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Site admin
Site admin
John - 8/25/2020 3:19:34 PM
ACH Addenda Info
A customer came through the Solution Finder looking for some assistance on an ACH issue: "Trying to find a solution for reading ACH addenda information. I know the bank is required to provide the information but our customer needs help in reading /decoding the information."

They are a small Bank (less than 10 branches) with (as of now) one customer that needs this specific type of help. Any ideas on where they can find a solution?

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Learning - 8/25/2020 4:26:10 PM
RE:ACH Addenda Info
I assume that they are looking for EDI translation of CTX files. This is when one remittance covers 100’s of items. The info is usually only in machine-readable form. We have a product via ACH Alert but it is expensive. The Fed may be the best source for them. I would suggest they touch base with the Fed Rep.  Let me know if you need an alternative as I can help.

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