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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • Modified Data Sharing Wins Over Banks

      Data sharing is one way to combat duplicate deposits of checks. But it took banks and credit union time to warm up to the idea. (, 12/05/2014)

    • Navigating the Legal Grey Area That is Remote Deposit Capture

      There may not yet be a “body of case law” on remote deposit capture. But there are lessons that can be taken from legal disputes involving automated deposits, such as what constitutes reasonable commercial standards. (, 12/03/2014)

    • Risk Management Plans Should Be Realistic, Comprehensive & Heeded

      The saying “The best way to learn is from others’ mistakes” is perhaps nowhere more apt than in financial risk management, audit and compliance. With that in mind, Payments Space Advisors offered some revealing insights from problems uncovered in RDC compliance and audit reviews during a session at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 12/01/2014)

    • Multi-Layered Enterprise Risk Management is the New Normal

      A multi-layered, enterprise approach to risk management is more than just a good idea. It has become a prerequisite for regulatory compliance at financial institutions large and small. Last week, executives from Iberia Bank in LA and SouthPoint Bank in AL discussed the implications of this for their remote deposit capture product offerings. (, 11/25/2014)

    • Is it Mobile Imaging's Time to Shine?

      Mitek is not a household name, but most large issuers use its technology for mobile deposit. Mitek’s Chief Revenue officer, Michael Diamond is interviewed and discusses the mobile deposit landscape and what is next for Mitek. (, 11/25/2014)

    • Risk Management Solutions Advancing Remote Deposit Capture

      Knowledge is power, so long as it’s not static. That’s why KYC needs to be an upfront and ongoing process. Ditto for risk management. discussed these needs along with some products and technologies that can help FIs to better manage remote deposit capture risks. (, 11/21/2014)

    • More Data Sharing, Improved Integration, Needed to Better Manage Risk & Customer Service

      Most financial institutions developed RDC services for different market segments without much interaction across institutional silos. The result? Fragmented RDC systems that often can’t share critical information across the organization. VSoft Corporation addressed this dilemma during a Technology Showcase at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 11/19/2014)

    • Coming Soon to a Small Business Near You: Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

      For small businesses, the simplicity of mobile- and tablet-based RDC beats the cost and complexity of scanners, leading to an anticipated surge in adoption. (, 11/13/2014)

    • Same-Day Fraud Detection Takes Shape

      Cachet Financial Solutions is working to help financial institutions separate fraud detection from end-of-the-day core processing routines, bringing risk mitigation to the fore. (, 11/12/2014)

    • Cachet Launches Enhanced Select Business Solution

      Enhanced Select Business, a cloud-based software solution, enables banks and credit unions to offer their business customers the convenience of remote deposit capture, regardless of platform—P.C., Mac or mobile. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 11/11/2014)

    • BMO DepositEdge(TM) Launches in Canada, Giving Businesses the ability to Deposit Cheques on Their Terms

      The solution allows businesses to improve operational efficiencies by depositing cheques wherever and whenever it's most convenient - providing greater control over the entire cheque handling process while saving time and reducing costs. (BMO Financial Group, 11/10/2014)

    • Many Roads to Managing Remote Deposit Capture Risk

      Techniques for managing RDC risk are proliferating and becoming more integrated with enterprise-wide systems. That trend was discussed, along with other steps for improving RDC risks, at the RDC Summit 2014 during an in-depth session titled “RDC Risk Management in 2014.” (, 11/10/2014)

    • Panini to Showcase Branch of the Future Innovations at BAI Retail Delivery

      Panini will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of check truncation technologies, including Panini Vision neXt™, a state-of-the-art solution for branch and teller automation, and Panini mI:Deal™, combining innovation and ease-of-use with connectivity to RDC, POS, branch and mobility applications. (Panini, 11/10/2014)

    • Deluxe Aims for Deeper FI Relationships with WAUSAU Acquisition

      Deluxe Corporation, a company steeped in the world of paper checks, announced last week its purchase of WAUSAU Financial Systems, which specializes in check and remittance processing solutions. The move is expected to help Deluxe offset the impact of declining check volumes and enable WAUSAU to build out its product sets. (, 11/07/2014)

    • In Mobile RDC Risk, Familiarity Breeds Assurance

      The first-ever survey of mobile RDC risk perceptions shows a surprising connection between fraud loss and increased comfort levels with risk. Results of the 2014 Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Risk Study, conducted by, were revealed last month at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 11/06/2014)

    • RDM Unveils First IP-Addressable Network Check Scanners

      The new EC9600i® series scanners offer secure single-feed and small-batch scanning with the ease of one-touch installation and is the first series offering greater security for teller capture and remote deposit capture (RDC). (RDM Corporation, 11/06/2014)

    • Mitek Enhancement Helps Banks & Credit Unions ID Duplicate Deposits

      The potential for duplicate deposits has spawned a lot of dialogue, even though duplicates have yet to emerge as a deal breaker for RDC, mobile RDC in particular. This week, Mitek announced the addition of a new restrictive endorsement validation feature to its mobile imaging solution, further allaying concerns about the risk of duplicate deposits. (, 11/05/2014)

    • Taking Remote Deposit Capture to the Next Level with Data and Analytics

      While remote deposit capture poses risks, not all risks are created equal. So it follows that risk assessment and abatement programs will vary by institution, customer segments and other factors. That was a key message at an RDC Summit 2014 session titled “Data and Analytics: Taking RDC to the Next Level.” (, 10/31/2014)

    • Setting the Stage for Branch of the Future with Remote Deposit Capture

      What does the branch of the future have in common with Apple Stores? Potentially quite a lot. Moreover, remote deposit capture could play a crucial role in the transformation of branches to “feel” like Apple Stores, according to a vision presented at the RDC Summit 2014 by electronic banking pioneer David Peterson. (, 10/29/2014)

    • Digital Check Corp. Introduces Clear to Eliminate Time, Costs of Non-Conforming Images

      Clear, a new software application by Digital Check, can improve both overall image quality and the clarity of a specific zone of a check, such as the courtesy and legal amount fields. This ability to enhance check images by zone and contrast is what provides nearly 100 percent check image clearing and is unmatched in the industry. (Digital Check Corp., 10/28/2014)

    • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Offers Options, Fixes for Businesses

      The flexibility of mobile RDC is turning banks into problem-solvers for their business clients instead of product-pushers. (, 10/27/2014)

    • Engage & Incentivize to Drive Greater Adoption of Remote Deposit Capture

      Get aggressive about selling RDC. Marketing, training and re-pricing are a few of the strategies that can be leveraged to success, experts explained during an RDC Summit 2014 session titled Success in Marketing & Selling RDC. (, 10/23/2014)

    • Deluxe Announces Acquisition of Wausau Financial Systems

      The purchase of WAUSAU is an important step in the evolution of Deluxe’s Financial Services Segment to becoming a more diverse provider in the highly competitive FinTech marketplace. (Deluxe Corporation, 10/23/2014)

    • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Gets Ongoing Touch Ups at SunTrust

      Two years into its mobile RDC rollout, SunTrust has made addressing customer concerns and complaints a key aspect of its operating model. (, 10/22/2014)

    • Remote Deposit Capture Poised for Growth on Multiple Fronts

      The future looks bright for RDC with advancements on multiple technology fronts driving new and improved applications. (, 10/20/2014)

    • Seeking Lessons in Successful Remote Deposit Capture Rollouts

      Two large banks achieved their goals and then some when they rolled out RDC. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a few small regrets about the process. (, 10/16/2014)

    • TD launches Mobile Deposit

      TD Canada Trust announced TD Mobile Deposit, allowing eligible personal and business customers to deposit cheques by taking a photo as well as TD Remote Deposit Capture which offers eligible TD business customers the convenience of depositing cheques electronically using a computer and compatible scanner. (TD Bank Group , 10/16/2014)

    • Remote Capture is Not Just for Checks

      Who says remote capture is just for checks? At the RDC Summit there was plenty of discussion about potential new uses for remote capture technologies. Mobile payments, for example. (, 10/15/2014)

    • Burroughs Scanners Certified on NCR APTRA Passport

      The certified hardware includes the Elite series (Professional and Merchant,), and the Open Professional series (all speeds and configurations). (Burroughs, 10/15/2014)

    • ECCHO Offers Guidance on Dealing with Duplicates – at the RDC Summit 2014

      ECCHO helped open the RDC Summit 2014 last week with some insightful direction for financial institutions on dealing with issues related to duplicate check presentments. (, 10/07/2014)

    • Federal Reserve Readying Roadmap for Improving Payments

      The Federal Reserve presented its vision for the future of payments to a somewhat skeptical audience at the RDC Summit 2014. (, 10/03/2014)

    • Advisor by Digital CheckTM Selected by Leading U.S. Financial Institution for Remote Monitoring of Deposits

      Digital Check announced that a top-25 U.S. bank with over $65 billion in assets has implemented Advisor by Digital Check® to secure its remote deposit transactions and proactively strengthen compliance with regulatory guidelines.The Advisor software suite will be on display this week at the RDC Summit in Las Vegas. (Digital Check, 09/30/2014)

    • Cachet Integrates Ingo™ Money Check Guarantee Services

      Cachet Financial Solutions announced that it has expanded its partnership with Ingo Money, Inc. and will now offer Select Mobile clients guaranteed, instant mobile deposit and account funding capability. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 09/30/2014)

    • Panini to Expand Presence at Remote Deposit Capture Summit

      This week at the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, Panini will feature mI:Deal™, a breakthrough solution from their continuous innovation portfolio, and company executives will present in several conference sessions. (Panini , 09/29/2014)

    • Digital Check Introduces SB650M Full-Page, MICR-Enabled Check and Document Scanner

      Digital Check, a leading manufacturer of scanners for the banking industry, introduced the SB650M check and document scanner at the RDC Summit in Las Vegas. The new device features a MICR read head for the magnetic ink on checks and money orders, as well as a full page-width opening for accepting other documents up to standard legal size. (Digital Check, 09/29/2014)

    • RDM Corporation to Share Remote Deposit Capture Technology Expertise at RDC Summit

      Executives from RDM Corporation and its customers, will provide expertise on Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and mobile RDC technologies at The Remote Deposit Capture Summit 2014, being held September 30 – October 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (RDM Corporation, 09/24/2014)

    • For Financial Institutions, RDC Fraud-Detection Tools Grow Popular, Including Location Awareness

      This article discusses the use of location awareness technology to better identify the location where deposits are transmitted and help mitigate fraud. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 09/24/2014)

    • Remote Capture Breathes New Life into Lockbox Services

      Reports of the death of checks and by extension corporate lockbox services are greatly exaggerated. After all, 7 out of 10 U.S. companies still issue checks to pay vendor invoices. (, 09/23/2014)

    • New Survey Shows Mobile Deposit Continues to Gain Traction

      The American Bankers Association has just published results of a survey illustrating the migration of consumer deposit activities to the mobile channel. While only about 13% of Americans are using mobile deposit today, those who do tend to be “regulars.” (, 09/18/2014)

    • WAUSAU Financial Systems, Cummins Allison Team to Deliver Unprecedented Check and Cash Capture Scanner to Financial Institutions and Armored Carriers

      WAUSAU Financial Systems announced it’s teaming with Cummins Allison to offer banks unprecedented ability to capture checks and cash using just one scanner. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 09/16/2014)

    • Smartphones as Financial Tools: It’s More than Just a Deposit Thing

      Smartphones are revolutionizing the way Americans conduct their financial lives. The trend may have begun with using the devices for mobile remote deposit, but a range of other financial applications are now leveraging mobile and remote capture technologies to automate and improve customer service. (, 09/05/2014)

    • Ingo Money Mitigates Mobile Deposit Risk to Achieve Sustainable, Profitable Loss Rates without Jeopardizing Approval Rates

      Ingo Money announced more than 85 percent of approved mobile check deposits are funded to consumer accounts within minutes and duplicate check returns, among Ingo Money users, have declined by 70 percent. (Ingo Money, 08/27/2014)

    • Remote Deposit Capture is Taking Mobile Banking to a Tipping Point

      Financial institutions are upping the ante, and consumers are responding by moving more of their financial activities to mobile and online channels. (, 08/21/2014)

    • TD Bank Introduces Mobile Check Deposit Feature for Business Customers

      TD Bank has introduced mobile check deposit through the TD Bank BusinessDirect app for Android™ and iPhone® devices, making it easier for business customers to deposit checks into their accounts on-the-go. (TD Bank, 08/14/2014)

    • The Numbers are in: Checks Remain Big

      The Federal Reserve is done crunching numbers for the 2013 Federal Reserve Payment Study. Two key findings are that checks get written for far larger amounts than credit cards get used for, and checks are far less prone to third-party frauds than other non-cash payments. (, 08/07/2014)

    • Fed Dashes Hopes for End-to-End Electronic Checks

      Efforts to promote adoption of a new, fully electronic check payment have been dealt a blow with the July 15th announcement that the Federal Reserve is not interested in pursuing efforts to promote electronically created items (ECIs),aka EPOs. (, 08/05/2014)

    • Cachet Receives Notice of Patent Allowance for Mobile and Remote Check Deposit

      Cachet Financial Solutions has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application that covers aspects of Cachet’s remote deposit capture platform that allows users of Apple® OS X® and iOS operating systems to deposit bank checks using their Apple desktop, laptop or mobile device. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 07/31/2014)

    • CIBC clients 'eDeposit' one million cheques

      CIBC announced that clients have now deposited more than one million cheques using the eDeposit feature available on CIBC's mobile banking App. The feature allows personal and small business clients to deposit cheques to their CIBC account simply by taking a photo of the cheque with their mobile device. (CIBC, 07/29/2014)

    • Cachet Financial Solutions Selected by Top 5 U.S. Bank to Implement Prepaid Debit Card Platform

      Cachet Financial Solutions has partnered with a top five commercial bank in the U.S. to implement a prepaid mobile platform for one of the world’s largest supermarket chains. (Cachet Financial Solutions, 07/23/2014)

    • Mobile Banking Keeps Catching On

      This blog post written by Saabira Chaudhuri and published by The Wall Street Journal last week highlights the steady upward trend in mobile banking, including mobile deposit, and cites growth numbers for several large U.S. retail institutions. (The Wall Street Journal, 07/18/2014)

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