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Poll Central: Satisfaction with RDC Vendors High, For Now

Thursday, November 30, 2017 (

A fair majority of banks and credit unions are satisfied with their RDC vendors. But an itch to switch exists with many.
Most financial institutions are satisfied with their vendor-supplied remote deposit capture solutions. But nearly a quarter (22%) are dissatisfied, and about one in 10 are indifferent. This suggests RDC solution vendors will need to up their games, investing in new RDC platforms and platform upgrades to remain competitive going forward.

Poll Central queries visitors to on an ongoing basis to gauge trends in areas such as RDC adoption, applications, pricing, risk strategies and satisfaction. This month, FI visitors were asked: How satisfied are you with your current remote deposit vendor? A total of 67 FIs responded, with 37% saying they are “extremely” satisfied and 31% responding they are “only somewhat” satisfied. As the accompanying chart illustrates, 16% are “dissatisfied” and 6% are “extremely dissatisfied.”

While satisfaction levels are high, the fact that nearly a third of FIs expressed dissatisfaction or indifference suggests the industry is entering a new phase of competition. A phase where differentiation takes on greater importance. With the vast majority of FIs now offering RDC products, solutions that merely support basic capabilities aren’t going to cut it.

Customer demand for RDC products is strong and growing, especially among small and mid-sized businesses. Tapping into this demand will require solutions that do more than simply capturing check images for deposit. FIs need enhanced capabilities (such as multi-check capture and back-office integration) that help differentiate offerings to support specific market strategies.

The fact that 22% of FIs express dissatisfaction suggests many FIs already are looking for new RDC solution providers. As pressure for differentiation intensifies, we would expect many others to join their ranks, such as those FIs that are now “only somewhat” satisfied with their current vendors.

The bottom line: FIs and their solution providers need to be continuously investing in RDC platforms to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Visit Poll Central and Vote
Poll Central is an ongoing feature of It includes a dozen different polls that visitors are encouraged to participate in once a year. Each month a specific question is featured and visitors who haven’t yet cast votes on that question are encouraged to participate.

The poll featured in this article has been reset and can be taken again; we’ll report findings next fall. In the meantime, click here to vote on the featured poll query for December if you haven’t already cast a vote in the past year on this question: “Should the payments industry allow fully electronic checks?”

Click here to be taken to Poll Central at where you can cast votes on additional ongoing poll questions.


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