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For Financial Institutions: Take the survey today. The results will be shared at the Oct. 30 webinar. The webinar is free. The survey results can assist FIs in understanding what actions the industry has taken in response to the July Reg CC changes specifically on restrictive endorsements.  Learn More
Join us to learn how financial institutions are adapting to the new Reg CC and restrictive endorsements as well as practical approaches and new opportunities to manage the risks of Mobile and Remote Deposit Capture.  Register Now
These 1-day events feature detailed and unique insights from enabling attendees to improve profitability, increase adoption, enhance customer value, reduce risk, and exceed RDC goals and objectives.  Register Now
Financial institutions seeking a robust, scalable solution that attracts high-value clients need to register for this webinar; featuring research-backed guidance from treasury and FinTech experts at Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions and Aite Group.  Register Now
Reg CC changes are fast approaching. Join Ensenta,, and Mitek, to explore the new functionality that will enable financial institutions to respond quickly with Restrictive Endorsements and protect against RDC indemnity.  View Now
This white paper highlights Security First Bank of South Dakota which operates a branch network across 100,000 square miles of Nebraska and South Dakota. By migrating the branch environment to a thin-client networked platform, the bank reduced costs and improved performance and security.   Read Now
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Reg CC & Restrictive Endorsements: A New Approach for Remote Deposit Capture Risk Management

Changes to Regulation CC meant to address duplicate deposit responsibility and liability has left many financial institutions unsure of how to navigate these new waters and looking for answers. Join us as we reveal how financial institutions are adapting to the new Reg CC and restrictive endorsements, and discuss practical approaches and new opportunities to manage the risks of Mobile and Remote Deposit Capture.

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Mastering Integrated Receivables: The Climb to Best in Class

Integrated receivables has officially become a top priority for financial institutions and their corporate treasury clients. Financial institutions striving to achieve an integrated receivables offering that rivals disruptive technology start-ups can receive research-backed guidance during this webinar.

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Smarter and Safer Strategies for Adjusting to the Upcoming Reg CC Changes

Reg CC changes are fast approaching. Do you know what tech providers are offering to prepare you for the July updates? How will your institution make adjustments to minimize your risk exposure while continuing to maximize the user experience and maintain back office efficiencies?

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67 Days and Counting…Is Your Bank Ready for the July Reg CC Changes and Restrictive Endorsements?

232 pages of Reg CC Changes are coming into law on July 1, 2018. Has your legal team reviewed the updates? The webinar will provide a streamlined analysis of Reg CC changes, highlight the main implications and address technologies, procedures and policies to be considered.

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Pulse on the Market - December 2017

The Pulse on the Market webinar discusses the latest trends, issues and developments in the RDC Industry. Topics covered include the new Reg CC Changes, Risk Management and Fraud Trends, recent Fed Data, market developments and more.

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How to Thwart Account Takeovers with Remote Deposit Capture

Account Takeover (ATO) scams are on the rise and pose a growing threat to the banking industry. Recent research reveals that 1 in 4 Financial Institutions who took a loss in the mRDC channel were victims of ATOs. Learn how to leverage RDC technologies to defend against losses from ATO schemes.

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Results & Insights from the 2017 Mobile RDC Industry Study

This webinar goes beyond the summary results and delves into the details. The 2017 Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Industry Study identifies and measures industry trends including adoption, expansion, pricing and risk management, and reveals industry perceptions and realities regarding mRDC risk.

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Next Generation of RDC Solutions for Small & Mid-Size Business Markets - New Market Opportunities Call for New Differentiation Tactics.

Now more than ever, it’s important for banks to be armed with the right solution offerings that allow for quick entry as new market opportunities emerge in the SMB market. Learn more about what you should consider, strategies to plan for a successful migration to a better provider and more.

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RDC Risk Management in 2017 - An Updated Approach

As underlying technologies, regulations and frauds change, evolve and become more sophisticated, your approach to RDC Risk Management must also change, evolve and become more sophisticated.

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Positioning Business Mobile Deposit to Win with Small Business

After Mobile Deposit skyrocketed in popularity, banks are now coming to market with Business Mobile Deposit. Surprisingly most small businesses are still using a consumer mRDC solution, leaving opportunity for you to transition them to a mobile solution geared specifically for their needs.

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Latest News

  • Building a Case for Digital Check Cashing

    Financial institutions are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can offer RDC customers accelerated availability for a fee while squeezing risk from the deposit process.
    (, 10/11/2018)
  • Small Business RDC: It’s Not Just a Mobile Thing

    How does a financial institution discern if a small business is a good fit for mobile or scanner-based RDC solutions? There are several considerations, pricing sensitivity, check volumes and frequency of deposits among them.
    (, 10/03/2018)
  • Small Businesses Need RDC Solutions, Not Just Check Scanning

    Remote deposit capture for small businesses needs to be positioned as more than just a faster, cheaper way to deposit check payments. Just like large corporations, small businesses want RDC solutions that include features like remittance document scanning and integration with accounting software.
    (, 09/27/2018)
  • Taking RDC to the Next Level: Full-Page Scanning Can Lead the Way

    Opportunities exist for financial institutions that leverage remote deposit capture as more than just another deposit channel. RDC with full-page scanning to support integration with AR automation routines can augment corporate cash management service lines.
    (, 09/23/2018)
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RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue

John, take it from me, I've sold tons of Digital Check scanners in my 20 years hear at Benchmark, and that 220E is ancient. The MICR head is probabaly going out. It's a testament to Digital Check, you, and yoru staf,f that you still have the unit working at all. You should consider a Digital ...

(Posted on 9/28/2018 9:09:20 AM)  

RDC "acceptable return rate"

Good morning, Does anyone have any thoughts on an acceptable return rate for RDC items?  We have a member financial institution that is reviewing their RDC underwriting procedures and is curious what others are experiencing.  Thanks! ...

(Posted on 9/27/2018 9:05:22 AM)  

RE:Blank MICR Settings

Non MICR printed checks are a challenge as MICR ink is still required / provided on checks sourced from bank check ordering channels. As mentioned it is the home printing of checks that create non MICR checks in the clearing system. Most if not all physical check scanning devices are expecting MICR ...

(Posted on 9/22/2018 10:11:06 AM)  

RE:Scanner Hit Rate Issue

In addition to the other responses to your question pprovided, recommend that you check with your bank's RDC department to ask about the read performance you are experiencing. The read rates reported are not typical. Also the TS220e is an older scanner model that has been discontinued for over 1 ...

(Posted on 9/22/2018 9:56:57 AM)  

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