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Knowledge is Power. Get it from a trusted source.

Obtain the most relevant information on Remote Deposit Capture from the leading independent authority on RDC, Membership to provides access to the latest and greatest information and trends in the industry.
Save time, money, and resources with access to a comprehensive range of professional development tools, events, best practices, news, research and more. Everything you need to stay up-to-date on RDC and its impact on the Payments industry.

Anyone involved in RDC related functions can benefit from membership. Product Managers, Corporate Treasurers, Risk Managers, IT staff, Ops Managers, etc. can all derive value from a membership.


An individual membership for employees of Financial Institutions is only $649 and exipres on December 31, 2022. If you are in doubt as to whether you qualify for an FI membership, please email** 

A corporate membership is only $2,999 and expires on December 31, 2022 (includes up to 6 individual logins)***

Gain the knowledge and tools to improve profitability, manage risk, and enrich your RDC product suite.
with access to 100+ on-demand webinars on your time-whenever and wherever!
offering insights into RDC Risk, Solutions, Innovations, and more - at a discount for Members.
on the industry including polls, benchmarking, and the annual mRDC Industry Study.
Discounted to exclusive RDC events. Applies to FIs only.
news coverage and reporting of the most relevant topics.
to help you achieve success.
to members only webinars and participation in member surveys.
that keeps you informed on the latest developments.
opportunities to build new relationships, gather advice, and open new doors.

CLICK HERE to download the brochure
Benefits RDC Member* Registered User Basic User
Press Releases
News Articles
White Papers
RDC Insider
Member only Invites
Discounts to RDC exclusive events (FIs only)
Member only Webinars
Member only Newsletter
Scanner Matrix Downloads
Continuing Education Credits
Exclusive Industry Research Reports
Access to the Educational Webinar Library

*Membership will automatically renew every year and the credit card on file will be automatically charged. Notice will be sent via email prior to the renewal and member can cancel before renewal due date. 

You will need to log in. If you are not a registered user, you will be able to create an account and pay for your membership. Once your purchase is complete, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your membership.

Educational Webinars

Education on your time wherever and whenever! Our webinar library offers 100+ webinars on a variety of topics including risk management, mobile RDC, compliance/legal, receivables, data integration, etc. Numerous case studies are included and provide real lesson learned from actual practitioners. On average, an industry webinar costs $199-$249 per webinar. View just one webinar each quarter and save close to $800!

Reports keeps its Members well informed and ahead of the game with discounted access to data and insights, including the mRDC Industry Study Report.

Research and Trends

A exclusive: the latest mRDC Industry Study draws responses from close to 200 Financial Institutions (FIs). The report is the result of an independent study undertaken to gain insight into the demand, usage, pricing strategies, markets, risk management and risk perceptions of mRDC by FIs (Banks & Credit Unions). The insights provided in the study can be extremely valuable to financial institutions as the industry will see the majority of FIs adopt and offer Mobile Deposit services over the next few years. It is also important to monitor the trends and changes in the industry as it continues to grow and expand. The report is available to Members at a discount. also conducts monthly polls to help gauge the trends and changes in the industry.


Discounts to exclusive RDC events where you can expect to learn best practices, recent developments in RDC, interact with industry experts, network with solution providers, join in engaging discussions, earn continuing education credits and more. Applies to FIs only.

RDC Insider

The RDC Insider offers in depth reporting and coverage of the most significant topics in the industry. The insights provided by allows readers to be well informed of the dynamic developments in the RDC industry.


Everyone needs the right tools to succeed. Find them at

  • Scanner Matrix - Want a detailed list of leading check and document scanners? The Scanner Matrix includes updated and comprehensive scanner functionality and information. The data can be exported to an excel document for easy manipulation. The most complete data available with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.
  • Buyer's Guide - This is our online directory of Remote Deposit Capture vendors & service providers. Whether you are looking for scanners, software, consultants or looking to upgrade your solution - you can find solution providers here.
  • Solution Finder - Need a new solution? One of the major challenges a bank, corporation or small business faces in implementing or upgrading an RDC solution is simply finding and selecting appropriate vendors and service providers. works with the solution providers that cover over 95% of the RDC industry. The RDC Solution Finder is designed to help you save time and money by leveraging the power of our network and connecting you with leading industry solutions providers.
  • Consulting & Audit Network - has developed a wide-ranging consulting and audit network designed to meet the needs of financial institutions and businesses in today’s dynamic environment. The task of analyzing these business processes can be a daunting endeavor. From strategy and execution to audits and benchmarking, the RDC Consulting & Audit Network can provide expertise and insight to complex challenges. Let us help you achieve great results.

Get involved by participating in our members only webinars, surveys, polls, and roundtable discussions.


Don't have the time to visit the site regularly or scan industry news? Our quarterly members only newsletter will keep you informed on the latest developments. Receive access to relevant articles, reports, news, white papers, and webinars so you won't miss a thing. Plus, it will give you a sneak peek to what's coming up.


Connect with others in your industry through our online forums, members only webinars, and RDC events all while building relationships, sharing information, and opening doors to new opportunities.

**Once an FI membership is purchased and approved, the individual will be sent a welcome email within 2 business days containing information on their membership priviledges and instructions.

***Once a corporate membership is purchased, the corporate company will be contacted within 2 business days to set-up the additional logins permitted per the corporate membership.