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Burroughs SmartSource Adaptive enables document and check-truncation at Banco Bradesco

Thursday, January 05, 2012 (Burroughs Payment Systems)

Banco Bradesco selects Burroughs SmartSource Adaptive as its check and document truncation solution
SÀO PAULO, Brazil - Jan. 5, 2012 -  Burroughs, an acknowledged industry leader in payment processing technology, has been selected by Banco Bradesco to provide the image capture platform for its custom check-truncation solution.  The solution, based on the SmartSource Adaptive document scanner from Burroughs, will provide efficiency and cost reduction of transporting checks and other paper documents.

The selection was made based on the results of a comprehensive set of stress and performance tests over a period of several weeks.  The tests were conducted by bank personnel, using application solutions to simulate a typical live environment in a branch.

The solution relies on a SmartSource Adaptive at its branches and administrative centers.  The SmartSource Adaptive is able to image A4-size documents in addition to checks allowing the bank to truncate all of its documents.  Busier branches are supplemented with a high-speed Burroughs SmartSource Professional two-pocket check scanner.  

The total-truncation solution based on Burroughs scanning technology required more than 8,000 Burroughs SmartSource scanners.  The entire project was implemented and in production in less than nine months through the outstanding collaboration between all parties involved.

“We are pleased to be working with the first large Brazilian bank to implement wide-scale check truncation and look forward to continuing to work with Banco Bradesco as it expands its document-imaging capabilities,” said Alan Howard, President and CEO, Burroughs Payment Systems.

Burroughs SmartSource scanners include an auto-feeder, MICR reader, front and rear 300 dpi image cameras, a high-resolution 4-line ink-jet endorser and one or two output pockets, depending on the model.  The Professional is designed to handle check sized documents, while the Adaptive can handle a mix of check sized to full page documents.

About Burroughs
Burroughs is a Plymouth, Mich.-based global provider of document and payment- processing image technology, cash-automation solutions and services to financial institutions and retailers. Its products provide banks and commercial customers with safe, secure and prompt document and cash processing that improves operational efficiencies and payment security.  With more than 100 years of history, Burroughs is recognized as the industry leader in image-processing technology from web-enabled branch and merchant capture devices to high-speed reader/sorters in some of the largest payment-processing centers worldwide.  

Burroughs has also established a subsidiary in Brazil.  Burroughs Sistemas e Equipamentos de Informática Ltda. is focused primarily on serving its Brazilian clients,
in addition to providing regional support for Latin America.  For more information, please visit

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