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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • The Numbers are in: Checks Remain Big

      The Federal Reserve is done crunching numbers for the 2013 Federal Reserve Payment Study. Two key findings are that checks get written for far larger amounts than credit cards get used for, and checks are far less prone to third-party frauds than other non-cash payments. (, 08/07/2014)

    • Fed Dashes Hopes for End-to-End Electronic Checks

      Efforts to promote adoption of a new, fully electronic check payment have been dealt a blow with the July 15th announcement that the Federal Reserve is not interested in pursuing efforts to promote electronically created items (ECIs),aka EPOs. (, 08/05/2014)

    • Cachet Receives Notice of Patent Allowance for Mobile and Remote Check Deposit

      Cachet Financial Solutions has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application that covers aspects of Cachet’s remote deposit capture platform that allows users of Apple® OS X® and iOS operating systems to deposit bank checks using their Apple desktop, laptop or mobile device. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 07/31/2014)

    • CIBC clients 'eDeposit' one million cheques

      CIBC announced that clients have now deposited more than one million cheques using the eDeposit feature available on CIBC's mobile banking App. The feature allows personal and small business clients to deposit cheques to their CIBC account simply by taking a photo of the cheque with their mobile device. (CIBC, 07/29/2014)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Selected by Top 5 U.S. Bank to Implement Prepaid Debit Card Platform

      Cachet Financial Solutions has partnered with a top five commercial bank in the U.S. to implement a prepaid mobile platform for one of the world’s largest supermarket chains. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 07/23/2014)

    • Mobile Banking Keeps Catching On

      This blog post written by Saabira Chaudhuri and published by The Wall Street Journal last week highlights the steady upward trend in mobile banking, including mobile deposit, and cites growth numbers for several large U.S. retail institutions. (The Wall Street Journal, 07/18/2014)

    • FedChoice Federal Credit Union Selects Bluepoint Solutions’ Mobile Deposit

      Bluepoint Solutions announced FedChoice Federal Credit Union has adopted its mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) solution, QwikDeposit ToGo. The addition of mobile RDC will offer essential access to mobile banking technology for the credit union’s technically-oriented membership, supporting FedChoice’s long-term strategic growth strategy. (Bluepoint Solutions, 07/15/2014)

    • UK Clears Way for Image Exchange, Mobile Deposits

      The U.K. – having failed at attempts to eliminate checks from its payment system – is now setting out to modernize the check system with check imaging legislation. Mobile deposit is expected to follow. (, 07/09/2014)

    • Is Mobile RDC Risky Business?

      Two recent webinars focus on mobile remote deposit capture risk perceptions and experiences. Most financial institutions offering mRDC say the rewards far outweigh the risks. The secret to success is in the data and new and emerging tools that can help financial institutions better know their customers. (, 07/03/2014)

    • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Offers Gateway to Branch Transformation

      With rapid and ongoing adoption of RDC, especially mobile RDC, there are fewer reasons than ever for customers to visit banks’ and credit unions’ brick and mortar outlets. One way for FIs to respond to this trend is to transform branch offices into engagement centers. Mobile RDC can lead the way. (, 07/01/2014)

    • Will EMV Card Security Trigger More Check Frauds?

      EMV may be the next big step in combatting credit and debit card fraud. But suggestions that widespread implementation of EMV in the U.S. will give rise to more check frauds ignore advances in technologies and processes that have transformed the way banks handle checks, especially suspicious items. (, 06/25/2014)

    • Latest in mobile deposit software from NCR frees Morgan Stanley Wealth Management customers to deposit checks on the go

      Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has integrated mobile check deposit software from NCR and Mitek giving its wealth management clients a simple, convenient method for depositing paper checks. (NCR Corporation, 06/24/2014)

    • First Tennessee Bank Partners with WAUSAU Financial Systems for Remote Deposit Capture

      First Tennessee Bank, a recognized pioneer in RDC selected WAUSAU Financial Systems to provide remote deposit capture (RDC) services. The solution, Deposit 24/7, is expected to go live in July with Risk Monitoring including Location Awareness, which aids with compliance by identifying where RDC deposits are captured and transmitted. (WAUSAU, 06/24/2014)

    • In a Move That Baffles Experts And Vexes Some Users, PayPal Drops Remote Capture

      This article written by John Stewart and published by Digital Transactions highlights PayPal’s sudden decision to discontinue mobile RDC. Users of the PayPal service are not pleased. User reaction is not surprising as RDC is one of the top reasons consumers and businesses change financial-service providers. (Digital Transactions, 06/18/2014)

    • Are Checks Getting a Bum Rap?

      Federal Reserve efforts to move the U.S. toward ubiquitous near-real-time payments discount the ubiquity and near-real-time settlement capabilities of checks where RDC and electronic clearing are the norm. They also seem to ignore the Fed’s own operational shortcomings, such as the lack of 24/7 access to Reserve Bank clearing facilities. (, 06/05/2014)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems Selects Panini Limitada as Exclusive Reseller in Latin America

      WAUSAU selects Panini as the exclusive reseller for their (remote deposit capture) Deposit 24/7 Suite™ in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Panini will be showcasing WAUSAU’s Deposit 24/7 Suite at CIAB FEBRABAN 2014 from June 4-6. (Panini, 06/04/2014)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Provides The Bancorp with Advanced RDC Risk Mitigation via CheckRisk Pro™

      The Bancorp Bank, has implemented CheckRisk Pro™, Cachet’s innovative new tool for mitigating risk in remote deposit capture programs for financial institutions and credit unions. The new risk mitigation tool allows The Bancorp to consolidate the review process for deposit images from multiple sources. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 06/03/2014)

    • Mobile Banking Goes Mainstream, Driven by Remote Deposit Capture

      Mobile is the new normal in banking, and remote capture functionality is a driving force. Consumer awareness is high and continued increase in mobile deposits is expected. (, 05/29/2014)

    • NACHA Looks to Make ACH More Competitive, but Does it Matter?

      NACHA wants to update the ACH by transitioning to same-day settlement. But the plan may prove too little too late. After all, it is already possible with remote capture and electronic presentment to settle checks on a same-day basis. Plus, checks have a proven track record with businesses and readily integrate with existing accounting systems. (, 05/28/2014)

    • Mobile Deposit Usage Soars in Canada

      Canadians have used their mobile phone to deposit more than 1,000,000 cheques since the Canadian Payments Association approved the cheque image rule last year to allow for mobile remote deposit capture (RDC), according to data from NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies. (NCR, 05/27/2014)

    • Mobile-Capture Fraud Is Under Control, but Many Banks’ Risk Policies Are Primitive

      This article written by Jim Daly and published by Digital Transactions discusses the findings of the recent survey focused on mobile RDC and risk performed by (Digital Transactions, 05/25/2014)

    • Digital Check Introduces First Low-Cost Single-Feed UV Cheque Scanner

      Digital Check Corporation introduced the CheXpress CX30UV, the first single-feed cheque scanner with a UV camera to capture ultraviolet security features. Intended for use both in remote deposit capture (RDC) and in bank branches, the CheXpress CX30UV is significantly more cost-effective than other UV-enabled cheque scanners on the market today. (Digital Check, 05/21/2014)

    • Dispelling Risk Perceptions, Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Delivers Results

      Mobile RDC has become integral to the deposit relationship at banks and credit unions. First-ever study shows broad based adoption; risk management improvement opportunities. (, 05/21/2014)

    • New Research Shows 90 Percent of Financial Institutions Report Mobile Deposit Benefits Outweigh Risks and Costs announced the results of the industry’s first survey designed to measure the perception, usage and experience of financial institutions with mobile remote deposit capture. Findings include new data on usage, risk management policies, losses and perceived value of mobile deposit. Webinar scheduled for May 22. ( and Mitek, 05/21/2014)

    • Burroughs Partners with Superior Press for Fulfillment Solutions

      Burroughs,Inc. announces a renewed partnership with Superior Press for the fulfillment of Burroughs SmartSource check scanners. The Burroughs SmartSource document scanners bring state-of-the-art features and functionality to check imaging for Remote Deposit (RDC) as well as teller and back office applications. (Burroughs, 05/20/2014)

    • VSoft Corporation Selected by First Federal Lakewood for Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

      VSoft Corporation announced that First Federal Lakewood, the largest independent mutual bank headquartered in Ohio, has selected VSoft’s Branch Capture and Merchant Capture solutions. (VSoft Corporation, 05/13/2014)

    • Remote Deposit Capture, Especially Mobile, Crucial to Small Business Banking Strategies

      For financial institutions looking to attract small business customers, mobile functionality like RDC is more than just a market differentiator; it is becoming the price of admission to this burgeoning market. (, 04/30/2014)

    • Jaguar Software Certifies the Panini mI:Deal(TM) Check Scanner

      Jaguar Software has certified the Panini mI:Deal™, the latest check scanning platform from Panini's continuous innovation portfolio. (Panini, 04/23/2014)

    • Arming Financial Institutions with Better Data Analytics to Combat Fraud

      Fraud is an ever-present threat to financial institutions and their customers. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in payments. Now we are beginning to witness how predictive analytics can help banks and credit unions foil payment frauds. (, 04/15/2014)

    • Burroughs Announces the SmartSource Micro Elite Check Scanner for Remote Deposit Capture

      Burroughs, pleased to announce the addition of the SmartSource Micro Elite check and document scanner. (Burroughs, Inc., 04/10/2014)

    • Checks are a Safer Alternative for Consumers and Banks

      There have been rumblings in the media over the likelihood of consumers being vulnerable to possible check frauds as more Americans adopt mobile deposit services. The reality, however, is that check frauds are less a problem now than before the introduction of RDC options. (, 04/04/2014)

    • Can This Be Bank of America's New Revenue Driver?

      This article written by Matthew Frankel and published by The Motley Fool highlights an increase in the usage of mobile banking services, including mobile deposit and what may become a growing trend: banks capitalizing on mobile deposit services via cost savings and increased revenue. (The Motley Fool , 03/31/2014)

    • Slowing the Patent Trolls

      This op-ed, written by Robin Feldman a law professor and, published by The New York Times highlights the broad and lax standards applied to the software patent system thus resulting in the practice of “patent trolling”. This article should be of importance to the overall RDC industry. (The New York Times, 03/28/2014)

    • Businesses Deposit $1 Billion Through Wells Fargo Mobile App

      Wells Fargo announced that businesses have made more than $1 billion in mobile deposits through its mobile deposit service. (Wells Fargo & Company, 03/27/2014)

    • Mitek and Ensenta Broaden Partnership to New Mobile Imaging Solutions

      Mitek and Ensenta today announced an agreement to broaden their partnership to include new mobile imaging solutions for account opening, account funding, bill payment and credit card balance transfers. (Mitek, 03/26/2014)

    • Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union Selects Mobile Capture from Bluepoint Solutions

      Mobile remote deposit capture allows credit union to expand self-service offerings and attract next generation members. (Bluepoint Solutions, 03/25/2014)

    • Need for Better Integration, Fraud Controls Driving Next-Gen Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

      One credit union’s selection process for next-gen RDC solution points to value of better channel integration and enhanced fraud controls. (, 03/12/2014)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Announces Acquistion of Prepaid Mobile Platform Business Unit from DeviceFidelity

      Cachet’s expanded prepaid mobile offering will provide program managers, processors, banks and credit unions the ability to provide their customers a convenient and feature rich prepaid mobile application. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 03/11/2014)

    • Panini to Showcase Innovative Check Capture Technology at BAI Payments Connect

      Panini will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of check truncation technologies, including Panini mI:Deal at BAI Payments Connect, March 10-12, 2014. (Panini, 03/10/2014)

    • Orbograph Announces Accura XV™ 2.1 at BAI Payments Connect

      The new release provides improved efficiencies in a wide range of customer environments including: teller image capture, branch image capture, Remote Deposit Capture, including mobile RDC, check cashing, POS environments, ATM/kiosk deposit processing, Medical deposit process, and remittance and bank lockbox. (Orbograph, 03/10/2014)

    • New Twist in Mobile Banking: Turning iPhones into Checkbooks

      New mobile payment channel pairs universality of checks with ubiquity of mobiles. It’s a small business play that also leverages RDC. (, 03/10/2014)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems Announces New RDC Location Awareness Feature

      Location Awareness leverages IP addresses to track and identify where RDC deposits are captured and transmitted, allowing financial institutions to keep a pulse on suspicious activity. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 03/10/2014)

    • Dissecting the Fed’s Reg CC Proposal

      The Federal Reserve is proposing to amend certain check processing rules contained in Regulation CC, and it wants to add new warranties and indemnities related to RDC to the regulation. ECCHO presentation delves into details. (, 03/05/2014)

    • Special Report: Remote Deposit Capture – A Decade in the Making

      This special report features the top 10 most popular articles from 2013 as well as featured articles covering the most important topics for the RDC Industry of today and tomorrow. (, 03/03/2014)

    • The 2014 Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Risk Study: An Industry First

      Social platform enables industry collaboration for continued success, enables industry benchmarking, and facilitates optimal risk management & profitability of Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. (, 02/28/2014)

    • Bluepoint Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Corelation, Inc.

      Bluepoint Solutions announced a partnership to integrate ImagePoint Teller, with the KeyStone core from Corelation, Inc. The integration of ImagePoint Teller and KeyStone will allow credit unions to capture check images as part of the core transaction, cutting keystrokes and minimizing corrections. (Bluepoint Solutions, 02/25/2014)

    • Mountain America Credit Union Selects ProfitStars' Image and Payment Solutions

      ProfitStars® announced today that Mountain America Credit Union has selected ImageCenter™ and Enterprise Payment Solutions™ (EPS) to accommodate its image exchange and check imaging needs. This decision streamlines workflow processes, supports growth and consolidates channel demands with a single technology partner. (Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., 02/25/2014)

    • Some Consumers Still Wary of Mobile Check Deposit Technology

      This article published by Credit Unions Online, begins with the story of a cautious approach to mobile RDC as some still prefer making deposits at the bank. However, this trend is fading according to a recent study. The article also focuses on the aspects of mobile deposit security and smart internet practices within the control of the consumer. (Credit Unions Online, 02/24/2014)

    • FTNI and Docupace announce Strategic Integrated Online Account Processing Partnership

      FTNI announced a partnership with Docupace to offer integrated payment processing. The service would allow straight through processing of check and application on-boarding documents on a secure, single platform. (FTNI, 02/18/2014)

    • Mitek Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2014 Financial Results

      Revenue up 35% year-over-year for first quarter of fiscal 2014. Mobile Deposit® licensed financial institutions grew to 1,780 banks signed and 1,362 banks live. 18th and 19th patents issued for mobile imaging technologies. (Mitek, 02/06/2014)

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