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Next Gen RDC Devices: Networked, Wireless, Document Capture, Top Wish List

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 ( /

Poll Central finds demand for RDC devices that can be networked, are wireless and that can capture invoices and other payment-related documents.
New polling suggests financial institutions and their corporate clients are ready for next-generation RDC hardware. Sought after features include networked devices, wireless connectivity and the ability to scan coupons, invoices and other remittance-related documents. polls members and other visitors on an ongoing basis, and each month encourages visitors to cast votes on a featured question. This month’s featured poll asked “What are your most desired capabilities in the RDC scanner of tomorrow?” Participants could vote on their top 3 choices. In all, 58 organizations participated in the poll, generating 172 votes.

As the accompanying chart illustrates, the 3 capabilities receiving the most votes were driverless installation (a key feature of networked devices and selected by 71% of participants), wireless connectivity (64%) and additional document capture (57%). Forty percent of those participating in the featured poll selected devices that are sharable across networks as a desired capability.

Network-enabled check scanners have been available for some time, but historically have been tethered to PCs. In recent years manufacturers have introduced a new generation of “intelligent” scanners deemed so because they come with onboard intelligence and processing power. Market adoption of these new devices has been slow, however. “We’re still in the early adoption stage,” said Rick Ooten, Vice President of Product Management at Digital Check Corporation.

“Interest is picking up. But it’s taking time,” added Francesco Grasso, Corporate Marketing Manager at Panini. Grasso said only a handful of clients currently use Panini’s mI:Deal single-feed intelligent scanner.

The benefits of deploying networked scanners for RDC are many fold, and include slashing the amount of time spent on customer installations and training, said Leo Tintinalli, Senior Manager, Product Management, at Deluxe Corporation, which manufactures RDM scanners. Fewer support calls are another benefit. “The bulk of support issues [FI] help desks are facing are issues related to drivers,” he noted. FIs using RDM’s EC9600i network scanners are seeing reductions in help desk calls on the order of 50% or more, he said. “We’re seeing more requests for scanners without drivers,” Tintinalli said.

One drawback to wider implementation may be expense considerations. “You don’t necessarily do it from a cost perspective because [networked scanners] cost more,” said Ooten. Ooten suggested some FIs consider the business case is better for deploying networked devices to support branch operations. (See related article here.) He added that Digital Check is “just starting to see interest” in using them for RDC applications.

Little Interest in Endorsement Functionality
The capability receiving the fewest votes in this month’s Poll Central query was check endorsements. “Given the industry buzz around restrictive endorsements, I would have expected this to be higher on the list,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of

Discussions around restrictive endorsements have been amplified by an amendment to Federal Reserve Regulation CC that took effect in July. As a result of that amendment Reg CC now stipulates that an FI receiving an RDC item indemnify any FI that subsequently receives the item as a paper check deposit from losses if the item has already been paid and settled. The indemnity doesn’t apply, however, if the paper item contains a restrictive endorsement, such as “for remote deposit only to Bank A.”

Polling Continues
The Poll Central question featured in this article remains open. Click here to cast your vote. Fresh results will be published early next year.

In addition, click here to vote on the featured Poll Central query for October: When do you advise your mobile deposit (consumer) customers to destroy the original checks?  


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