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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    Latest News

    • RDC: It’s Transformative; It’s the New Normal in Financial Services

      RDC is transforming financial services, creating new value propositions and new opportunities to improve operations and customer service. Last week, hundreds of attendees from banks, credit unions, solutions providers and government agencies gathered at the RDC Summit 2013 to learn about and share insights on how RDC has become the new normal. (, 10/01/2013)

    • Mobile: A Pipeline Brimming with Product Opportunities

      Mobile RDC was just the start of an emerging trend to improve service and cut costs for banks. A mobile app for opening bank accounts is the latest. The endgame: streamline banking for better customer service and to attract new market segments. (, 09/23/2013)

    • From Free to Fee: Monetizing Mobile Deposits

      In this, the first of the 'Free to Fee' series of posts by Jim Marous, Jim discusses revenue opportunities that can be derived from mobile deposits aka mobile RDC. (Bank Marketing Strategy, 09/17/2013)

    • Risk Management Evolves as RDC Defines the New Normal

      Risk management is a cornerstone of banking. That's why it's important to integrate RDC risk controls with an FI's overall risk management and reporting routines. (, 08/29/2013)

    • Network Strategy for the Remote ATM

      Once simply a cash dispenser, the ATM has transitioned into a convenient channel for remote deposits. This article originally published by provides insight into the increasingly important role of the image-enabled ATM. (, 08/26/2013)

    • Excellence in Fulfillment Demands More than Just Shipping Out Scanners

      As RDC adoption grows so does the number of FIs partnering with third-party service providers for fulfillment support. Specialized customer service,extensive inventories, training and technology expertise are just a few of the value adds that a third-party brings to the table. (, 08/20/2013)

    • Leveraging Remote Deposit Capture Technologies for the Next Big Thing

      Technologies originally created to implement remote deposit capture have allowed banks to offer mobile bill pay services. (, 08/16/2013)

    • mRDC is Key to $1.5 B in Profits

      Mobile RDC is already saving financial institutions hundreds of millions in transaction costs. A new report by Javelin Strategy & Research indicates the cost savings can be up to $1.5 billion for the industry. (, 08/14/2013)

    • Despite Challenges, ISO Finds Success with RDC

      Banking is a bifurcated business. This is especially evident in the different sales channels that have evolved around payment cards and RDC. However,"out of the box" thinking can prove to be financially rewarding for ISOs willing to adopt different strategies. (, 07/15/2013)

    • Mobile Check Deposit Boom Brings Risks

      Mobile check deposit, once a low priority technology for banks, has become one of the most sought out mobile banking app features. But along with popularity and increased use, the potential for fraud is emerging for smartphone check deposits. (American Banker, 07/12/2013)

    • RDC Solutions Get Smarter

      First gen RDC was all about faster deposits. The latest generation of products extend the functionality and profitability of remote capture and mobile technologies. (, 07/02/2013)

    • FIs Gain Traction with Unbanked & Underbanked Using Mobile RDC & Prepaid Cards

      Unbanked and underbanked Americans are not unbankable, as many companies are discovering with prepaid debit card programs that offer mobile RDC options for topping up cards. Consumers like the mRDC feature; trouble is fraudsters like it too. (, 06/14/2013)

    • As RDC Gains Traction, Hardware Providers Extend Reach

      Despite predictions of the “checkless society”, over 20 billion checks are written each year by businesses and consumers in the U.S.; more than half of all consumers say they still write checks, and 60% of all business-to-business payments are made by check. That's why the market for check scanning devices is robust and continues to evolve. (, 06/12/2013)

    • Receivables Hubs Offer Huge New Revenue Opportunities

      Banks can grow revenues and improve customer share of wallet by offering solutions that integrate corporate customer payments and information accessible through a receivables hub, sometimes called a payments hub. (, 05/24/2013)

    • Mitek Charts Huge Gains with Mobile Capture

      Mitek Systems Inc., in an earnings call this week reported triple-digit revenue growth and a huge pipeline of orders for its mobile image capture products from financial institutions and insurers. According to Mitek, Mobile Deposit® transaction usage has increased over 25% for the fourth consecutive quarter. (, 05/10/2013)

    • The Hubbub on Payment Hubs

      Banks, looking for ways to better serve business customers and ensure control of the payment relationship, are creating payment hubs that integrate transaction and data flows. The benefits are many fold, and include improved customer service, better risk and fraud management, plus cost savings. (, 05/09/2013)

    • U.S. Foods Saves Big with Mobile RDC

      The NACHA Payments 2013 conference was a great resource for insights and information related to RDC. (, 05/02/2013)

    • Some Banks, CUs, Fall Short Training Customers for mRDC

      Analysis by mobile banking company Malauzai Software suggests many small banks and credit unions aren't doing a great job of training customers how to take usable photos for remote check deposits. (, 04/30/2013)

    • Eight Years On, The Future Looks Bright

      With the support of leading industry solution and service providers, has become the leading news, information, products and services resource for the Remote Deposit Capture Industry. –And things are just getting started. (, 04/22/2013)

    • RDC Helps Build Case for Less Brick & Mortar

      With mobile RDC casting a wider net many financial institutions are discovering they don’t need as many branches as they once did. It’s an “untethering” from brick and mortar interactions that customers eventually will come to expect. (, 04/15/2013)

    • Federal Reserve Report: Consumers Really Like mRDC

      Consumer adoption of mobile remote deposit capture is on a steep upward trajectory, according to two new reports, one from the Federal Reserve, the other from Diebold. (, 04/10/2013)

    • FIs Missing the Mark with Small Businesses

      The opportunities remote deposit capture offers financial institutions and small businesses are undeniable. But small businesses aren't getting the message. Banks and credit unions need new sales models that can better reach "untethered" customers who tend toward remote banking channels. (, 04/01/2013)

    • Taking a Bite Out of Check Fraud

      The threat of check fraud has always been a concern for banks. New real-time fraud mitigation tools are combating fraud and reducing the threat. (, 03/29/2013)

    • Blazing Trails with Mobile RDC with over $40 Billion in Deposits

      In a press release, Mitek said its solution has been used in more than $40 billion in deposits and saved banks more than $100 million over the past 6 years. (Press Release, Staff Reporting, 03/19/2013)

    • Mobile Deposit Combines the Old and New in Bank Technology

      This article written by Gary Brand of Fiserv for Bank Systems & Technology explores the opportunity FIs have to retain customers,grow deposits and reduce operational costs by offering mobile RDC. (Bank Systems & Technology, 03/11/2013)

    • Merchant RDC Gaining Favor

      Merchants aren't big users of RDC, but that's changing in part because of mobile RDC. There's also more interest from merchants trying to reduce card interchange fees. (, 03/08/2013)

    • Chexar’s Combination of Risk Management, Mobile Deposit and Prepaid Cards Shows Promise

      For the three-month rolling quarter ending January, 2013, Chexar reports the following mobile remote deposit capture performance results: - Month over month CMGR is 40% - Month over month CMGR for first time enrollees is 21% - Average dollars loaded per month by a repeat customer is $654. ( / Chexar Press Release, 03/04/2013)

    • Report Shows Rapid Adoption of mRDC

      A new report from Javelin Strategies & Research reveals that nearly 2/3 of top banks in the U.S. now offer mobile remote deposit services for consumers, up from 1/5 just two years ago. Plus, consumers say they like mRDC. (Press Release, 02/27/2013)

    • RDC Status Report

      Looking back over the past year, it's obvious that RDC has come a long way. Let's examine what's happened and what that could mean for the future of RDC, such as mobile and integrated receivables solutions. (02/21/2013)

    • It's Time to Get Serious About Selling RDC

      2013 is shaping up to be a big year for RDC, especially mobile check deposit. Financial institutions that ignore this could find themselves losing customers to those banks with "wow" offerings, like mRDC. (02/18/2013)

    • Banks Make Smartphone Connection

      Americans are growing increasingly comfortable using their mobile phones to conduct basic financial transactions, sending banks racing to offer new technology that will cut down on costly customer-service calls and branch visits. Customers now are manipulating their gadgets to deposit checks and move money between accounts. (The Wall Street Journal, 02/11/2013)

    • Remote Deposit Drives Mobile Revolution

      Mobile RDC is emerging as a real game changer in the competition for bank deposits. Some preliminary data from Intuit shows how. (, 02/11/2013)

    • Fed Takes Deep Dive into Retail Payments

      The Federal Reserve Bank System wants to get a better handle on the retail payments space. So it’s undertaking a new study of consumer non-cash payments. Preliminary results are expected in Q4. (, 01/18/2013)

    • RDC Is Not Just for US

      U.S. banks are making inroads with remote deposit capture technologies, but they are not the only banks in the Americas to potentially benefit from RDC. There is plenty of RDC activity underway in Mexico and Brazil. We caught up with experts from these countries at the RDC Summit 2012. (, 12/27/2012)

    • BankNews Special Report: RDC Provides New Opportunities

      BankNews Special Report highlights the opportunities created for banks of all sizes as a result of the rapid evolution of Remote Deposit Capture Technologies. A free downloadable RDC checklist is also provided. (, 12/14/2012)

    • Mobile RDC: It's Now or Never

      Opportunities for FIs to deploy mobile RDC to competitive advantage are limited, and those not considering or implementing mRDC initiatives today could miss out on the efficiency gains and growth opportunities that accompany this valuable new banking channel. (, 12/10/2012)

    • Technology Integration Helps Tame RDC Risks

      Risk is a hot-button issue in financial services, and remote deposit capture is no exception. This was made abundantly clear at the RDC Summit 2012, where the topic was raised repeatedly, and addressed head-on during a series of technology updates presented just prior to the Summit’s kick-off. (, 12/07/2012)

    • RDC for Small Business: A Greenfield Opportunity

      Small businesses represent a great opportunity for Remote Deposit Capture service providers as over 95% of small business locations are not yet using RDC. There are some clear steps providers can take to be successful. (, 11/16/2012)

    • What’s Holding You Back?

      As payments innovations go, remote deposit has been on a steep adoption trajectory. (, 11/08/2012)

    • Mobile Drives Consumer Interest in RDC

      Mobile RDC emerges as more appealing than desktop RDC, especially for Millenials. AlixPartners, LLC data presented at the RDC Summit 2012 drives the point home. (, 11/02/2012)

    • RDC: Going Mainstream, But Plenty More Ground to Cover

      Small businesses are receptive to RDC, but banks’ marketing efforts are falling short. Read analyst findings and banker's perspectives. (, 10/30/2012)

    • Building a Well-Rounded RDC Risk Mitigation Program

      Speakers at the recent RDC Summit 2012 shared tips and insights for better managing RDC risk. Policies, passwords and keeping tabs on social media are key ingredients for a well-developed program. (, 10/26/2012)

    • RDC Pricing Strategies in State of Flux

      Should financial institutions charge customers for the convenience of RDC services? Or is it a better strategy to reduce barriers to adoption by offering RDC for free? These questions came up often during the RDC Summit 2012 last month. Various bankers offered their perspective. (, 10/25/2012)

    • Is Risk Management an RDC Buzz Kill?

      Are banks overly concerned about RDC risks? This was a question that was raised often during the RDC Summit 2012 last month in Orlando with several experts insisting that RDC does not pose any new risks to financial institutions than paper checks. (, 10/24/2012)

    • RDC is Critical to Remaining Relevant in Payments

      Unbanked and underbanked consumers represent a large and growing segment of the U.S. population that financial institutions ignore at their peril. The types of financial services required by this segment are increasingly the “norm”, and Remote Deposit Capture can play a critical role. (, 10/11/2012)

    • Proactive Marketing Can Spur Remote Deposit Capture Sales

      Successful financial institutions and solution providers shared their insights and results at the recent RDC Summit. Key take-aways: promotions, incentives and education are critical success factors. (, 10/04/2012)

    • Remote Deposit Capture to the Rescue: How the American Red Cross leverages RDC to maximize financial and operational efficiencies for the greater good.

      The way in which the American Red Cross has leveraged Remote Deposit Capture to maximize financial and operational efficiencies for the greater good is a wonderful example of the impact RDC can have upon an organization, and upon people’s lives. (, 10/04/2012)

    • Most ISOs Not Quite Ready for RDC

      Check services, especially RDC applications, don’t have much appeal among independent sales organizations (ISOs) that specialize in merchant POS services. But banks are beginning to pick up the slack with mobile check deposit offerings that target an estimated 20 million small business customers. (, 09/13/2012)

    • Improving Receivables Management While Making the Most of Remote Deposit Capture

      Checks dominate most corporate receivables activities, but they are not the only payment method available, which points to the need for banks to offer receivables solutions capable of supporting diverse payment channels and data streams. Some of these solutions are being integrated with RDC offerings. (, 08/16/2012)

    • Check the Check before Posting the Check into Checking

      With the growing prevalence of distributed capture environments including all flavors of Remote Deposit Capture, ensuring image quality and usability at the point of capture reduces costly downstream exception processes and improves customer service. (Orbograph, 08/13/2012)

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