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Polling Points to Strong FI Demand for RDC Solutions for SMBs

Thursday, January 31, 2019 ( /

After years of focusing on consumer and large corporate adoption of RDC, financial institutions appear ready to pursue in earnest the small and mid-sized business market for RDC. Expanding into the SMB market is a top priority for 46% of financial institutions participating in the January featured Poll Central query at This was the single largest vote getter from a list of 11 features/functionalities/initiatives FIs were asked to weigh in on.

The second largest vote getter, cited by 40% of voting FIs, was implementing multi-check capture for mobile deposit, which is considered desirable by many SMBs. Thirty-nine percent of SMBs surveyed in 2016 by the consultancy Celent identified the ability to capture multiple checks in a single mobile RDC transaction as a moderately or very important service feature. (See article here.) polls members and other visitors on an ongoing basis, and each month encourages visitors to cast votes on a featured question. This month the featured poll asked: What are your top 3 RDC priorities for 2019?

“Financial institutions are waking up to the fact that the SMB market offers substantial opportunities for growing their RDC footprints, and the efficiency and new revenue opportunities associated with RDC,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “But some may be discovering that their current solutions are not well-suited to SMBs, as 23% of said they are looking to change RDC vendors.” The search for new vendors may also be related to a desire for improved risk management capabilities, Leekley added. Enhanced risk management capabilities and risk scoring were top priorities for nearly a third of voting FIs. The accompanying chart details the top 10 vote getters.

One technology/capability that did not make the top 10 list was network scanners, which saw fewer than 2% of votes. Network scanners have been available for years, but device manufacturers say demand is only now beginning to emerge. (See article here.)

Restrictive Indorsement Update!!
On July 1st, 2018, the Federal Reserve implemented changes to Reg CC which included some language about the use of Restrictive Endorsements. Previous to this date, a fair percentage of the industry was unsure of their approach to restrictive indorsements.
  • Have things changed over the past 6 months?
  • Are Financial Institutions requiring restrictive indorsements, and if so, what types of language is being used?
Click here to take this month’s featured poll and find out. -And look for an article in the February newsletter detailing the industry changes and results of the poll.

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