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    Remote Deposit Capture News

    We scour the newswires for articles and press releases related to Remote Deposit Capture and post them here for your reference. News articles & press releases may also be posted to the news section within the message boards.
    Information is categorized by date, so you may select news articles from a specific timeframe from the menu on the right.

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    • Consumers’ Love of Selfies Bodes Well for Mobile Capture Services

      Depositing checks may not be the first thing consumers do when using mobile devices to access their bank accounts, but it continues to be a killer app that can lead to higher revenues and lower attrition for banks and credit unions. (, 07/18/2016)

    • Small Businesses Can be Big Business for Banks & CUs

      Financial institutions must get serious about the small business market, or risk ceding control to new and emerging financial technology firms. Mobile services are a must. (, 06/23/2016)

    • ​Regulatory Guidance Addresses Deposit Reconciliation Practices

      Federal regulators want financial institutions to do a better job of identifying and correcting deposit credit discrepancies. New and evolving technologies and practices can help. (, 06/10/2016)

    • Fraudsters Shifting Focus; Banks Improving Detection

      In 2014, nearly every bank in the United States, and about 7 out of 10 companies were targets of payment fraud. But the problem isn’t as bad as it might seem, as banks are also getting better at spotting frauds before they can become losses. (, 05/13/2016)

    • mRDC + Immediate Availability = Winning Proposition

      Mobile deposit can help financial institutions reach the unbanked and underbanked Americans. One way to do this, and satisfy current customers, too, is to offer immediate availability options for mobile check deposits. (, 05/06/2016)

    • Support for RDC Terminals Strong; Smart Phones Help

      There is significant support for RDC “terminals” that can accept multiple payment types. Smart phones pretty much fit the bill. (, 04/29/2016)

    • Consolidate, Integrate: Receivables Management Gets a Face Lift

      Proper management of receivables is an imperative for corporations large and small. Banks and solution providers are responding with new and improved offerings that consolidate and integrate payment and related data flows. (, 04/14/2016)

    • DDA Fraud Up? Don’t Blame RDC

      Financial fraud is on the rise, the American Bankers Association reports. Another report points a finger of blame at mobile remote deposit capture. Really? (, 04/11/2016)

    • mRDC Makes Mobile Bankers’ Top 4

      The Federal Reserve has published its latest Consumers and Mobile Financial Services Report, quantifying gains and losses in mRDC and other mobile services. (, 04/08/2016)

    • RDC Poised for Significant Growth

      There are plenty of opportunities to grow adoption of remote deposit capture. Latest results from RDC Poll Central. (, 03/29/2016)

    • mRDC Set to Take Off in UK, Globally

      Having given up on the notion of a checkless society the United Kingdom is taking a page from the U.S. play book and moving to mobile remote deposit capture. (, 03/22/2016)

    • Casting a Wider Net to Catch Check Frauds

      KeyBank deal with NICE Actimize demonstrates how channel-specific fraud and risk management approaches are giving way to more robust, enterprise solutions. (, 03/15/2016)

    • New Checks Practically Eliminate Duplicates

      It’s a sign of the times: a company steeped in checks has teamed-up with a mobile imaging leader to address mobile deposit fraud. (, 03/07/2016)

    • Poll Central Reveals Growing Value Prop Around Mobile Deposit

      The latest Poll Central numbers are in and they point to a growing value proposition for mRDC. Nearly 3 out of 10 would be willing to pay up to $1.00 to make a mobile deposit. (, 02/29/2016)

    • Mobile Lowers Costs, Helps FIs Reach the ‘Underserved’

      Fifth Third Bank wants to attract a new breed of customers – the so-called unbanked and underbanked. Mobile deposit is key to this strategy. (, 02/25/2016)

    • Will 2016 Be Bust-Out Year for Mobile RDC?

      Continued enhancements point to 2016 being a bust out year for mobile remote deposit capture. ‘What a difference 5 years can make.’ (, 02/22/2016)

    • Best Practices for Dealing with Duplicates

      ECCHO has been spearheading work on best practices for dealing with duplicate deposits, and was at the RDC Summit demonstrating issues that arise when the same check is accepted for deposit more than once. (, 01/28/2016)

    • Pending New ACH Penalty Could Prompt Some Companies to Abandon ACH Check Conversion

      This story posted originally on January 14 as Pending ACH Rule Change May Boost Checkwriting. It now includes additional reporting by Patti Murphy. (, 01/22/2016)

    • RDC Risk Management, Like RDC, Continues to Evolve

      RDC continuously evolves, as do strategies and techniques for managing risks, as John Leekley explained at the RDC Summit 2015. (, 01/21/2016)

    • Pending ACH Rule Change May Boost Checkwriting

      NACHA has approved a rule change that could make financial institutions and their customers to rethink the practice of converting some check payments to ACH items. (, 01/14/2016)

    • U.S. Treasury Looks to Mobile Capture for Check, Card Collections

      The federal government is expediting revenue collections by leveraging mobile capture technologies to digitize not just checks but other payment types, too, like credit and debit cards. (, 01/12/2016)

    • Omni-Channel Strategies Demand Cross-Channel Consistency

      Omni-channel strategies are becoming an imperative for financial institutions. But there are significant integration issues to be addressed, such as consistent service levels and fraud controls across customer touchpoints. (, 01/11/2016)

    • Balancing Faster Payments and Risk

      How does a financial institution respond to customer and regulatory demands for faster access payments while holding the line on risk? It’s a balancing act. (, 01/05/2016)

    • Checks, RDC, & Payments Modernization

      The Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force is not interested in seeing checks disappear. Instead it is focused on fostering a new, real-time payment system that operates in tandem with the check system. And that’s a tall order. (, 01/04/2016)

    • Closing the Window on Risk

      John Leekley, Founder and CEO of reviews how new and emerging technologies (like advanced analytics) can help financial institutions better manage risk, and improve customer service, in an image check exchange environment. (, 12/30/2015)

    • Cracking the Nut of Integrated Receivables

      Despite a clear market need, hockey-stick adoption does not appear to be in the cards for integrated receivables solutions. (, 12/29/2015)

    • Bankers Find Commercial mRDC Makes for Stickier Customers

      Two banks – one with a national footprint that includes thousands of branches, the other a regional institution with a handful of branches – chart record growth with commercial deposit. (, 12/22/2015)

    • mRDC Case Study: Hot Growth at SunTrust Bank

      SunTrust Bank has been registering phenomenal growth with mobile RDC adoption. Great marketing, new technology solutions and listening to customers all have added to the momentum. (, 12/21/2015)

    • RDC Hardware Market is Brimming with Innovations

      Four of the industry’s leading hardware solution providers appeared together at the RDC Summit 2015 to describe new and emerging innovations that are transforming the traditional RDC paradigm. (, 12/16/2015)

    • Gordon Foods Cuts Costs, Improves Efficiencies, with A/R Integration

      Remote deposit capture can improve collections for businesses. Now Gordon Foods is taking this benefit to the next level with an integrated solution that matches payments to invoices and reduces the company’s reliance on banks. (, 12/15/2015)

    • True Commercial mRDC Demands More than Just a Smartphone

      Commercial mobile remote deposit capture is not a one-size-fits all offering. There are real and substantial differences in mRDC requirements for small businesses and larger companies. (, 12/14/2015)

    • Avoiding Common Audit & Compliance Pitfalls

      The broad scope of RDC makes it difficult to conduct risk assessments that cover all the bases. Here are common pitfalls to watch out for. (, 12/09/2015)

    • RDC in a Perfect World

      Experts attending the RDC Summit 2015 had plenty of interesting suggestions for building the ideal RDC solution. (, 12/07/2015)

    • AML, BSA & the Risk of Non-Complying RDC Programs

      Most regulatory enforcement actions around RDC to date involve anti-money laundering laws. This points to the need for more comprehensive compliance programs at banks and credit unions. (, 12/03/2015)

    • Drive More Value with RDC Add-Ons

      RDC is about more than just moving payments. Citizens Bank explains how enhanced RDC offerings make for stickier customers. (, 12/01/2015)

    • Improved Collections as a Gateway to Stickier Customers

      Small and mid-sized companies represent a lucrative market opportunity for financial institutions that can distinguish themselves from the competition. One response is to offer an all-in-one payment gateway. (, 11/30/2015)

    • Mobile RDC Industry Study Results Show Rapid Adoption, Surprisingly Low Risk; Industry’s First Look at Duplicate Loss Rate Revealed

      Over 50% of 300+ respondents are a year or less into implementation, less than 25% have incurred transaction losses, loss rates are at a fraction of a percent, and solution capabilities continue to improve. (, 11/19/2015)

    • Challenging the Status Quo with RDC

      Having exceeded expectations in so many ways, RDC continues to evolve. (, 11/17/2015)

    • RDC Summit Highlights Technology on the Move

      One message that rang clear throughout the RDC Summit 2015 is that successful applications of remote deposit capture technologies are seemingly limitless. (, 11/16/2015)

    • RDC Helps Banks, Business Customers, Modernize A/R

      Remote deposit capture is a great way to expedite collections. Now some companies are focused on driving those efficiencies further into the receivables workflow. (, 10/28/2015)

    • Beyond RDC: Leverage Mobile Capture to Attract Millennials and Support Long-Term Growth

      Javelin Research & Strategy has said financial institutions must innovate more around digital and mobile technologies to prosper long term. A new report prepared by Zogby Analytics for Mitek explains why: Millennials. (, 10/20/2015)

    • Mobile Deposit Continues to Grow, Despite Naysayers

      Research and experience suggest usage of mobile remote deposit capture is strong and growing, even at small financial institutions. Yet there are naysayers. (, 10/07/2015)

    • Fighting Fraud While Expanding Access to Banking

      Checking account related fraud is a persistent threat to financial institutions. The bank cooperative known as Early Warning is on the case, however, with new offerings that help ID potential frauds and fraudsters before they lead to losses without running afoul of regulators. (, 09/24/2015)

    • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC): A Competitive Equalizer

      Although the business case for mobile RDC is strong, many very small financial institutions lack the budget and staff expertise to support mobile deposit offerings. That’s beginning to change. (, 09/03/2015)

    • RDC Becomes Small Business Imperative

      Recent poll shows 13 million U.S. small businesses could be using RDC by the end of 2015. (, 08/25/2015)

    • Mobile Banking, Deposit, Post Continued Gains

      Americans love their smartphones, especially for performing mundane routines like banking. In fact, 63% use their smartphones to deposit checks, according to one recent report. (, 08/20/2015)

    • Eye on Remote Deposit Capture: Most Users Unfazed by Risks; Customers Assess Savings

      This article written by Jim Daly and published by Digital Transactions highlights the findings of various surveys and polls recently conducted by (Digital Transactions, 08/14/2015)

    • Leveraging RDC Technologies: Mobile Imaging Isn’t Just for Checks

      Smart phones have become huge agents of change in financial services, as the value of mobile imaging continues to expand, and extends beyond simple deposit gathering. (, 08/10/2015)

    • Poll Central Shows RDC as Winning Proposition

      Results from a recent poll regarding the risk, cost and benefits of RDC are shared. (, 08/05/2015)

    • Evolving Consumer Preferences Redefine Banking Relationships

      Eight out of 10 consumers wouldn’t mind if their local bank branch closed. Nearly 4 out of 10 say good online and mobile options, like mobile deposit, is the top reason they stay with a bank or credit union. (, 07/23/2015)

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