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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • 10 Steps to Successfully Selling RDC to a FI (Small RDC Provider Edition)

      You are a newer provider or a RDC provider that has been struggling selling only to corporate clients and are ready to diversify your business model and offer your product line to Financial Institutions. These 10 points can confidently serve as your initial business development strategy. (, 09/10/2010)

    • The 7 Secrets of Successful RDC FIs!

      This article, authored by David Peterson (original founder of Goldleaf Technologies), began as a great discussion in the RDC Network on LinkedIn. David then expanded the discussion to incorporate input from dozens throughout the Industry, which is now available in the new Blog section on (, 09/08/2010)

    • I feel sorry for banks...and so should you.

      Ron Osborne, founder of Salus Novus, has been an active contributor to the discussions in the RDC Network on LinkedIn and his positions on topics often elicit heated discussions. We are happy to announce that Ron will now have his own blog on (, 09/08/2010)

    • Paypal to launch RDC iPhone app.

      An interesting feature to be incorporated in an upcoming version of PayPal’s iPhone app is one that will save you the trip to the ATM or bank. When you receive a check, you’ll be able to take a picture of the front and back of a check and and PayPal will deposit the amount from the check’s account into your PayPal account. (, 08/14/2010)

    • Burroughs Introduces Pay-Per-Click Pricing for Remote Deposit Capture Hardware

      In yet another example of how the RDC Industry continues to improve and evolve, Burroughs' item-based cost model for new contracts substantially reduces investment requirement and eliminates declining volume risks. (Burroughs /, 08/09/2010)

    • Chase Adds Mobile Remote Deposit Capture and P2P Payments to its iPhone App

      Chase Bank rolled out a major new release to its iPhone app on Thursday (v. 2.3.1) with the addition of both remote deposit capture and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. Chase is the first to support both those important features in its mobile app (note 1). This post covers remote deposit and the P2P feature will be reviewed later. (netbanker, 07/03/2010)

    • Chase Bank Offering Small Business Clients $2,000 in Free Remote Deposit Capture Services

      Chase has begun offering free RDC services to new Quick Deposit customers. When meeting certain requirements, including depositing 10 checks per month, Chase waives the monthly fee and provides a Panini scanner. Read the analysis from NetBanker here. (Netbanker, 06/15/2010)

    • The Next Generation of the Check

      The Federal Reserve defines a check as; “Original check means the first paper check issued with respect to a particular payment transaction”. Is this definition still relevant in the age of electronic payments given over the telephone, mobile phone or on the internet? (, 04/15/2010)

    • Veterinary Supplier Saves Money and Enhances Service with the installation of a Payments Hub

      Professional Veterinary Products (PVP) achieves payments consolidation of its' Credit Card, ACH and Check Payments, inclusive of Remote Deposit Capture, on a Single Platform with Accounts Receivable Integration. (FTNI, 03/15/2010)

    • Remote Capture Technology is Now Going Mobile

      Mobile remote capture represents the latest in a series of remote deposit capture progressions. The technology first emerged as a way for large corporate customers to send in check deposits electronically. Delivering remote capture services through camera-equipped mobile phones expands the possible market for electronic check deposits even further. (American Banker, 01/26/2010)

    • Remote Scanner Management – A Critical Component of an RDC Solution

      As RDC increasingly becomes a payments platform or “Payments Hub”, system reliability becomes a clear differentiating factor, and in some cases a critical requirement. Remote Scanner Management should be a part of any good RDC Solution employed by financial institutions, corporations and businesses in a distributed environment. (, 01/20/2010)

    • Could All-Digital Checks Be the Next App for Your Smart Phone?

      A new payment type, Electronic Payment Orders, might become the "check" of the digital age. (, 01/07/2010)

    • First National Bank of Omaha Expands RDC Customer Base by 50 Percent

      First National Bank of Omaha combines Wausau's Remote Capture platform with Epson's CaptureOne check scanner to create a second generation, Web-enabled RDC solution. (, 12/04/2009)

    • Wausau Financial Systems and Celent Research: Effective Payments Systems Make Insurers Stand Out

      In a highly competitive environment, insurance carriers of all stripes are looking for a point of differentiation that can help them meet rising agent and customer expectations. Improving payments and receivables processing is one area where insurers can enjoy an immediate impact from changes. (WAUSAU Financial Systems, 12/03/2009)

    • RDC – Expansion and Evolution

      The introduction of consumer and mobile solutions will mean the extension of RDC services to a wider range of customers and will enable innovative financial institutions to provide a cost-effective multiple channel service that fits in with changing consumer demands. (NCR Corporation, 12/02/2009)

    • The Paperless Branch: To be or not to be??

      At BAI Retail Delivery this year, the debate between whether to capture branch check deposits at the teller versus at the back counter was a primary focus – especially with the growing popularity of “green banking”, the search for the “green branch” and the holy grail goal of going totally paperless. (, 12/02/2009)

    • RDC & The Evolution of Payments Hubs

      This will be a first in a series of articles on Payments and Payment Hubs. This topic has been generating quite a bit of interest and whenever a topic generates quite a bit of interest it seems too inevitably lead to quite a bit of confusion and misunderstanding. (, 11/05/2009)

    • Small Business CEO Admits Bank Fraud

      Criminal opened up several accounts with banks which offered immediate or next-day availability on deposits. Effective use of RDC and compliance with FFIEC Risk Management Guidelines could likely have prevented losses of over $3 Million. (, 10/03/2009)

    • The Great MICR Debate: Magnetic vs. OCR Reading of the Check MICR Line

      As RDC has grown in popularity and has been pushed to end-users of all types, and as recognition technologies have continued to improve, the following question is being asked more and more frequently: Do we really need to read the MICR line of a check magnetically?? (, 10/01/2009)

    • Sluggish Economy Fails to Stifle Community Bank Investments in Remote Deposit Capture

      The number of community banks that offer merchant remote deposit capture is expected to increase to 78 percent by 2011. RDC adoption rates are strongest among the largest community banks, with 97 percent of those with more than $500 million in assets offering merchant RDC versus 32 percent of community banks with assets less than $100 million. (The ICBA, 09/17/2009)

    • From the Celent Banking Blog: FFIEC Guidance on RDC Risk Management: Are We any Safer Now?

      The FFIEC guidance has precipitated significant effort among thousands of banks to document and formalize what many banks were already doing. Tangible new efforts that would arguably identify and mitigate risk (deposit limits, improved reporting, intra-day deposit review, etc.) were relatively infrequent responses to the guidance. (Celent, 09/16/2009)

    • The Changing Face of Check Fraud

      The transition from paper to imaged checks exposes bank vulnerabilities to fraud, but also facilitates detection methods that may turn the tide. (BAI Banking Strategies, 09/11/2009)

    • Understanding PR’s Impact on SEO is Key to Being Found in RDC & FinTech Marketing

      Content is king on the Web. Providing keyword-optimized content will lead more people right to your Web site or other sites that your PR campaign will reach. Making your public relations campaign the driver of this content will also ensure that what your audience is finding on the Web will be information that is of value to them. (William Mills Agency, 09/11/2009)

    • Exam Time: RDC Safeguards Under More Scrutiny

      The inherent risks of remote capture haven't snuck up on bankers, but its application to the wider cross-section of compliance regulations has begun to dawn on institutions and vendors - and is going to require more persistent monitoring and managing. (US Banker, 08/28/2009)

    • How to Leverage Available Technologies to Manage Risk & Prevent Fraud in RDC

      While there is no substitute for customer due diligence and regular KYC (Know Your Customer) policies and procedures, FIs should compliment this process by tying their KYC information to the technical tools at their disposal to effectively mitigate RDC Risk. (, 08/19/2009)

    • RDC puts community banks in new neighborhoods

      RDC is letting community banks extend their geographic reach, improve customer convenience and service, reduce expenses, and gives them a better chance of bringing on new customers. (Long Island Business News, 08/18/2009)

    • The Risk of Risk

      Risk concerns have contributed to many financial institutions taking a conservative approach to RDC. This is bound to change as the increased focus on core deposit growth, ongoing technology advancement and the regulatory environment will all contribute to inspiring them to tackle more pervasive remote deposit strategies in the near future. (Goldleaf Financial Solutions Inc. , 08/13/2009)

    • Single-Branch USAA Looks to iPhone App to Capture More Deposits

      Developed in-house, the free iPhone app with its new remote capture feature requires the user to first register with USAA before being approved to send checks. (, 08/11/2009)

    • A Mitek-Fiserv Deal Lifts Prospects for Mobile Deposit Capture

      Mitek Systems, whose software allows users to create check images with their camera phones and then send the images to banks for deposit, signed its biggest processor to date this week. Fiserv agreed to adopt Mitek’s Mobile Deposit product and offer it to the more than 1,100 financial-institutions that use the company for remote deposit capture. (Digital Transactions, 07/29/2009)

    • From the Celent Blog: Pitney Bowes’ RDC Initiative - when will banks engage?

      Banks that have not yet awakened from their slumber need to realize that the market is not standing still. Despite the troubling economy, a number of new, bank-neutral solutions are close aboard. (Celent, 07/24/2009)

    • Going After Right Merchants for Remote Capture Pays off for ISOs

      Merchants that are good prospects for accepting remote deposit capture services have different needs from many credit and debit card-accepting merchants, but independent sales organizations that do their remote capture homework will be rewarded. (, 07/23/2009)

    • Pitney Bowes Goes After Remote Deposit Capture Market with Email to Postage-Meter Clients

      The cost runs $39.95 to $149.95 per month, depending on volume. You get up to 150 monthly scans at the lower level and 1,000 at the high end. (, 07/22/2009)

    • Image Payments- Commoditization Redux?

      The payments industry has seen the repetition of a pattern. It starts with innovation driven by software companies, followed by ambitious "hockey stick" adoption predictions, fits and starts a la Geoffrey Moore's "chasm" model, an initial trickle followed by a torrent towards outsourced processing and a brutal race to scale and commoditization. (StratEx Insights, 07/04/2009)

    • Remote Deposit Capture and Featured in USA Today Smart Banking Report

      On April 24th, the USA Today included a supplement on “Smart Banking” to over 2 million readers, primarily in the southeast in print, and online nationwide. The report covers many topics including online security, savings strategies, cool new online financial tools, and of course – Remote Deposit Capture. (, 04/24/2009)

    • RDC Can Help Modernize Healthcare

      Payments “electronification” is a sure-fire way to trim expenses and improve service. Clearly, there’s a huge opportunity to electronify payment acceptance at medical offices. Because most of these offices already accept checks, but not necessarily credit and debit cards, RDC is a great first step. (, 04/24/2009)

    • Small Business Remote Deposit Capture - Will ISOs claim the market as they have done with credit cards?

      Remote deposit capture has taken financial institutions by storm. In just over three years since its debut, well over half of all US banks have adopted solutions. This extraordinary adoption earns RDC the distinction of being the most rapidly adopted technology in the history of the US financial services industry. (Celent, 04/20/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Wednesday, April 8, 2009

      NACHA Payments 2009 closed at NOON upon completion of today’s 31 sessions. The conference provided the attendees with a choice of 155 classroom experiences to increase their knowledge of Electronic Payments, Rules, Solutions and Case Studies. By all accounts, Payments 2009 was a very successful conference. (, 04/08/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Tuesday, April 7, 2009

      Following the Monday evening offsite festivities hosted by Fiserv, the participation in the exhibit hall and in the sessions was good. Today, conference attendees had a choice of 60 sessions across 7 tracks along with extended time to visit with over 80 vendors in the exhibit hall, including the closing reception time. (, 04/07/2009)

    • News & Updates From NACHA Payments, Monday April 6, 2009

      On Monday, conference attendees had a choice of 48 sessions across 7 tracks. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet with over 80 vendors in the exhibit hall. This report will provide some of the conference highlights. (, 04/06/2009)

    • The Branch Expansion/Remote Deposit Capture Paradox

      This paradox results in a conflict between the imperatives of customer intimacy, value optimization, and process efficiency and profitability. But is this really a paradox, or a strategy for bankers to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving landscape? (Bank Systems & Technology, 04/03/2009)

    • Using Technology to Mitigate RDC Risk

      RDC provides the way to gather deposits but also represents new payment risks The industry requires innovative and automated methods of analyzing the deposits to enforce the new guidelines and provide strict control of depository and merchant agreements made between the financial institutions, aggregators and business owners of all sizes. (AQ2 Technologies, 03/02/2009)

    • Federal Regulators Weigh in on RDC

      The FFIEC has released its long-awaited guidance on Remote Deposit Capture. And while most experts agree their initial reads found no real surprises in the guidance, there is also broad agreement that federal regulators will be looking closely at RDC programs, and for compliance with the guidelines, during upcoming examinations. (, 02/27/2009)

    • The Federal Reserve Amends Reg CC to Allow Shorter Hold Times on Checks

      The Federal Reserve Board has approved amendments to Appendix A of Regulation CC that reflect the restructuring of the Federal Reserve's check processing operations in the Fifth and Sixth Districts. (Federal Reserve,, 01/22/2009)

    • New Fax Product Aims at Easing Remote Capture for Low-Volume Users

      The new remote capture technologies may overcome early reservations about image quality and risk. While remote deposit capture is now wildly popular and rapidly becoming a standard offering at many banks, when it first came out there were a whole host of skeptics. (, 01/21/2009)

    • The FFIEC has issued their report, "Risk Management of Remote Deposit Capture".

      A financial institution offering RDC should have sound risk management and mitigation systems in place and should require adequate risk management at customer locations. Prior to implementing RDC, and periodically thereafter, management should conduct a risk assessment to identify the related types and levels of risk exposure. (FFIEC, 01/14/2009)

    • FFIEC Remote Deposit Capture Guidance Update

      Mid-December Release date expected. As soon as the guidance is issued, will post full details on our homepage. Site visitors are encouraged to view the free webinar on RDC Risk Manageent Best Practices, join the discssion and add your comments. (, 12/03/2008)

    • The Financial Crisis Impact Upon the Remote Deposit Capture Industry

      While the current Financial Crisis is having a severe impact upon the economy and banks’ investments in new projects and technologies, a growing number of financial institutions have identified RDC as a must-have to survive and thrive. (, 11/14/2008)

    • Your Input Requested: Remote Deposit Capture Risk Management Best Practices, Examples and More

      Critical steps toward ensuring an appropriate risk / reward outcome are understanding the new Remote Deposit Capture risk environment, being aware of the technologies, processes, and legal / regulatory capabilities, learning of actual events and experiences from througout the industry and implementing best practices. (, 09/29/2008)

    • Capturing More than Just Checks

      Remote deposit capture (RDC) has the potential to radically alter the competitive lay of the payments landscape. No big surprise there. What may surprise some folks, however, is the scope and breadth of new business opportunities created by RDC. (, 08/26/2008)

    • Next-Generation RDC: The Small Business Market Heats Up

      It is easy to see why small businesses would want to harness the benefits of electronic payments. With the economic landscape becoming increasingly challenging, companies are feeling the squeeze and must find ways to improve productivity and cut costs. (ProfitStars, 06/26/2008)

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