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Poll Central: RDC Scanners Dominated by Two Major Brands

Thursday, April 20, 2017 ( /

Initial results of an ongoing industry poll being conducted by show over 50% of respondents use Digital Check and / or Panini scanners for their RDC services. Furthermore, 95% percent of respondents use scanners from just six different brands (Digital Check, Panini, Epson, Canon, Burroughs and RDM).  The recent acquisition of the Burroughs scanner business by Digital Check may signal the start of more consolidation within the RDC hardware industry. Including the Burroughs brand, Digital Check claimed over 38% of all respondents in this poll as of April 20, 2017.
Please continue to vote in this poll as we will provide periodic updates throughout the year.


Poll Central is a feature of that includes a dozen unique poll questions. Each month we feature a specific question and remind visitors who have not weighed in on that question within the past 12 months to vote. Throughout April the featured question has been: Which RDC Hardware / Scanner Manufacturer do you or your clients use?
For May, the featured question is: What percentage of Small Businesses will be using Remote Deposit Capture (Mobile, Desktop, etc.) by the end of 2017? 

Click here now to visit Poll Central and vote.


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