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celbii - 7/22/2019 1:42:49 PM
Software and scanner to deposit to multiple banks/accounts from one computer?
We are a property managment company and make around 120 check deposits a month. We use quickbooks with 7 different company files and also have around a total of 20 accounts spread between 3 banks. I am looking for software that I can easily switch between banks and accounts to remote deposit instead of driving to multipule banks every week. I'd love to hear some options and also options on what is a good scanner to get for our semi low volume. I would rather buy a nice scanner upfront than be frustrated with the budget option.


User avatar
pandrews - 8/21/2019 1:30:41 PM
RE:Software and scanner to deposit to multiple banks/accounts from one computer?
You have a very common use case and there are a few providers that can likely help you out. Are you using PC or Apple computers? All of the major scanning vendors have good hardware options (RDM, Panini, Epson).

RentManager (and plenty of other software vendors) has some solutions to help get your check images into the appropriate Check21 standard for electronic processing. Their software can also help integrate the check payments to credit against the appropriate resident accounts. If you don't go through a vendor you can connect with your different banks to see about working with them directly to electronically process your checks.

A few other vendors you can connect with: PayLease, Appfolio, Yardi, Buildium

Good luck!

User avatar
Paul Rupple - 8/21/2019 3:56:41 PM
RE:Software and scanner to deposit to multiple banks/accounts from one computer?
If you could contact me, I may have a solution to which to point you to.

Paul Rupple
Digital Check

User avatar
celbii - 8/22/2019 2:51:29 PM
RE:Software and scanner to deposit to multiple banks/accounts from one computer?

Just wanted to update everyone as I posted this a month ago but it was just now posted.

I had inquired with a vendor on this website and the fees were way to outrageous for our small operation. They wanted about a 9k first time set up along with $500-700 a month monthly fee to do what I wanted to do. I ended up spending $1680 with tax on new desks, battery back up, extension cord, 4 keyboards, 4 mice, and 4 brand new laptops with good specs(On sale at best buy, SSD's latest gen i-3's $335 each after tax). 


I then have been in contact with each bank who is provided us with single speed scanners and my monthly total is 
Bank 1: $15 month one company account
bank 2 $ 25 a month one company account
bank 3 $35 a month for 5 different companies 
bank 4: $35 x3 seperate charge for 3 different company accounts(Kinda irriated me to get three different charges from the same bank)

total month cost $180

So I do apprecaite everyone and if admin could close this thread it would be nice as I am getting some emails from vendors but I am already set up and rocking and rolling. Not as clean as far as one workstation goes, as I wanted to be but everything is very organized and works great.


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