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As underlying technologies, regulations and frauds change, evolve and become more sophisticated, your approach to RDC Risk Management must also change, evolve and become more sophisticated.   Register Now
With a largely untapped SMB market, the opportunity to win business is real. It’s important for banks to evaluate technology capabilities so as to be more successful and innovative with an industry-standard service offering.   Register Now
Digital Check Corp.’s latest white paper explains the reasons behind the resurgence of the paper check, identifies factors contributing to the stabilization of check volume and discusses evolving technologies and their possible effect on the check.   Read Now
In this white paper, Aite Group and Panini explore how intelligent check capture technologies are changing the role of the branch to improve user experience and effectively engage customers.   Read Now
Small business adoption of mobile RDC is lagging, yet businesses receive 2/3 of the check volume. Join WAUSAU and Celent in a discussion around the needs of small businesses, the market opportunity and how to best position your mobile deposit solution to transition small business clients to mobile deposit.   View On-Demand
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REGISTER NOW for free September 13, 2017 WEBINAR:
Next Generation of RDC Solutions for Small & Mid-Size Business Markets - New Market Opportunities Call for New Differentiation Tactics.

Now more than ever, it’s important for banks to be armed with the right solution offerings that allow for quick entry as new market opportunities emerge in the SMB market. Learn more about what you should consider, strategies to plan for a successful migration to a better provider and more.

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REGISTER NOW for August 29, 2017 WEBINAR:
RDC Risk Management in 2017 - An Updated Approach

As underlying technologies, regulations and frauds change, evolve and become more sophisticated, your approach to RDC Risk Management must also change, evolve and become more sophisticated.

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Benchmarking RDC Services: A Guide for Financial Institution Product Managers

The life of an FI Product Manager is ultimately responsible for the success of the product. This webinar offers a benchmark of where the RDC industry stands as related to mobile deposit, small business and large corporate RDC.

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Positioning Business Mobile Deposit to Win with Small Business

After Mobile Deposit skyrocketed in popularity, banks are now coming to market with Business Mobile Deposit. Surprisingly most small businesses are still using a consumer mRDC solution, leaving opportunity for you to transition them to a mobile solution geared specifically for their needs.

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Pulse on the Market

Remote Deposit Capture continues to transform banking and payments. RDC has fueled branch transformation & enterprise risk management, and has been a critical driver of mobile banking. Recent developments continue to expand the use, markets and applications of RDC solutions. We can share informed and unique insights by leveraging polls and surveys, the RDC Summit® Conference and our interactions with colleagues and contacts throughout the industry. Stay abreast of the latest trends, technology, issues, and developments in the Remote Deposit Capture Industry by attending this presentation.

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FI Roundtable 2016: An Exchange of Knowledge, Best Practices & Insights

By sharing experiences and lessons learned, we can all learn tactics to solve challenges and find opportunities. The interactive nature of this session gives it high marks. It is industry collaboration at its best!

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RDC Hardware "Lightning Rounds" 2016; Insights into the Latest Innovations

Join four leading hardware manufacturers as they highlight innovation and advances in RDC hardware technologies. Includes presentation from: Burroughs, Digital Check, Panini & RDM Corporation.

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Risk Management Technologies: The Latest and Greatest from Throughout the Industry

By leveraging interactions with solution providers and FIs, provides unparalleled insights into developments in the payments industry. This session discusses the challenges, opportunities and new / evolving technologies that will shape payments risk management of tomorrow.

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FI Panel Discussion: Expanding Small Business Customer Offerings with the Right Technology

Join two leading financial institutions – U.S. Bank and Santander Bank – on their business strategies to expand RDC offerings, invest in new technologies and stay abreast of market trends. The session focuses on their current RDC environment and planned expansion of offerings to meet client needs.

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  • NAFCU lends support to Federal Reserve on regulation CC proposal

    The recommendation by NAFCU is that “the Board clarify that the presumption of alteration will apply in situations where there is inadequate evidence to determine whether the check image itself has been altered” vs. only an alternation to the original check.
    (CUInsight, 08/01/2017)
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RE:New Reg CC Amendments! Industry Discussion Starts Here.

New for RDC: Finally, the Board proposed to add a new indemnity for remote deposit capture that would indemnify a depositary bank that received a deposit of an original paper check that was returned unpaid because the check was previously deposited using a remote deposit capture se ...

(Posted on 5/31/2017 3:59:20 PM)  

New Reg CC Amendments! Industry Discussion Starts Here.

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced final amendments to the check collection and return provisions in Regulation CC (Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks) and also requested further public comment on an additional proposed amendment to Regulation CC's liability provisions. ...

(Posted on 5/31/2017 3:13:53 PM)  

RE:Cost Benefit Analysis- Breaking point of when a customer would qualify for an RDC.

While there are a myriad of variables which could go into both sides of this equation, we've at least made the benefits side a bit easier for you. Try the RDC Business Value Prop Calculator: RDC Biz Calculator  ...

(Posted on 9/19/2016 1:36:39 PM)  

Cost Benefit Analysis- Breaking point of when a customer would qualify for an RDC.

Im looking to create a Cost Benefits Analysis per customer to determine when its best for a customer to be offered an RDC.  Anyone else has anything they might want to share to help me create this.  Thank you ...

(Posted on 9/2/2016 4:17:10 PM)  

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