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To ensure social distancing, the RDC Forum events will be virtual until further notice. These 1-Day events are the industry’s most comprehensive meetings dedicated to the Remote Deposit Capture Industry. Hosted by, the industry’s leading independent resource for all RDC news, analysis, and information (and the Industry’s de facto trade association), the RDC Forums will help financial institutions succeed with Remote Deposit Capture.

These events are open to all individuals interested in remote deposit capture and its impact on payments. Price includes registration for the full day plus digital event materials. The virtual events are live to allow for engagement.

The RDC Forum covers all aspects of RDC, including risk management, mobile deposit, small business RDC, audits/assessments, regulatory changes, etc. Detailed and unique insights from will enable attendees to improve profitability, increase adoption, enhance customer value, reduce risk, and exceed your Remote Deposit Capture goals and objectives. If your financial institution offers any form of remote deposit capture, mobile deposit, etc. you need to join.

Over 250,000 unique visitors/year trust for independent and in depth analyses of the news, trends and issues affecting the payments industry.

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 What to Expect
  • Virtual Engagement
  • Mobile
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Trends
  • Powerful content and thought leadership
  • Solutions
  • Risk Management
  • Expert Speakers
  • Knowledge to make informed decisions

 Who Should Attend

  • RDC Product Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Compliance Officers


 RDC Forum Dates

There are no events scheduled at the moment.




Over 250,000 unique visitors/year trust for independent and in depth analyses of the news, trends and issues affecting RDC and payments. This reach provides valuable insight into the topics of greatest interest to financial institutions, solution providers and regulators. The topics outlined below are indicative of discussion topics at a typical RDC Forum event.

Given the informal and relaxed setting, the RDC Forum truly engages attendees allowing for the sharing of ideas, brainstorming, and collaboration.


Session Title / Topic Brief Description
Pulse on the Market Industry overview and update; the latest trends, issues and insights.
Capabilities Benchmarking Benchmark your FI's RDC capabilities across consumer, small business and corporate segments.
Solution Spotlight Spotlight presentations on the latest innovations and solutions from throughout the industry.
RDC Risk Management Strategies, Tactics, Capabilities, Innovative Approaches, Benchmarking and more.
Top 5 RDC Audit Findings &  Resolutions Hear directly from an Auditor who's performed dozens of Audits.
Team Exercise: Mobile, Small Biz,  Corporate Insights An active group competition and networking exercise to develop winning RDC programs for the Mobile  (Consumer) and Small Business markets.
Planning and implementing a winning  RDC Strategy A discussion covering the keys to success for the future or your RDC offerings.
 Session Descriptions

Pulse on the Market

The first session of the day begins with status update of the overall industry. RDC has fueled branch transformation & enterprise risk management, and has been a critical driver of mobile banking. Recent developments continue to expand the use, markets, and applications of RDC solutions. In this session, we’ll share informed and unique insights obtained via polls, surveys, and research.  Stay abreast of the latest trends, technology, issues, and developments in the Remote Deposit Capture Industry by attending this session.
Topics to be covered:
•    RDC Industry Poll Results
•    RDC Market Maturity / Growth Opportunity
•    mRDC Transactional Value
•    Small Business Growth Opportunity
•    Industry Check Destruction Recommendations
•    Integrated Receivables Insights
•    RDC Innovation Roadmap
•    Risk / Benefit perception of RDC & mRDC
•    Risk Management Update
•    Functionality Benchmarking
•    New Tech Innovations
•    Industry Opportunities

Capabilities Benchmarking

This session provides a benchmark of where the RDC industry stands as related to mobile deposit, small business and large corporate RDC. In addition to the traditional presentation-type session, it will be an interactive session for FIs to collaborate and gain insight into various topics:
•    What approach do FIs take to setting mRDC limits?
•    Do any FIs still offer same day availability?
•    What are the most widely used risk management tools/tactics?

In addition to functional capability benchmarking, we will touch upon risk management capability benchmarking which continues to be extremely significant for all FIs trying to comply with FFIEC guidance.

RDC Risk Management

The technologies and application of RDC continue to evolve and transform. As the underlying technologies and uses for RDC change, so too must RDC Risk Management. Presented by John Leekley, advisor to the FFIEC and widely regarded as the preeminent industry expert on RDC, this session will focus upon evolving RDC Risk Management best practices, system capabilities, technological changes and trends, and address issues surrounding hot topics including Mobile Deposit and “Duplicate” prevention. Current fraud trends will be discussed, including ways to thwart the fraudsters, and a glimpse into the future of RDC Risk Management will be provided.

Key Learning Objectives:
•    Updated RDC Risk Management Best Practices
•    Current & Developing RDC Risk Management system functionality, including Mobile RDC
•    Current RDC Fraud Trends & Tactics
•    Putting Theory into Practice; thwarting the fraudsters
•    Evolving approaches to RDC Risk Management

Key Insights
•    Industry Data on Check Retention and Hold Times
•    Specific Functionality used in RDC Risk Management
•    Specific Segmented Risk Management Profile Setups
•    mRDC Industry Study results

Top 5 RDC Audit Findings & Resolutions
The FFIEC guidance, Risk Management of Remote Deposit Capture, was issued for examiners, financial institutions, and technology service providers to identify risks, evaluate controls, and assess risk management practices related to remote deposit capture systems.

Per the guidance:
•    An FI offering RDC should have sound risk management and mitigation systems in place and periodically conduct a risk assessment to identify the related types and levels of risk exposure.
•    Appropriate technology and process controls should be implemented to address operational risk.  
•    Effective risk measurement and monitoring systems should be implemented.

When did your FI last perform an RDC risk assessment?

Leveraging expertise in RDC compliance and risk management procedures, this session will reveal the Top 5 RDC Audit Findings & Resolutions.



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