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phyredansor - 4/28/2020 5:23:16 PM
Handling "On-site" Inspections for out of State Customers
I'm curious how and if anyone is forgoing "On-site" inspections for customers that have locations out of state (and in some instances many states away) that are using RDC. We've added an "out" in our policy that states that if it shall be burdensome to perform, and they rate below "high" risk based on other metrics, we will acknoweldge the limitations of staff and forgo the on-site. Trying to get a gauge within the industry if anyone else does the same, or has come up with an alternative method of handling. 


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I do not believe this is Bancorp's issue to resolve since it's been pointed out that this routing is already showing in the fed table. But unfortunately, many sending banks only update their fed file once a year, if that. Even established banks! I would recommend you call Santander (or w...
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tgavin, we are tracking an increase in attempted fraud for the FinTech channels.  The attempted duplicates, bad checks, tends to run .33% for traditional banks and 2.67% fo FinTech... definitely important to guard tighter when running FInTech portfolios.    
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