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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • Whacking Fraud: Good Risk Management Keeps Fraudsters at Bay

      Remote Deposit Capture, especially using mobile devices, is perceived by some to be a potentially risky business. Yet despite the potential few frauds have been identified to date. Bankers, vendors and regulators can each take some credit for that. (, 07/24/2012)

    • Mobile RDC: It’s Real; It’s Here

      Mobile RDC is reshaping the competitive playing field for financial institutions, and those that fail to grasp this could find themselves relegated to the sidelines. (, 07/12/2012)

    • RDC and the Financially Underserved

      Millions of Americans are underbanked. But RDC holds the potential to turn the situation around as more companies, and several banks and non-banks are paving the way toward greater financial inclusion by pairing RDC with prepaid cards. (, 07/09/2012)

    • Top Image Systems (TIS) Enters the U.S. Market for Mobile Remote Deposit Solutions

      The majority of the10,000+ financial institutions in the U.S. are planning to offer Mobile Remote Deposit Capture within the next three years. With TIS entering the market and partnering with established service providers, organizations may now have additional options to consider. (, 06/25/2012)

    • Mobile RDC: Going Mainstream (Fast!)

      The popularity and increased use of Smartphones combined with the convenience and security of Remote Deposit Capture is fueling a race toward the mainstream deployment of Mobile RDC - and the early results are impressive. (, 06/21/2012)

    • Remote Cash Capture Helps Cash Retain its Crown

      Remote Cash Capture creates a viable and cost-effective opportunity for businesses and FIs of all sizes. Financial Institutions now have access to a high performance vehicle for creating new revenue streams, expanding their geographic footprints and attracting a more diverse and loyal base of merchants as customers. (Fiserv, 06/21/2012)

    • Mobile RDC and the Financially Underserved

      Mobile remote deposit creates new opportunities for mainstreaming the financially underserved: the estimated 30 million Americans who at best have tenuous relationships with financial institutions. Think prepaid debit cards. (, 06/08/2012)

    • Secret to RDC Success #5 (Continued) - Periodic Scanner Maintenance

      By not paying attention to the “Small Things”, many FIs wind up with customer dissatisfaction or even lose customers and never realize the root cause. To that end, I want to re-emphasize the importance of scanner maintenance. And introduce the concept of using maintenance to provide brand awareness and an execute a marketing “touch”. (, 06/07/2012)

    • Say cheese! Photo chequing on its way to Canada

      Mobile RDC has become a must have product for banks in the US. With the arrival of updated federal legislation this year allowing more modern kinds of digital payments in Canada, Mobile RDC is expected to make its debut at Canadian banks within months. Most of the Big Six lenders are expecting to roll out photo chequing around the end of summer. (The Globe and Mail, 03/28/2012)

    • Managing Risk with RDC and mobileRDC while expanding adoption

      RDC and mobileRDC gained momentum in 2011 and it looks to continue in 2012. A key to managing the opportunity in RDC and mobileRDC is the development of a good sound risk policy. It is the basis for a successful RDC and mobileRDC rollout. (, 02/29/2012)

    • Take One of These for Durbin Headaches - Mobile RDC

      In the Age of Durbin, banks need a product to make them feel good about payments. Enter mobile remote deposit capture, a service with cool factor that could attract and retain customers and even generate new revenue streams. (Diital Transactions Magazine, 02/15/2012)

    • Bank of America Mobile Deposit Delayed Until Second Half 2012

      Bank of America customers who want to deposit paper checks through their smartphones will have to wait a little longer. The highly anticipated mobile check deposit feature is now slated for launch in the second half of the year — later than the previously announced deadline of June 30. (, 02/10/2012)

    • Consumer RDC: Ready for Takeoff?

      Although remote deposit capture (RDC) for commercial use has soared in recent years, banks remain cautious about offering the service to consumers. Mobile RDC should revise that outlook. (BAI Banking Strategies, 01/26/2012)

    • The Planets Align for a Boom in Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

      Only 20% of Financial Institutions this year have no plans for a mobile remote capture service, down from 45% in 2010 and 72% in 2009. (, 11/22/2011)

    • Remote Deposit Capture: If you expand it, will fraud come?

      Will the low level of fraud be sustainable as the service grows? With banks and financial institutions expanding this service to a retail customer base that often undergoes less stringent due diligence than do their commercial customers, is the potential for fraud increasing? (Fedeal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 11/21/2011)

    • Fiserv Releases Next Generation of Source Capture Solutions for Remote Deposit Capture

      The New enhancements: enable consumers and businesses to make easier check deposits from their homes, offices, ATMs and mobile devices; includes enhanced remittance coupon processing for lockbox applications; and additional back office solutions to handle returns and inclearings (Fiserv, 11/04/2011)

    • Not Captured By RDC

      It's a gross understatement to say that small businesses aren't embracing remote deposit capture. Perhaps the better question to ask is how many small businesses even know what remote capture is. (Bank Technology News, 11/01/2011)

    • Will depositing checks by phone open more doors to bank exits?

      The technological advance of smartphone scanning breaks down one of the last barriers to easy bank switching. As the practice spreads, there may be no stopping upstarts from cutting into the deposits of major banks. (Reuters, 10/28/2011)

    • Three Pros Offer Mobile Check Capture Tips

      John Adams of BTN interviews three RDC Industry leaders, Andrew Tilbury, CMO Bluepoint Solutions; Dave Duvall, senior solutions engineer at VSoft; and Rick Cusimano, managing director of ProfitStars. The interview includes discussion of RDC deployment, risk and risk mitigation, and the role of RDC in Mobile Banking. (Bank Technology News, 10/17/2011)

    • Remote Deposits via Smartphones Is Revolutionizing How Consumers Bank...

      • 43% of consumers interested in mobile banking say remote deposit would be No. 1 reason for switching banks. • 81% of mobile RDC users are satisfied with their bank vs. 72% of non-users • By 2016, a 38% penetration is expected among adult Americans, vs. just 2% in 2011. (AlixPartners LLP, 10/04/2011)

    • How Mobile Deposit Capture Is Expanding with Large And Small Banks Alike

      Two very different financial institutions are adding or expanding their mobile remote deposit capture services to meet what they say is growing customer acceptance of the new banking channel that removes paper from the payments system and hitches banks and credit unions onto the rising smart-phone star. (, 09/30/2011)

    • Mobile Payment Services and the confusing evolution towards mainstream adoption.

      Despite conflicting reports, mainstream adoption of mobile payment services, including mobile RDC, seems inevitable. The core premise of online banking (convenience, enhanced services, and a more efficient and robust reporting mechanism) is taken to the “next level” via mobile capabilities. Still, many questions remain, especially “How”? (, 09/26/2011)

    • RDC Summit 2011 PDF Presentations now available

      PDF Presentations for the RDC Summit 2011 are being posted in the Forums as they become available. Registration is required to view the post and download the PDFs. (, 09/26/2011)

    • Mobile Capture is Safe

      There is little evidence of ongoing operational losses from RDC. In a fall 2010 survey of 194 RDC-deploying financial institutions, nearly 90% reported having suffered no RDC losses. And, losses among the other 12% were not recurring events. (, 09/01/2011)

    • Remote Deposit Capture Paves Wide Path to Greater Adoption

      RDC will one day be just as much of a necessity as debit cards are today. (Credit Union Times, 08/22/2011)

    • Three Top US Banks Form a P2P Joint Venture

      The new venture, clearXchange, will allow a customer of one of the 3 banks to send P2P payments to another customer of the 3 banks The three banks will own and run clearXchange, with Bank of America’s John Feldman serving as General Manager. (clearXchange, 05/25/2011)

    • Javelin: Depositing Checks With Your Phone's Camera: Are You Ready? Is It Safe? Are Banks Ready?

      Mobile RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) is a Game Changer for Financial Institutions. This report from Javelin "reveals one in every four consumers and one in every two mobile bankers want mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) to bypass ATMs and bank branches and deposit checks using cell phones." (Business Wire, 05/24/2011)

    • Teller Capture- Myths and Realities: Part III

      Third post in a series on teller deposit automation. This post looks at various systems integration alternatives and their implications. Read on. (, 05/20/2011)

    • Teller Capture- Myths and Realities: Part II

      The second in a series examining trade-offs of various capture strategies. This looks at some dimensions of the business case for teller deposit automation. (, 04/22/2011)

    • Secret to RDC Success #4 – Set Goals, Measure and Reward Success

      People excel when they have a clear idea of the plan as articulated by senior management, understand what their specific role is in achieving plan success and receive a personal benefit when success is achieved. Does this sound like your organization? If not, read on... (, 04/19/2011)

    • It's Back to Business for Remote Deposit Technology

      While applications that let consumers deposit checks via mobile phone are all the rage, some banks are finally getting around to upgrading remote deposit technology for its original audience: businesses. (American Banker, 04/18/2011)

    • Durbin-proof Debit Interchange

      There is one type of debit transaction that is not affected by the proposed cap on interchange fees. (, 03/15/2011)

    • Bankers Tout Mobile-Capture Success, Warn Others to Jump in Soon

      Only a year or so ago, depositing checks using a smart-phone application seemed cutting-edge. Now, some financial institutions that have the most experience with offering mobile remote deposit capture are not only touting the success of the product, they are also warning their peers that the window of opportunity in this market is rapidly closing. (Digital Transactions, 03/08/2011)

    • U.S. Bank Set to Launch Fee-Based Remote Deposit Capture for Retail Customers March 14

      While it will cut usage dramatically, a fee makes sense if you want to add a new feature without increasing bank costs. And evidently, U.S. Bank doesn't believe the higher number of deposits garnered by a free service would save enough labor to overcome the lost fee revenue. (, 02/21/2011)

    • Innovations "Outside the "MICR" Line" ...

      I am taking a break from expounding on the “7 Secrets of Successful RDC FIs” and wanted to share some insights from a recent Jaguar Software meeting where Panini, Canon and SEAC made presentations. From David Peterson's Blog, RDSaw on (, 02/08/2011)

    • Adoption of RDC by the Corporate Customer - Updated

      2010 was a year of increased adoption of RDC by both corporate and merchant customers of financial institutions. Why was 2010 a better year and what will it take to increase adoption by corporate and merchant customers? (, 01/20/2011)

    • From the Celent Banking Blog: The Latest Big Bank Mobile RDC Launch: Banco Sabadell

      Checks have been truncated in Spain since 1990, through the Spanish retail payment system. By 2006, virtually all cheques cleared electronically. Remote deposit capture therefore presents a viable value proposition to both banks and their customers in Spain. (Celent, 01/19/2011)

    • The silent Credit Union RDC (r)evolution

      While deployments by large banks have garnered visibility, credit unions have been quietly deploying distributed capture technology. In this respect, they are markedly different from community banks. Vijay Balakrishnan discusses what makes credit unions different. (, 11/12/2010)

    • Secret to RDC Success #2 – Remove Barriers to Adoption Part 3 – Poor Usability

      Does it matter how easy it is to use an RDC solution? Is “more” more or is “less” more? David Peterson looks at two categories of RDC Solutions: 1) systems that have too many options and 2) systems that were not created for businesses – systems originally created for an FI that have been “repurposed” for use at a business. (, 11/11/2010)

    • BAI Retail Delivery 2010 - All About Retail Banking in the 21st Century

      This article takes a closer look at some of the highlights in the conference and of the technology displayed on the show floor. The conference focused on inovative ways for banks to interact with customers using a multi channel approach for the when, where and the how to connect in a 24/7 world where mobility is the new norm. (, 11/05/2010)

    • Secret to RDC Success #2 – Remove Barriers to Adoption Part 2 – Mode of Deployment

      Windows versus Web. Fat versus Thin. Software versus SaaS. Does the mode your RDC system is deployed and used by business customers matter to your overall RDC Success? (, 10/28/2010)

    • BAI Retail Delivery, Las Vegas - October 19-21, 2010

      BAI Retail Delivery - A conference looking to reinvent itself. Ed McLaughlin, Executive Director, gives his summary of the BAI Retail Deliver conference, October 29-21, 2010 (, 10/27/2010)

    • Response to Mobile Check-Capture App Catches PayPal by Surprise

      “We knew this would be popular, but we were surprised how many checks must have been lying around peoples’ houses,” says a PayPal spokesman. (, 10/12/2010)

    • Secret to RDC Success #2 – Remove Barriers to Adoption Part 1 – Pricing

      One of the ways that FIs limit themselves on RDC adoption is by taking the attitude that every penny of cost associated with RDC must be borne by the RDC end user. I think this is penny wise and dollar foolish. (, 10/11/2010)

    • View from the RDC Summit 2010 - Day 2

      Summits do not fill voids. On the contrary, they proudly etch their presence across the sky. The RDC Summit, however, does address an important void in the industry. It is, arguably, one of the better venues to meet and hear from check processing experts. (, 10/01/2010)

    • Views from the RDC Summit 2010 - Day 1

      Summits usually imply rarified heights, with spectacular views, but shortness of breath due to the thin air. The RDC Summit 2010 certainly provided an excellent, all round perspective of this fast-changing industry. (, 10/01/2010)

    • Does PayPal's new offering actually mean anything?

      PayPal is a strong company, and growing. PayPal has been influential in many areas and has served as the go-to model for many a start-up. Their newest offering, tapping into RDC via Smartphones, can be seen as both a natural and neat extension to their core product line, but, it can also be seen as a colossal failure. (, 09/30/2010)

    • Why weren’t you at the RDC Summit in Orlando?

      Sept 29th and 30th were two fact filled days at the RDC Summit in Orlando Florida. There was a powerful lineup of speakers and meaningful content sessions. While more education is being delivered via virtual channels there is no substitute for the impromptu interactions that occur between industry stakeholders at a meeting such as this. (, 09/30/2010)

    • Payments Technology Adoption by Consumers

      Getting consumers to adopt new payment vehicles is not just about technology. It involves identifying and carefully leveraging existing consumer franchises. (, 09/26/2010)

    • RDC Not for Every Depositor? REALLY?

      FFIEC guidance says that RDC may not be for every depositor. I cannot think of any reason that a qualified depositor, someone that can come into any branch and deposit, that would not qualify for RDC. Take a read and if you can come up with a reason, comment back and let me know! (, 09/16/2010)

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