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All My Papers Announces a Software Application That Makes Every Scanner a Check Scanner

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 (All My Papers / All My Papers)

All My Papers (AMP), a developer and distributor of software products that address critical interoperability and data integrity issues for check image exchange, today announced the release of its All My Checks™ software application.

All My Checks enables any scanner, to be a check scanner for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). The new application excels at extracting MICR line information quickly and accurately, with a minimum of substitution errors. In addition to MICR OCR, All My Checks provides the processing needed to prepare the check image for exchange by straightening, cropping and setting the output resolution to conform to exchange standards.

"Portable document scanners in the field or high speed scanners with automatic document feeders can now be used with All My Checks software to extract the check and MICR data with little or no programming development," said Larry Krummel, president of AMP. "This means that the check images formerly used for archival purposes can now become components in the process of making check image cash letters for deposit."

All My Checks application software:

    Processes a folder of mixed scanned document images such as remittance vouchers, invoices, and letters

    Finds the check images on the pages

    Extracts the MICR information from check images quickly and with low substitution errors

    Prepares the check images, front and back, to conform to electronic deposit and exchange standards

Electronic Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is becoming more popular and the new RDC users have different requirements and issues for imaging checks:

-   Home Mobile users need a way to scan single checks using a desktop flatbed scanner, portable scanner or mobile phone camera for making personal deposits to their financial institution. All My Checks straightens, crops and processes the check image for compliance with check image exchange standards as a ready-to-run software application that requires no programming resources.

-   Business Mobile and Small Office users need a way to scan a mixture of transaction documents such as invoices, contracts, cover letters and checks, using portable document scanners, many with Automatic Document Feeders (ADF). All My Checks finds the checks in this mixed folder of document images and extracts the check MICR data and prepares the check image for exchange.

-   Business Lockbox users need a way to perform a single pass scan to capture business receivables and electronically extract the checks from the remittances without the need for bursting and rescanning on a check scanner. All My Checks processes a folder of mixed scanned documents and finds the check images at the top, middle or bottom of the remittance vouchers and then automatically extracts the MICR data and processes the check image for electronic exchange, saving an extra processing step.

Benefits of All My Checks include:

    Reduces the Cost of Remote Deposit Processing

-  Any scanner is now a check scanner - no need for an expensive specialty check scanners

    Reduces the Cost of Remittance Payment Processing

-  Eliminates bursting of checks

-  Eliminates separate scan process for checks

    Reduces the Work Flow Effort by Eliminating Document Sorts

-  Checks are automatically found within streams of different scanned document types and prepared for exchange

    Reduces returns due to poor image quality

    Reads MICR with low substitution rates

    Saves processing time

    Ready to run application, no programming required

    Application can be command line driven for “lights out” operation

    No per click charges; one time licensing costs

An evaluation of the fully functional All My Checks software application is available immediately for download from the All My Papers website to qualified prospects. For more information about All My Checks follow this link: All My Checks Product Page or email for your temporary license code and pricing information.

About All My Papers

Saratoga, Calif.-based All My Papers (AMP) is a developer and distributor of software toolkits and applications. AMP's core competency is Image Cash Letter (ICL) processing software. Products include the technologies required to perform interoperability and data integrity processes such as: extract MICR data from check images; validate check data; view, edit, and conformance-check ICLs letters; and print IRDs. For more information about All My Papers, visit the company's website at

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