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RDM Corporation Announces a New Generation of Document Scanners

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 (RDM Corporation)

With RDM Connect™, high-end features no longer mean a big investment
RDM Corporation, a leading developer of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing, announced today the release of RDM Connect™, a feature rich, multiple or single item duplex document scanner that offers franking capabilities and identification card imaging as a standard configuration and physical endorsement printing and magnetic stripe reading as optional features.

“RDM prides itself in its ability to consistently exceed customer’s expectations related to operational performance and product leadership,” said Douglas Newman, President and CEO of RDM. “We are excited about the significant impact that RDM Connect will bring to our customers’ daily productivity and the thought leadership it demonstrates.”

RDM Connect offers, in an affordable compact check scanner, all of the features and sophistication of an expensive large batch check scanner. Its feature-rich design enhances workflow by offering functionality that supports the processing of single documents, or several documents. With its duplex imaging features for both paper documents and identification cards, such as a drivers license,  combined with E13b MICR, OCR reading, physical endorsement and franking acknowledgement printers, RDM Connect is ideally suited to support remote deposit capture, branch capture, walk-in bill payment and check cashing solutions.

RDM Connect’s flexible feature set offers financial institutions and independent software vendors the ability to provide products and solutions that will improve their customers’ daily productivity, reduce risk and help assure compliance with the FFIEC guidelines.  The auto feed functionality combined with the ability to accept single or multiple documents will save customers money because no firmware or component upgrades are required.

“The RDM Connect multi-purpose scanner offers our customers the peace of mind that as their business grows or their needs change that no additional investment in scanning equipment will be required,” said Doug Fisher, Vice President of Sales. “We believe RDM Connect offers the most value of any check scanner in the marketplace today.”

About RDM Corporation
RDM Corporation is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol RC. RDM is a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing. RDM has pioneered electronic check conversion systems and web based image and transaction management services for banks, retailers, payment processors and government agencies as well as print quality control and image quality systems for a variety of global customers. For more information, visit RDM’s website at .

For more information, please contact:

Michael Murphy                                 James Merwin
Vice President of Marketing              CFO & Vice President, Corporate Development
RDM Corporation                               RDM Corporation
(703) 451-2656 Phone                      (519) 746-8483 x284 Phone
(519) 746-3317 fax                           (519) 746-3317 fax         

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