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johntimber - 7/14/2018 3:38:37 AM
Scanner Hit Rate Issue

What would be an acceptable % success rate (scanned and no corrections need to be made) of preprinted corporate type checks run through an RDC scanner.  We have been running test batches and have had up 37.5% and 45% failure to read check dollar amounts.  We are using our bank's internet RDC solution, since our audit department vetoed the software version.  We had a much better rate with the software solution, utilizing the same scanner, Digital TS220E.  In our most recent test, we had an 85% success rate.

Please help. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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User avatar
edolinich - 9/21/2018 9:29:56 AM
RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue
That is a pretty old scanner. Have you confirmed that it is compatible with your bank's RDC software? That could be your issue. 

User avatar
CharlieBuehl - 9/21/2018 10:37:56 AM
RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue
Anything lower than 80% is problematic, more so the larger the volumes you handle.

Like anything else a number of factors can impact read rates:
Clean image glass and scanner track
Quality of the scanned checks (by comparison, we get 98% and over on corporate checks, regularly! Over 2%, we clean the scanners, for example).
Also, how good is your read solution?
Is it "learning" your customer's checks (does it use heuristics to improve read rates over time?) Ours gets this CAR/LAR in english or spanish on the LAR line (we happen to process in an area with large populations of both). Having CAR/LAR, period, should help improve read rates, if its heuristics are properly configured, turned on and in active, heavy use.

Every time I ran into a problem like you describe, I learned something valuable seeing it through until it was solved. Best of luck getting to the bottom of -exactly- why you got low rates on THAT scanner. Notice the emphasis on "exactly"; dont stop until you -know- you have the right answer. Its likely the problem WILL recur (its check processing, so its our curse, our burden to carry, lol) 

Best of luck!


User avatar
aallshouse - 9/21/2018 12:47:37 PM
RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue
A failure rate around 40% seems incredibly high, especially considering the items were preprinted corporate checks.

We track this data in production across all of our commercial clients (who use Panini VX50 scanners), so do bear in mind that the figures I'm going to give you include all manner of deposited checks (preprinted, handwritten, variety of formats, etc). 
MICR fail rate: 6%
Amount not read: 13.5%
Amount mis-read: 1.5%

85%  might be a bit low if the checks were all pre-printed and conform to MICR standards, but it's certainly closer to normal ranges.

Hope that helps!


User avatar
rickooten - 9/22/2018 9:56:57 AM
RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue
In addition to the other responses to your question pprovided, recommend that you check with your bank's RDC department to ask about the read performance you are experiencing. The read rates reported are not typical. Also the TS220e is an older scanner model that has been discontinued for over 10 years. Good luck in finding a resolution.

User avatar
twolfe123 - 9/28/2018 9:09:20 AM
RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue
John, take it from me, I've sold tons of Digital Check scanners in my 20 years hear at Benchmark, and that 220E is ancient. The MICR head is probabaly going out. It's a testament to Digital Check, you, and yoru staf,f that you still have the unit working at all. You should consider a Digital Check 240 series unit which is the latest from Digital and or the M55(Merchant Elite) from Digital Check. 

Good Luck,

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