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Poll Central: Perceived Value of mRDC Grows

Thursday, February 23, 2017 ( / Patti Murphy)

When it comes to mobile deposit familiarity seems to be enhancing value.
The latest data from Poll Central suggests growing numbers of consumers see real value in mobile RDC. Just over one in 4 of the 260 votes cast in this month’s featured poll put the perceived value at up to $1.00 per transaction. has been taking the pulse of the RDC industry via polls on various topics since January 2015. There are 12 polls posted at Poll Central, and each month visitors are encouraged to cast votes on a featured poll. (Visitors can cast votes on any poll at any time, but only once in a 12-month period.)
This month, the featured question is “For mobile deposit users, what is the value of mobile deposit to you per transaction?” The responses, compared to those analyzed last year, point to a notable increase in the perceived value of mobile RDC. At 26%, up to $1.00 per transaction is the most popular value range selected. That’s up from 17% when the same question was featured at Poll Central in February 2016. During the 12 months ending in February 2016, the largest share of votes cast (33%) placed the value of mRDC at up to 25-cents per transaction; this year only 21% put the value at 25-cents or less per transaction.

Looking at all responses the weighted average value of mRDC is $1.58, based on the latest Poll Central results. In February 2016 the weighted average value was $1.39.
The rise in the perceived value of mobile deposit suggests financial institutions may want to rethink pricing strategies and continue to add enhancements that add value to mobile deposit, especially for businesses. Think in terms of auxiliary data fields, capturing transaction-related documents, permission-based transaction approvals and centralized client dashboards.
“As the financial services industry turns to business applications of mobile deposit there is a clear opportunity to generate fee income,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “The key to seizing this opportunity is being able to understand and deliver on the data and process-driven needs of businesses.”
Visit Poll Central and vote:
The tally has been reset but you can still vote in the value of mRDC poll: ““For Mobile Deposit users, what is the value of Mobile Deposit to you, per transaction?"
Here’s your last chance to vote in the next poll: “How mature is the RDC market?” The results of this poll will be the focus of next month’s Poll Central story.


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