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New Survey From Cummins Allison Reveals Perceived Benefits And Barriers To Electronic Deposit

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 (Cummins Allison / Cummins Allison)

AUGUST 6, 2013, Mt. Prospect, IL— A new survey conducted by Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of currency, coin and check handling solutions, and independent research firm, Branmark Strategy Group, reveals surprising insights into how banks and depositors view electronic deposit and remote deposit capture (RDC) offerings.

“This survey enabled us to uncover some disconnects and similarities as to how banks and depositors feel about electronic deposit,” said Matthew Gniech, product manager of check imaging, Cummins Allison. “We feel strongly that with a better understanding of how their depositors view RDC, banks can more successfully market the service and grow electronic deposit usage among their commercial accounts.”

Clear Benefits, Slow Adoption
The survey, “Check Imaging, RDC and ICLs: Depositor and Bank Experiences and Viewpoints” revealed that banks understand the benefits to offering RDC to their commercial customers:
  • 44 percent offer RDC to stay competitive with other financial institutions (FI)
  • 24 percent believe RDC helps them attract new commercial accounts
  • 11 percent reported that RDC helps lower operational costs
Due in large part to these perceived benefits, 75 percent of bank respondents offer RDC to commercial accounts. And yet, the survey revealed that two-thirds of banks who offer RDC still have less than 5 percent of commercial accounts using the service.

Despite this slow adoption, the majority of depositors who were surveyed said they would be interested in a service that would allow them to scan and transmit check images to their FI.

“Herein lies one of the most surprising disconnects: over half of the banks surveyed feel as though they actively market RDC to commercial accounts. However, depositors responded that the number one reason they do not use electronic deposit is because they are unaware that their FI offers the service,” said Gniech. “Clearly, awareness is still a barrier to commercial RDC adoption.”

Big Benefits, Better Understanding
To reconcile this awareness gap, FIs must ensure they are effectively marketing RDC to their commercial accounts by promoting the benefits that matter most to depositors. Contrary to what banks believe, time saved by not traveling to their bank or credit union to make a deposit is not the primary benefit of electronic deposit for commercial customers.

According to the survey results, 45 percent of depositors feel that time savings when preparing deposits is the overwhelming benefit of electronic deposit. Additional benefits mentioned by depositors include:
  • Cost savings from financial institution by not depositing paper checks (16 percent)
  •  Time savings from not going to the bank or credit union to make a deposit (13 percent)
  •  Extended deposit deadlines
  •  Quicker access to funds vs. conventional deposits

Equipment Matters
Banks and depositors both understand the need for improved scanning equipment to fully realize the benefits of electronic deposit. FIs should take note that:

Half of depositors using RDC feel that the service could be better, primarily due to limited scanner performance.

Two-thirds responded that they would be more productive if their scanner were faster and more reliable.

Many of the depositors also responded that their check scanners are provided by their bank or credit union. And banks revealed that their commercial depositors often request more accurate and faster check scanning equipment. To remove another potential barrier to electronic deposit adoption, FIs should provide the most advanced check processing equipment to their commercial customers.

Electronic deposit remains an opportunity area for many FIs. Armed with a better understanding of how their commercial depositors view RDC – and the latest check scanning equipment – FIs can increase adoption and experience the benefits for themselves.

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