along with ID capture and check defacement on a single peripheral device. (RDM Corporation, 10/29/2013)

    • Retail Bank Branch Transformation Sparked by Remote Deposit Capture

      Remote deposit capture played a central role in a series of technology and design changes that have transformed this Texas bank’s retail arm. (, 10/29/2013)

    • Digital Check Introduces PCI-Compliant Magnetic Stripe Reader Add-On for CX30 Remote Deposit Capture Scanner

      The device is fully modular, docking with the base of the scanner to add MSR card-reading capabilities and two USB expansion ports without increasing the scanner footprint on the countertop. (Digital Check , 10/28/2013)

    • TransCentra Powers Mobile Deposit Solution for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®

      Registered participants of fundraising events for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS)can use TransCentra's mobile deposit software to capture and deposit checks via mobile devices. (TransCentra, 10/28/2013)

    • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: Not Just a Cost-Cutting Move; Think Revenues

      Online newspaper subscriptions, airline baggage handling, cable TV, smartphone apps and now RDC all have one common challenge: fostering consumer acceptance of service changes that at first blush seem to benefit the service provider over the customer. Marketing Strategist Jim Marous addressed this quandary during an RDC Summit 2013 presentation. (, 10/28/2013)

    • Duplicates, Other Fraud Concerns Pave Way for More Data Sharing

      During a Technology Showcase session at the RDC Summit 2013 last month, executives from CONIX Systems, Inc. made a powerful case for a full enterprise approach to duplicate detections in tandem with fraud detection. And they made a pitch for greater inter-bank sharing of check data in the fight against fraud. (, 10/24/2013)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems Introduces Second Generation of its Receivables360™ Solution

      The second generation of Receivables360™ offers an advanced single platform for handling the entire receivables process and works seamlessly alongside existing systems. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 10/24/2013)

    • Charity Closes In on Frictionless Donations Thanks to Remote Deposit Capture

      A new app featuring mobile RDC is spurring donations to a major charity, while reducing check-processing costs. In describing the experience during the RDC Summit 2013, Claude Edkins, a VP with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, said planned enhancements should bring an even bigger lift to the charity’s bottom line. (, 10/23/2013)

    • Cachet Launches CheckRisk Pro™

      Cachet Financial Solutions, a leading provider of remote deposit capture solutions (RDC) has announced the introduction of CheckRisk Pro™, a new tool for mitigating risk in remote deposit capture programs for financial institutions and credit unions. Cachet will be demoing the product in their booth (#6029) at BAI Retail Delivery. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 10/22/2013)

    • Successful RDC Requires a Thoughtful Approach to Risk and Reward

      Bank of America VP Andrea Connell shared best practices, sparked dialogue and engaged attendees at the RDC Summit 2013. Her stimulating and open discussion earned a 4.7 of of 5 (5 = excellent) rating from attendees! (, 10/22/2013)

    • Software from Parascript Gives Businesses Greater Access to Information

      Parascript®, LLC, announces new features for classifying forms and documents and recognizing machine print, handprint and cursive writing on them, giving businesses the ability to more easily obtain information. (Parascript, 10/21/2013)

    • Analytics are Critical to the Future of RDC

      Dealing with the rising tsunami of data collected through RDC will mean changing how data gets evaluated and how it is valued. Analytics is crucially important. So is timing. (, 10/17/2013)

    • Ensenta and Early Warning Join Forces to Combat Deposit Fraud

      With this integration, Ensenta can provide FIs the ability to check deposited items from all RDC channels in real time against Early Warning's National Shared Database℠ resource, updated nightly with both positive and negative account status. (Ensenta, 10/16/2013)

    • Don’t Break the Bank Selling Remote Deposit Capture

      With fewer than 1 in 10 U.S. households currently using RDC, the market potential is huge. Yet FIs often feel hamstrung by the lack of resources to craft and sustain RDC sales and marketing campaigns. Campaigns need not be expensive, to be successful. Customer segmentation, social media, in-branch demos and free trials are some of the options. (, 10/16/2013)

    • New Market for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Catches On

      Consumers using prepaid cards are not necessarily poor; many just prefer the cards to DDAs. Until recently, however, prepaid cards have lacked one key function: a mechanism for loading funds from checks onto the cards. That’s where mobile RDC comes in. Gary Brand, of Fiserv, discussed the trend during a Technology Showcase at the RDC Summit 2013. (10/15/2013)

    • U.S. Bank Blazes Trails with mRDC

      Today, nearly every large FI offers basic scanner-based RDC to business customers. Far fewer have ventured into mobile-based RDC for commercial accounts. U.S. Bank is one. (, 10/10/2013)

    • RDC Helps Make Small Businesses a Big Business for this Texas Bank

      When it comes to RDC, small business is big business, especially when mobile is added to the mix. At the RDC Summit 2013, David Rathke of Frost Bank described how Frost is positioning to move half of its check deposits from branch to self-service channels, like RDC and image-enabled ATMs. (, 10/09/2013)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Launches Select Mobile(TM) Money at Money2020

      The Select Mobile Money application will be available as a white-label solution for prepaid card program managers and other financial service organizations; and offers prepaid card users an array of convenient features for managing their money. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 10/08/2013)

    • RDC Gets High Grades From Big Ten School

      Indiana University has achieved significant successes with RDC – like an almost immediate payoff on its implementation investment. But there’s more to be accomplished – including better security, more automation and integrated reporting – before final grades are in. (, 10/08/2013)

    • RDC Hardware: It’s a Brave New World

      In the first 9 years of its life cycle, RDC has given rise to numerous innovations, like mobile remote deposit and account opening functionality. So what’s coming down the pike? Wireless, for sure; security enhancements too. (, 10/07/2013)

    • Dealing with Dupes

      In the October 2013 issue of Digital Transactions, author Elizabeth Whalen focuses on RDC and duplicate deposits. This is among the first of what we expect to be many articles covering this topic. (Digital Transactions, 10/02/2013)

    • RDC: It’s Transformative; It’s the New Normal in Financial Services

      RDC is transforming financial services, creating new value propositions and new opportunities to improve operations and customer service. Last week, hundreds of attendees from banks, credit unions, solutions providers and government agencies gathered at the RDC Summit 2013 to learn about and share insights on how RDC has become the new normal. (, 10/01/2013)

    • Mitek Lab Adds Innovative New Features to Mobile Deposit(R)

      Mitek announced at the RDC Summit it has added innovative new features to its market leading Mobile Deposit solution. These innovative new features increase usability for consumers and financial institutions: endorsement analytics, device and deposit business intelligence, and Mitek MiSnap(TM). (Mitek, 09/26/2013)

    • TransCentra Technology Expert to Speak at RDC Summit 2013

      Mike Packer, account executive, TransCentra, will join Claude Edkins, VP of Advanced Technology, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) and Scott Carter, CMO, Mitek, to speak on “Document and Data Automation” at the RDC Summit 2013 on Friday. The panel will be moderated by Vijay Balakrishnan, president, StratEx,LLC. (TransCentra, 09/25/2013)

    • Panini to Feature Breakthrough Scanner Architecture at RDC Summit

      This week, at the RDC Summit in Orlando, Florida, Panini will feature mI:Deal™, the latest breakthrough solution from their continuous innovation portfolio. In addition the CEO of Panini, Michael Pratt and VP of Sales for Panini North America, Jim Harris will participate in two separate educational sessions on Thursday and Friday. (Panini, 09/25/2013)

    • Cummins Allison Partners with CTS North America to Expand its Line of Check Processing Solutions

      Cummins Allison partners with CTS North America to expand its portfolio of solutions to include the full line of CTS LS series check scanning technology. (Cummins Allison, 09/23/2013)

    • Mobile: A Pipeline Brimming with Product Opportunities

      Mobile RDC was just the start of an emerging trend to improve service and cut costs for banks. A mobile app for opening bank accounts is the latest. The endgame: streamline banking for better customer service and to attract new market segments. (, 09/23/2013)

    • Panini Appoints Michael Pratt as Chief Executive Officer

      The Team congratulates Michael Pratt on his new role as CEO of Panini. (Panini, 09/20/2013)

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